Over 700 clubs across America, LA Fitness is can undoubtedly be considered a model for personal business success. Privately owned, the outstanding fitness club was founded on November 1984, 33 years ago in Los Angeles California.

With the trend toward health and fitness, the successful fitness chain has grown to include nearly 200 clubs through expansion and acquisitions.

Who are LA Fitness’s Customers?

Good health is one of the key criteria a successful and happy life. Therefore, LA Fitness caters to all people, regardless of race, religion or culture. Everybody wants to be healthy in mind, the body as well as the soul.

Tens of thousands of health-minded individuals flock to LA Fitness on a continuous basis, all with the hope of improving various aspects of their body and mind. LA Fitness’s goal is that everyone become the person he or she desires to be.


  • Wide Choice of Workout options
  • Affordable Membership fees with attractive fitness packages
  • Personal trainers for those new at fitness training


  • Can get injured if new and without a personal trainer

LA Fitness isn’t a one-dimensional fitness chain. When an individual walk into an LA Fitness gym he or she has a wide variety of fitness options.

Number of Choices

  • Weight and cardio training via equipment
  • Indoor heated lap pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Racquetball
  • Basketball

Services Offered

  • Personal training
  • Kids club
  • Juice bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Locker facilities

Support and Training

If you are new to fitness training and are unsure of how to go about it, then you are fortunate due to the outstanding personal trainers you will discover at LA Fitness. Personal training will put you at ease with their superior knowledge and expertise. Once a personal training knows what your fitness goals are then the journey to a great body and mind begins.

Price Options

First Package

  • $99.00 Initiated
  • $39.00 for multi-club inclusion

Second package

  • $99.00 Initiated
  • 00 for the single club only

Purchase a 5 Day Workout Pass: contact for price


Easy to Join

You can join LA Fitness either in person or via the website. Make an appointment or reserve a workout just by signing up.  The Successful Fitness chain is opened 24 hours.

Final Opinion

Taking loving care of ourselves is a must if you desire to live a long and healthy life. LA Fitness gyms across the country are filled with people who have decided that life isn’t worth living if health and fitness aren’t a top priority.