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Whether you, a relative or a friend is confined to a mobile wheelchair, you will want to understand how to maintain the smooth operation of that wheelchair. After all, a mobile wheelchair is the mechanical legs of its owner. Without a well-maintain wheelchair, the owner cannot transition from one place to the other. Therefore, the ability to repair a mobile wheelchair cannot be overstated.

Things You’ll Need

  • Operating manual
  • Checklist

Review the checklist which consists of all the wheelchair parts. You will need it in order to check off each part after you have examined it for a possible problem. Having a checklist will help you avoid confusion when trying to repair a complicated mobile wheelchair problem. You will be able to avoid checking the same parts over and over again.

Create a Wheelchair repair kit in order to be prepared for an emergency, especially if you are going on a trip with a friend or love one who is wheelchair-bound. All you need in order to create a repair kit are everyday tools you may have around the house. If these tools are not available, you can purchase them at your local hardware store.


Common repair tools consist of such tools as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers as well as a tire changing kit. With these tools, you can repair almost any wheelchair problem.

Recognize the common problems that can occur with a wheelchair. Read the operating manual for familiar wheelchair malfunctions. If you are familiar with these problems you will most likely know immediately what to do to resolve them. For example, if a wheelchair constantly tips over backward, you will probably assume that the anti-tippers are broken or the seating system is incorrect.

Check the mobile wheelchair caster axles, especially if there is a problem with wheelchair movement. Look for debris such as hair or fibrous materials caught up in the caster axles. If this is causing the problem, you will need to use a set of wrenches to remove the casters from the fork. Stabilize the bolts with one wrench while unscrewing the nuts. After this, take a wet cloth and carefully wipe off the caster, replacing it afterward.

Examine the tires as well as other parts of the mobile wheelchair if the axles are not causing the problem. The wheelchair tires should always be of good quality in order for the wheelchair to move across the floor with smoothness. Allowing the wheelchair to operate on a flat tire can spend the battery and strain the wheelchair’s movement. Always keep sufficient air in the tires. Other parts to examine includes the frame, adjustable straps on the chair back, wheelchair battery, front riggings, cross braces, drive belts, joystick, and all other electronic connections.

Enroll in mobile wheelchair repair courses offered by vocational schools or wheelchair companies, if you desire to obtain more in-depth knowledge. These training institutions can be found in your city or town. The coursework will teach you how to diagnose, maintain and repair different types of wheelchairs, both manual and mobile electronics. You may even want to obtain a certification in wheelchair repair. Nevertheless, after completing these courses, you will understand how and when to troubleshoot any problem that may occur with a wheelchair.


In order to keep the mobile wheelchair well-maintained, constantly inspect and adjust all the vital parts of the wheelchair as well as the seating system. Keep axels and axel plates, tires, nuts and bolts, seat and backrest always in good operating condition. This routine will positively impact the longevity of your wheelchair as well as save you tons of money, valuable time and perhaps medical expenses.


Never attempt to repair a mobile wheelchair without adequate knowledge of what you are attempting. You could further damage the other part of the chair if you perform a repair job incorrectly. If you are unsure of what you are doing, seek the help of a friend or a personal mechanic in order to avoid the expensive cost of taking it a wheelchair repair shop.

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