Finally, the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx players are beginning to play their best basketball of the season. Although the team started out on a losing streak, its momentum has drastically change. The Lynx could be on their way to another championship.

Of course, several top teams will be a formable challenge, but others will be crushed by the Lynx newfound purpose and determination.

Imagine the Minnesota Lynx wining their fifth championship without the excellency of Maya Moore. Having beaten the top team by thirty points, another Lynx championship is a possibility for several undeniable reasons.

Dynamic Team Makeup

The Minnesota Lynx has some of the most talented players on a WNBA roster, featuring the starting lineup of Moriah Jefferson, Sylvia Fowles, Aerial Powers, Damiris Dantas, and Kayla McBride.

These highly skilled players, on any given night, can beat any WNBA team in the league. Fortunately, they have proved this repeatedly, including beating the two top WNBA teams by a thirty-point margin.

Team communication have improved dramatically. Also, their passion to win is second to known.

We all know that passionate driven teams are guaranteed to be winners, eventually. The Minnesota Lynx happens to be one of these teams.

Winning Record

With a 4-time WNBA championship history under their belt, the Minnesota Lynx has helped put the state on the map.

The Possess a Wining Mentality as well as a magnificent coach who led them to four championships.

Furthermore, some the greatest women basketball players on the planet have graced the floor of the target center, including Linsey Whalen, Seimone Augustus, Sylvia Fowles, Maya Moore, and Rebecca Brunson. These dynamic players set the bar for all others who come after them.

The Minnesota Lynx championship teams were undoubtedly one of the most dominate women basketball teams that has ever played the women’s game.

Team Values

Minnesota fans will never see a Lynx team with bad values. Other WNBA teams may fight and bicker among themselves due to internal disagreements. But this type of attitude is not displayed in the sight of the Target Center fans.

What the fans see is team that is hungry for excellence. Each player respect one another and possess a commitment to excellence. Shared values include:

  • Respect
  • Hard Work and Productivity
  • Persistence in adversity
  • Unity
  • Faith in themselves

The Lynx players inspire and encourage one another throughout the game. Instead of seeing negative attitudes, fan see a team that is committed to giving fans their best game after game.

The Return of Napheesa Collier

One of the most irresistible reasons to feel optimistic about another Lynx WNBA championship is the return of Nepheesa Collier. Due to pregnancy and expectancy, she was not able to be with the team in the beginning of the season. But, if possible, she is optimistic of returning to the team before the season is over.

Nepheersa is a dynamic player with basketball skills on the level of some of the WNBA’s greatest players, including Maya Moore, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi.

When a player can average 25-30 points a night with the potential to achieve a triple double to the demise of the opponent, the league and fans take notice. Nepheersa Collier has the potential to be such a transformative basketball player.

Just imagine, without Nepheersa, The Minnesota Lynx has beaten the tops teams in the league by a wide margin.

Therefore, with the possible return of Nepheersa Collier, the second half of the season looks brighter than one can imagine.

Playing alongside of big Syl for the last time will bring out a attitude and determination that will take the entire WNBA by storm.

Necessary Improvements for 2022 Championship

To conquer the remaining season and capture a championship the Lynx must believe in themselves and understand that they have what it takes to win it all.

Cheryl Reeves must continue to instill this championship driven mentally even if Nepheersa Colliers is not able to return. That is because the Lynx has the potential to win with just the players available right now.

For instance, Moriah Jefferson is a point guard with the potential to lead her team to a championship victory along with Sylvia Fowles, Kayla McBride, Aerial Powers, Damiris Dantas, and several other talented bench players.

So, Congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx for turning their season around? The next stop: the WNBA Championship.