Gabriel & Co. is the solution to all your searches for the right Necklace. You will have the pleasure of decided which Necklaces best suit your taste in jewelry. If you have a desire for sophistication and status, your aspirations will not be dampened by lack of designs and styles.

If you are like my wife, you desire to be the one the sparkles and shines when the dim lights of boredom attempt to dominate the room for attention.

Necklaces designed by Gabriel & Co. comes in a variety of unique styles, including Bar, Initial, Choker, DBY, Fashion, and Heart. You must make the most intelligent choices based on the type of fashionable wardrobe in your closet.

Match your evening gown with the right metals and you are be the focus of the gathering. Metal choices include White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, or a combination of these.

8 Outstanding Collections

Gabriel & Co. collection of Necklaces will give you many options to choose from. This outstanding collection includes:

  • Art Moderne
  • Bujukan
  • Contemporary
  • Hampton
  • Kaslique
  • Lusso
  • Souvierns
  • Victorian

With so many wonderful choices you can spend you entire day going through the collection and imagining yourself adorned in with such beautiful merchandise.

A few of my favorites Necklaces are designed to steal the show whatever the show happens to be. There is something for everyone, regardless of your income level.

Art Moderne Necklaces

  • 14k Yellow Gold Curved Geometric $705

14K Yellow Gold Curved Geometric Diamond Bar Necklace

  • 14k White Gold Diamond Fringe Necklace $1, 760

14K White Gold Diamond Fringe Necklace

  • 18k White Gold Graduating Spikes Diamond Statement Necklace $ 57, 830

18K White Gold Graduating Spikes Diamond Statement Necklace


You can find these magnificent gems on G & C website. But be warned. Your options are almost unlimited when it comes to buying from Gabriel & Co. If you have other things to do, make sure you know what you are looking for so that you can get those other things done, or else you might be occupied for hours shopping in your imagination.

When you step out in a Necklace designed by Gabriel & Co., you are bound to get stares, smiles, and compliments from those who admire what you have on. Your ability to capture attention will be magnificent.

What Makes Gabriel & Co. Stand out from the Crowd

In a nutshell, this outstanding brand selects the highest quality diamonds, uphold strict standards, dedicate extraordinary attention to detail and overseas the entire production process. Their jewelry is designed with superior taste, style, and craftsmanship.  In other words, Gabriel & Co. cares deeply about how you look and feel.

Just For Mom Gabriel Fine Jewelry


If you are a novice when it comes to choosing fine jewelry, in this case a Necklace, you do not have to choose blindly. Gabriel & Co. offers you a good education. The Gabriel Blog, Engagement guide and Gemstone guide is waiting to fill your mind with valuable information when it comes to making the best jewelry choices.


  • State of the Art Jewelry, including Necklaces
  • Taste of sophistication and Status
  • Affordable prices for everyone, many items under $1,000
  • Superior Craftsmanship


  • Jewelry may be still too expensive for lower income buyers.

Communication Channels

You can contact Gabriel & Co. a variety of ways:

By Email

By Phone: 212 (519-1400)

By Website: Shop Now

In Persons by Appointment

If you make an appointment, a representative will get back to you within 24 hours. You question and visitations are extremely important.


Buy Find Diamonds is a London based Jewelry retailer with a global reach. Specializing in Bespoke Engagement Rings and Eternity Rings for 15 years, this extraordinarily successful diamond retailer offers Gift certified diamonds as well as a wide range of other high-end jewelry.

The main goal of Buy Find Diamond is to provide its customers with GIA Certified Diamonds as well as high end Jewelry at Factory Prices

One of the beautiful things about Buy Find Diamonds is that customers have two choices when it comes to selecting a ring.  They can either design that own diamonds or choose from a selection of ready to wear diamonds. Using classic solitaire, three stones, vintages, bride collections, halo sets, diamond on shoulders, customers with a creative edge or a desire for uniqueness can enjoy the experience of designing something special.

However, if a customer is not excited about this type of creativity, he or she can select an engagement ring from a wide range of readymade stylistic options.

Categories of Jewelry Offered:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Eternity Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

The above is only a few of what Buy Find Diamond has to offer. The retailers outstanding Jewelry collection is second to known. Its high value sales are always exciting. Thousands of customers all over the world have choosing Buy Find Diamond as the jewelry retailer of their choice.

Whatever shape you desire in an engagement ring, this magnificent retailer has what you need and more. Engagement ring shapes includes: Emarald, Princess, Round, Pear, Asscher, Oval, Marquise, and Cushion.

How can you lose with such comprehensive options? You will be working with a team of highly professional jewelers with over 15 years of experience. They will always be available to help you understand specific jewelry and make the right choices.

Buy Find Diamond: Education

If you desire more education on a particular type of diamond ring before making a purpose, the information and advice is at your fingertips. Buy Find Diamonds provides its customers with a variety of literature, including:

  • Diamond Guides
  • Metal Guides
  • Ring Size Guide
  • Jewelry Guide, and more.

Study shows that most men do not know how to choose an engagement ring. They do not know that size, style, or shape that will satisfy their potential bride to be. However, with the extensive availability knowledge offered by Buy Find Diamonds solves such problem.

In addition to guides, customers can read blogs and brochures which are also provided for understanding the world of diamond jewelry.


Since Buy Find Diamonds offer some of the finest Jewelry, you will be paying a price that is worth the quality of this elegant merchandise. However, compared to Tiffany & Co, customers are offered some of the best sales at the highest quality.

You can talk to a certified diamond consultant for the best deals

Return if not Satisfied

Satisfaction is guaranteed, especially considering such superior quality. However, this is the aim of this highly popular diamond retailer. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days.

Customers only have positive things to say about this magnificent, London based diamond retailer that could only promote its dynamic brand power even more.

A rate it a 10 in the Jewelry industry.

A priceless engagement ring comes straight out of the heart of the giver. An aesthetic Pear shaped diamond engagement ring from Tiffany are co. is one of a kind. A tapered teardrop emerges from a round brilliant marquis cut.

Some say that this magnificent shape represents tears of pure joy and affection for a lover who has fallen deeply in love and wished it to last forever.

The Tiffany& Co. Pear-shaped diamond ring is for those women who desire a look of sophistication and wealth around their finger.

The Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is the one a placed on the finger of my wife at the joyful moment of our engagement.  It may have not been in the same league as a Tiffany & Co. pear-shaped diamond, but it looked like a million dollars on her finger.


  • Pear-shaped rock
  • Perfect proportions resulting from extraordinary craftsmanship
  • Makes the finger of the bride appear slender and elongated
  • Elegant in appearance

You will notice the difference in the reaction of friends and family when they see this pear-shaped diamond on your finger.  Wear it at your friends anniversary party and everyone will be aware that you got next.

You can change the atmosphere at a tea party when you walk into the room wearing this wonderful piece of diamond jewelry.  They will realize that you will not be single much longer. You may even inspire a once broken-hearted friend to get back into the game of love.

The Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co. cannot be denied among other rings in the room, regardless of the size of the rock. The magnificent quality of a Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring is one of a kind.


  • Popular name brand image
  • Makes your finger look elegantly
  • Gets the attention of people nearby


  • Too Pricy for the average consumer



You will pay $10,000 for the Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co.  However, because of the extraordinary quality of this find diamond engagement ring, you will feel extremely inspired that you own it.

Final Opinion

Giving or receiving a Tiffany & Co. A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous event that will provide inspiration and love for all involved.