Traveling alone can be uneventful. But traveling with good friends is an opportunity to creative many memorably moments and to share such extraordinary experiences with generations to come. Without the experience of traveling with those non-family members you care about, you may never get to know them deeply enough to create lifelong bonds that can never be broken, come hail or high water.

Traveling with friends can occur on several levels. For example: If you and your buddies cannot travel overseas or across the country,  you can grab the boys and head up North to that big log cabin or  fishing resort on Lake Telboro. Your travel can last a few hours or an entire month. Whatever type of get-away you do with the boys make the experience highly memorable and  life enhancing.

What are some of the trans formative moments and experiences good friends can have while traveling together.

Recalling Childhood Memories

Bringing back memories of childhood and the adventures of growing into adulthood can be the key to greater bonding among friends. Revisiting great memories can awaken the grand experience all over again, resulting in more joy and laughter than before.

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Sitting around a campfire or under the shade of a tree with a cold beverage makes story telling all the more delightful. Space and location can add much flavor the experience.

Fishing Trips

Going on a fishing trip is an opportunity to create great memories of reeling in the big one. It is a chance to compete and see who is the master fishermen. But the intent is the have a good time while doing it. Any type of fish will do:

Fishing, Fishermen, Friends, Buddies, Water, Men

  • Perch

  • Catfish

  • Small & Large Mouth Bass

  • Walleye

  • North Pikes

  • Crappies

The list can go on an on. But make sure you have a variety of bait and fishing tackles to land the big ones and brag about it. Going on a fishing trip is just another wonderful experience to make strong friendships even more powerful.

Sports Watching Extravaganza!

Getting away on the weekend to enjoy an exciting sports experience (such as March Madness), is an activity that can create many fun memories and accelerate bonding. Hooking up the Home Theater, laying back in lazy-boy chairs with a cold beer, chips, dips, and rooting for your favorite players is a dream come true for most guys.

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You may like basketball, baseball or football, even soccer. Nevertheless, your intentions is to have a good time and do some extraordinary bonding.

You will be far away from your wife, children and even your man cave. The sense of freedom you have with the boys is an experience that will live in your memories forever.

Late Night Camp Fire

Light the campfire. Form a circle. Bring out the Marsh mellows. Get ready to tell some of the most creepy ghost stories you have ever heard. Go way back when you were a kid or introduce some of the most current ghostly rumors you have been hearing about.

Bonfire, Camping, Fire, Flame, Group, Light, Outdoors

Sitting around a campfire telling ghost stores or discussing alien encounters will go a long way in creating memorable moments you can always talk about.

Remember the legend of the Headless Housemen or the Legend of Boggy Creek, a story about a big foot like creature in the backwoods of Texas.

Maybe one of you want to bring along and read your favorite horror novel. Take the time to dig down in the boxes in the attic and retrieve it. Frighten you friends with the most astonishing characters, scenes and chapters.

Enjoying Landmarks

Getting together on the weekend and visiting landmarks is an opportunity for taking great photographs of you and your friends having fun. Whether you are going to visit an iconic sculpture garden, a legendary bridge, an art museum, a popular zoo, or tourist attraction in Mexico make sure you take lots of pictures of the moments you are enjoying and interacting with those landmarks.

Photographer, Photograph, Camera, Lens, Recording, Man

Yes! Express your friendship in photographs. Pictures do speak a thousands words. Your grand children will be able to go back and look at the photos of you and your friends are having fun. So take plenty of pictures of your buddies having a great time at these landmarks, which will ad a little promotional flavor .

Traveling alone has its pros. But traveling with your best friends just adds a layer of excitement that will last a lifetime.

Tourism can transform your town, city or nation. The Pleasure of traveling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, new places and landscapes is an unforgettable experience for millions who love traveling the world.

Many state and local businesses consider tourism a very profitable program for their city, state or nation. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people pour into tourist destinations each year, pumping a great deal of revenue into the economy. Some places can’t sustain a quality existence without tourism.

Investing in tourism or transforming a landmark or historical site into a tourist attraction is an opportunity to bring money into your city. A tourist attraction could be a small area of a city such as an amusement park or a large area of a state; nevertheless, it can attract both locals as well as foreigners from across the world. Disney World and Disney land are both national and international tourist attractions.

What Makes an Ideal Tourist Attraction?

Places of Historical Significance

People have a fascination with places of historical significance. Each year thousands of people visit Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, the location where one of the most vicious and bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place. Our imagination becomes very active when we stand on the grounds of a historical site where drastic events occurred.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is another historical monument dedicated to the great founding fathers and leaders of the United States of America. The tourist site keeps makes us proud and keeps us humble in regards to how the nation originated.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction where we can come to see the wonders of nature at play, including animals and another interesting phenomenon.


Places of Aesthetic Beauty and People Engagement

Disney World-Places which offer aesthetic beauty and fantasy capture our hearts, minds, and souls and guides us into a world of make-believe. It is human nature to desire to escape from cruel reality.

Minnesota State Fair-In Minnesota, the great get together offers people from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas an opportunity to get together to meet friends and enjoy festivities with neighbors.  The event offers fun, food, and a variety of excitement.

Summer Fest-In Milwaukee a summer of fun and excitement begins with a line-up of full-filled festivals, ending with the largest festival of all: Summer Fest. For nearly two weeks the Milwaukee Lake Front is the place to be. People from all over the world attend this event. Music, musical stars, carnival rides, games, food and a concentration of other activities entertain tourist.

Dynamics of a Great Tourist Attraction

Great tourist attractions offer captivating sightseeing and fun engagement. The more activities a tourist location offers will determine the intensity of attraction and visitation. Essential activities include:

Unique spots with historical meaning, festivities, musical guests, carnival rides, a variety of food and beverages, grand exhibitions, captivating engagement, colorful atmosphere, recreational geographies such as lakes and oceans with beaches, gorgeous weather, opportunities to meet popular and famous people and things.

The list could go on and on.  The greater the concentration of excitement the more revenue the tourist location will produce for a city or nation.

Negatives of Tourism

However, Tourism is not always profitable to an entire nation.  There are cons. For example, in many tourist locations around the world, the profits don’t necessarily benefit the locals. The social-economic continue to grow separate. You find this reality in many third worlds or African nations where poverty and homelessness don’t improve over years, even decades.

Such nations must redefine their social-economic priorities and realize the significance of the humanity that makes their nation a nation.