The key to sustainability for any company or brand today is to separate itself from the crowd with prestige and sophistication. The onslaught of Amazon has caused many industrial giants to fall, but can those who had established a strong brand name and a reputation stand the wrath of an ever-growing consumer hypnotist: Introducing the Ralph Lauren Brand.


Born in the New York, Bronx on October 10, 1939, Ralph Lauren became one of the most popular US fashion designers as well as philanthropist, business executive, and entrepreneur.  Vision, fashionable innovation and the continuous development of a strong brand image are the silver and gold nuggets that helped Ralph Lauren from the ashes to the top of the fashion industry.

Timeline of Product Expansion & Growth

Ralph Lauren made himself nationally known when he introduced a dynamic collection of menswear polo in 1968, followed by a timeline of success:

Ralph Lauren

  • In 1971, Introduced tailored shirts for women along with Polo player emblem
  • In 1972, Introduced distinctive cotton mesh polo shirts in a variety of vibrant colors, with the player logo centered in the chest
  • In 1974, Ralph Lauren designed clothing specifically from his polo line for the male cast of the movie, the Great Gatsby. The suits and sweaters were designed to represent the fashion style of the 1920s.
  • In 1978, the only designer to launch the Ralph Lauren brand of fragrance, including fragrance for women and Polo for men within the same month.
  • Opened the first flagship in the Rhinelander Mansion in New York in 1987
  • Launched first 98-seated restaurant in 1998 in New York on the corner of Chicago and Michigan Ave, followed by others.

Philanthropist Work

Not only is Ralph Lauren a highly known fashion designer, but he is also known for his philanthropist contributions to society, programs which include:

  • Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer research
  • Volunteer Program, creating to inspire and connect working communities
  • The American Heroes Fund as a response to the September 11, attack, a program which empowered polo fans to join the relief efforts.
  • The Polo Fashion School, designed to introduce fashion to inner-city youth

These above are only a few changes making endeavors initiated by Ralph Lauren.  His fashion, contributions, and awareness of the human condition have help built his reputation as a great American icon on several levels.

Remarkable Brand

Ralph Lauran brands include Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, and Purple Label. These brands stand out from the crowd and capture the hearts of customers.

Superior Range of Products

  • Polo Shirts
  • Rugby’s
  • Casual shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Jackets, Coats, and vests
  • Jeans and Denim
  • Pants & Chino
  • Pajamas and Robes
  • Underwear and undies
  • Romantic military for women
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Socks and tights
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches and fine jewelry
  • Heels

Line of Shoes

  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Casual shoes
  • Dress Shoes

The choices relating to the Ralph Lauren Brand is vast. The strength of the brand is still holding strong, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. In July 2017 he brand was estimated to possess a net worth of US$ 5.8 billion.

Final Opinion

For customers who desire a look of sophistication and want to identify with an exceptional brand, the Ralph Lauren brand will provide the appearance and reputation you’re looking for.  Brand names come with expensiveness, but a brand the inspire pride, confidence; distinctness is well worth the costs related to the brand.

Finding a good winter coat isn’t easy. Most coats I see in the fashionable clothing stores, including JC Penny’s, Sears, Macy’s and Kohl’s department store, are weak and doesn’t fully protect your skin on bitter cold Minneapolis days.

So Suddenly I was in the Mall of America. Where could I find a good winter coat? I thought to myself. My options were vast. Clothing stores which I cannot pronounce were begging me to come inside them. However, most stores catered to a younger crowd, not a middle-aged black man who loved heat and just wanted to stay warm whenever I ventured into the thick Minnesota Chill.

People where everywhere, going and coming in and out of stores, whole families walking and laughing. Upstares, I guess on the 3rd level, people were eating food from a circle of attractive restaurants which served a variety of delicious treats, including hamburgers, hot dogs, Asian dishes, chicken meals, and big ice cream cones.

 Essential Spending Only

If I had had any additional money, I would have bought myself a tasty meal, perhaps, Asian Shrimp Fried Rice.

Shopping for a coat can be exhausting. I went into every interesting store that I thought could have the coat I was looking for. I wanted a coat that hugged me real tight, sheltering me from the harsh winter. The coat should cover the upper neck and completely shield the head from winter’s blast.

Destination: Eddie Bauer

After several hours of chasing possibilities, I finally discovered my ideal coat in an ideal place, whose coats were made for no other than the Minnesota winters: Eddie Bauer clothing store.

Eddie Bauer had the coats and they were ready for the cold. Big thick coats that were made for the toughest below zero temperatures.

I picked “Big Dark Blue,” a name I gave the coat of my choice because of its great warmth and embrace of my body frame. No other coat had fitted me so well. I felt as though I had a great friend that cared about my warmth and comfort.

Big Dark Blue: A Name Meant for Minnesota Winters

I still have the “Big Dark Blue” and it is always ready for the Minnesota cold. Whenever I go to Mall of America, I don’t leave until I have visited Eddie Bauer and its selection of sophisticated clothing and accessories.

Eddie Bauer isn’t an expensive store, but it isn’t cheap either. My coat was under the price of $300 with a personal store card. All EB’s clothing lasts for a long time and will give you a look of sophistication everywhere you go.

At the Mall of America, shopping at Eddie Bauer is always fun and entertaining


A gorgeous look can be more satisfying than a day of sunshine and fun, especially for a woman who loves the feel and look of a great head of hair.  If you desire a super sleek hairstyle for a special occasion, such as a job interview, an anniversary or a friend’s birthday celebration, there are several hair styling resources available for giving you the image you dream of.

Necessary Tools

  • Quality Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Modern Hair Dryer
  • Quality Serum
  • Top Hair Straightener

Quality Shampoo

First, use a top quality salon shampoo that is in agreement with our hair type. For example, if your hair is colored, make sure the ingredients in the shampoo are suitable for your hair. If you are in doubt about the type of shampoo that is right for you, take to your hair stylist.  Whether your hair is brunette, blonde, thin or greasy, a good hair stylist will advise you as far as choosing the right shampoo.

Grabbing any old shampoo off the store shelf can result in frustration and cause you to give up on your dream of developing a reputation for a super sleek hairstyle.

Good Hair Conditioner

After you shampoo your hair, deep condition your hair. The ingredients in a good conditioner will add light, shine, and body. I cannot overstate the importance of using a conditioner. Just like you avoid the static that causes your clothing to be scratchy and uncomfortable by using fabric conditioner, you should also use a quality hair conditioner to keep your hair free of static.

In addition, before rinsing your hair, make sure you condition your hair by messaging it from the root to tip, allowing the conditioner to perform its magic, resulting in a healthy and shining appearance.

Modern Hair Dryers

Use a modern hair dryer to dry your hair well. Today’s hair dryers are safer than older hair dryers, the ones that used to do more harm than good to your hair. Nevertheless, avoid overheating your hair by keeping the dryer moving over your hair evenly.  Setting the dryer on a cooler setting will also help avoid hair damage.

Quality Serum

Use a quality serum.  There are many such great products to choose from when it comes to serum, a resource designed to smooth your hair and keep it looking great.

Your hair stylist or a salon will be able to recommend a good such as Frizz-ease or Grape Seed Glossing serum. Others serums include:

  • Organix Vanilla Silk Serum
  • Joica k- pak Protect and Shine Serum
  • Global Keratin Hair Taming System Serum

A quality serum will provide several advantages:

  • It relaxes your hair
  • It gives your hair a superior quality of smoothness
  • It prevents static electricity that frizzes up your hair

Select a serum you feel comfortable using. Just make sure that it is quality. Read as many customer reviews as possible before making your choice.

Top Notch Hair Straightener

Some people use cheap hair straighteners but often they often find that the cheaper the hair straightener the less they are satisfied with the look of their hair.  Cheap hair straighteners don’t get hot enough to iron out kinks with a single stroke or the tool isn’t slippery enough to allow the hair to pass smoothing through it.

Choose an adjustable hair straightener with ceramic or glass heating plates. GHD straighteners are some of the most popular brands used in beauty parlors and distinguished salons around the world.

What separates the GHD brand is that its smooth plates get hot quickly and allow easy hair styling. Such plates also help discharge static electricity, causing your hair to remain straight for much longer. The GHD brand is simply the choice for the most famous salons in the nation and beyond.

Extra Powerful Advice

Developing a reputation for a super sleek hairstyle can’t happen in a vacuum. To really feel good about your hair and yourself, you must eat right as well. A diet with a balance of vitamins and minerals will go a long way in making you look good.  Protein is the foundation for growing really great looking hair. So make sure your diet includes plenty of it.

Also, drink plenty of water both day and night. Water cleanses your body of impurities, keeping your whole appearance looking youthful and healthy.


I am standing in the men’s section at Kohl’s department store, trying to find a solid or striped pique for my summer fashion debut. I had been searching in the Chaps section, although the Apt. 9 and Croft & Barrow looked good as well.

However, nothing compares to the all-American style offed by chaps clothing brand.  Solid piques polo shirts give you a look of sophistication both on the job and outside of work.

The problem was that the shirt that I saw yesterday in the Chaps exhibition was blue, with large, spacious strips. Now it was missing. A few solid piques, polo shirts caught my eyes, but I wanted that certain summer or beachy look. Striped polo shirts, in general, are my first love. They feel great and fits my small man statue.

Since my favorite Chaps shirt wasn’t there, I started looking for the next available store clerk. Initially, the few that I saw was business waiting for customers. So, I couldn’t bother them.  I decided to do a little more walking around the store, perhaps to look at other brands.

Suddenly, I clerk appeared out of nowhere, next to the Haggar brand of clothing. “Excuse me miss, I am looking for an orange striped polo shirt by Chaps. I saw several yesterdays but now that appears to have all disappeared. Can you check in the back to see if there are more?”

“Yes, I’ll be glad too, sir”, the clerk said. While she went to check on the striped polo shirt, I mingled over into the Levi section to look at a few jeans. A good pair of jeans will go well with a nice, summer, blue striped polo.


However, my budget wasn’t feeling it at that time. I had to pay bills on both credit cards as well as my PayPal account. Next week will be a better time to purchase a nice pair of jeans. Hopefully, I will be able to find a great fitting pair of slacks from the Chaps brand instead of Levi’s stealing the thunder.

“Hi sir,” said a voice behind me. “Yes, we do have the shirt you are looking for as well as other, similar styles.” The clerk held the orange stripped polo in front of me along with several other colors, including red, blue, green and black stripped polos.

“Thanks for finding the shirt for me”, I said. “I appreciate it.” Of course, I had to be nice to this young woman because she took the time out to find me the shirt I desired. She went beyond the call of duty. She could have simply said, “We don’t have anymore polo shirts if you can’t find them in the Chaps section.” But she didn’t

My shopping experience at Kohl’s department store has always been a pleasant experience. You may not find a clerk right away, but when you do find them, they are general very nice and helpful. Such attitudes are what keeps me coming back to purchase the Chaps brand.

Belk, Bon-Ton, Stages Stores, and Hudson’s Bay are other stores which promote the Chap’s brand. What you may not find at Kohl’s department store, you just might find a product at one of the sister stores.

The good thing about shopping for my favorite brand at kohl’s is that there are tons of coupons sent out to customers each month. The amount you receive from your merchandise depends on how much you have spent just purchasing items at kohls.

If you don’t like to go shopping or if you are too far away from the nearest Kohl’s department store, just click on its online website and discover the same fantastic clothing bargains. Happy shopping!




The elegant Wrap Necklace by Tiffany & Co. represents a look of extraordinary beauty and boldness and is a piece of jewelry that the native New Yorker woman should be proud of. But the elegant Wrap Necklace isn’t only for the sophisticated New Yorker, but also for any woman who desires to portray the look of wealth and beauty among peers.

When friends, relatives, and co-workers see you wearing this magnificent piece of jewelry at special occasions, including galas and black tie events, they will keep turning the eyes back toward you every chance they get.

The elegant Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace is for the lady who loves the finer things in life and who loves a bold stand-outlook when in the crowd.


  • 18k rose gold
  • 36’ long
  • 19 mm diameter

Whoever purchases this wonderful Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace will enjoy many years of pride, appreciation, comfort and ease. Forget about awkwardness when slipping into this chain.  Instead, put on your evening gown or your red dress and take attention from men who love a refined, mature looking woman.


  • Strong name brand image
  • Captures the spirit of New York
  • Bold, standout piece of gold jewelry


  • Too Pricy for the average consumer

The elegant Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace comes in a variety of lengths, including 16, 18, 20, 24, and 36. This gives you an opportunity to find your exact fit.

You can purchase the Wrap Necklace from the Tiffany and Co. website and comes with free shipping and handling.


The Wrap Necklace will cost you $14, 000. The 18k rose gold alone is worth the purchase of this magnificent piece of jewelry, which gives you a sense of wealth.

Final Opinion

If you desire that look of gold and the feel of a million dollar winner, Tiffany & Co the Wrap Necklace is for you to wear. You can order it from the company’s website or schedule an appointment with one of the representatives nearby.



A priceless engagement ring comes straight out of the heart of the giver. An aesthetic Pear shaped diamond engagement ring from Tiffany are co. is one of a kind. A tapered teardrop emerges from a round brilliant marquis cut.

Some say that this magnificent shape represents tears of pure joy and affection for a lover who has fallen deeply in love and wished it to last forever.

The Tiffany& Co. Pear-shaped diamond ring is for those women who desire a look of sophistication and wealth around their finger.

The Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is the one a placed on the finger of my wife at the joyful moment of our engagement.  It may have not been in the same league as a Tiffany & Co. pear-shaped diamond, but it looked like a million dollars on her finger.


  • Pear-shaped rock
  • Perfect proportions resulting from extraordinary craftsmanship
  • Makes the finger of the bride appear slender and elongated
  • Elegant in appearance

You will notice the difference in the reaction of friends and family when they see this pear-shaped diamond on your finger.  Wear it at your friends anniversary party and everyone will be aware that you got next.

You can change the atmosphere at a tea party when you walk into the room wearing this wonderful piece of diamond jewelry.  They will realize that you will not be single much longer. You may even inspire a once broken-hearted friend to get back into the game of love.

The Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co. cannot be denied among other rings in the room, regardless of the size of the rock. The magnificent quality of a Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring is one of a kind.


  • Popular name brand image
  • Makes your finger look elegantly
  • Gets the attention of people nearby


  • Too Pricy for the average consumer



You will pay $10,000 for the Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co.  However, because of the extraordinary quality of this find diamond engagement ring, you will feel extremely inspired that you own it.

Final Opinion

Giving or receiving a Tiffany & Co. A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous event that will provide inspiration and love for all involved.