The Brooklyn Center Park Parties are ongoing events that happen through the summer months. It happens in a small suburban city on the outskirts of Minneapolis Minnesota.

If you visit, you can expect to participate in a variety of activities, games, and delicious eating that will be available for enjoyment.

You can enjoy Board Games, music and dance, and delicious food such as barbecues, hotdogs, hamburgers, and mouth-watering beverages.

Occasionally you may get the privilege of listening to a local, popular band playing cool jazz or some other exciting tunes.

How to Prepare for the Park Parties

Coming to Brooklyn Center Park Parties doesn’t present much of a problem: Come as you Are! A pair of blue jeans, tennis shoes, or a relaxing pair of shorts on a hot summer day is the ideal scenario for fun and excitement.

Unless you are energized just by standing on your feet, you might want to consider bringing your own folding chair, or towels for sitting on the grass.

Come to peace. No need to bring an attitude or any weapons that might harm your neighbors or turn them away. Remember, you are there to have big fun.

Why You Should Attend the Park Parties

The Brooklyn Center Park Parties are community engagement missions. The purpose is to bring neighbors together for the sake of creating community.

Socializing with neighbors is a wonderful way to build trust which can lead to safety, peace, and unity in our surroundings.

With rampant crime and other disturbing things occurring in the cities across America, a park party where neighbors come together to build connections is a godsend. Safe places involve people who watch out for one another.

For example, you cannot have a neighborhood watch if you don’t know the people living next to you. That is the reason park parties can have a positive impact on neighbors in the community.


Summer is here in Brooklyn Center. If you are in Minneapolis Minnesota, you’re welcome to drive through the small suburb.  In addition to the park party activities, the city has some of the  best landmarks in the state, including the most popular Continental Park playgrounds, fitness stops, walking paths, and  biking trails.