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If you are looking for a very profitable photo provider to submit, sell and share your photos with the world, you have stumbled upon the right information regarding the right company: Shutterstock.

An American Stock photography, footage and music provider, shutter stock was founded in 2005 by Jon Oringer. Since then Shutterstock has grown to be one of the most popular, high-quality, image resource providers in the world. The photo provider system contains 125 million online, royalty free images, music and videos clips.

You’re almost guaranteed to add to this number by selling your photos and earning a monthly income. The more quality photos you submit this unique micro photo site, the more money you can potentially make.

I joined the stock photography provider in 2007 to create a portfolio of salable photos. I must say that my experience with Shutterstock has brought me plenty of satisfaction. I make a constant stream of sells daily. Enough Said!

Your photos are precious. Sharing them to the world would be heroic. First, you, depending upon the type of photo, will be supplying a need for others.

Your photos count! Out of the millions of photos online, if someone buys your photos instead of the others, you have indeed become a dynamic contributor to Shutterstock and heroic provider to the purchasers of your photos.

When you came to Shutterstock’s website, you will be inspired by the many opportunities to sell your photos and make a lot of money.


  • Accepts more photos than it rejects
  • Easy to Join
  • Easy to read interface
  • Easy to upload photos
  • Multiple ways to make money, including a referral program
  • Opportunity to become exclusive upon joining, increases revenue


  • State of the Art Photo Editor for enhancing your photos


  • Photo type restrictions, but how needs controversial photos anyway.
  • No photos with dark, cluttered backgrounds


Shutterstock is easy to join. All you need to do is go to the site and create an account and start submitting photos. Uploading is simple.

Multiple Ways to Earn

When you get your photos accepted, Shutterstock employs several methods to sell them to the appropriate photo buyers, such as:

  • Subscription
  • On-demand
  • Enhanced
  • Video
  • Single & Other

Each method can bring you a constant stream of steady income. All you need to do is set back and earn for years to come.

Who is Shutterstock for?

The iconic photo buyer is for avid photographers who want to build up a dynamic portfolio by making consistent contributions. A photo Portfolio grows more impressive through variety, uniqueness, and quality. Shutterstock gives you that opportunity and more.

If you are into video, Shutterstock as has a place for your high-quality videos. Because the public is becoming more video oriented than ever before, making videos and submitting them to Shutterstock gives you the opportunity to make an impressive revenue.

Shutterstock Training & Tools

No successful organization will be without sufficient training guides and tools. Shutterstock is no exception when it comes to great stock photo providers. In its contributor blog, the avid photographer will find: tips & tutorials, design, footage, marketing, guides, editorial, and news


Shutterstock has several comprehensive guides that explain and illustrate how to shoot quality photos and videos:

  • Contributor guide
  • Photography guide
  • Footage guide
  • Business guide
  • Inspiration

Within these guides is a wealth of knowledge on how to capture quality images and footage that will almost guarantee acceptance by Shutterstock.

Popular Photo Editor

The photo editor designed by Shutterstock gives a contributor to edit images as well as create impressive designs that will immediately attract the attention of potential buyers.

In addition, hundreds of articles on business, social media and other issues pertaining to photography are available for gaining considerable knowledge and enhancing your craft.

Support at Shutterstock

Have no fear. Support for any question or problem you encounter is at the ready. All you need to do is Ask a question, cell phone number, or engage via chat.  In addition, a contributor forum is also a ready resource for getting your problems answered via other photographers who may have experienced similar problems.

Shutterstock is the place for avid photographers who want to sell their photos and make money on the side. You may not get rich, but you can earn a reasonable income if you consistently contribute high-quality photos. Going exclusive will even increase your revenue in leaps and bounds.

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Joining Shutterstock is well worth your time. Once you become a regular contributor to the community, you will find that this photo provider is one of the most popular entities in the photo buying industry.

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