Being adequately prepared for every emergency contingency, when and wherever it occurs, is the mark of a superior prepper.

Today bad things are happening at an alarming rate.

We must be prepared for the increasing disasters, tragedies, and personal crisis that are occurring almost daily.

That is why My Medic, a medical emergency program, helps people survive during critical times by supplying the necessary equipment and training. As a result of participating in this program, you or your organization will be able to be an ever-present help in the after-effects of any dire situation, including:

  • Storms: Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes
  • Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • The physical harm via terrorism: both foreign and domestic
  • Serious accidents due to human error
  • Unexpected freak incidents that cause bodily harm

When disaster strikes while we are unprepared, we feel scared and weak. Many of us suffer psychological trauma for years to come. We may regret a situation in which we could have done more if we just had been prepared.

The Critical Supplies

My Medic offers a wide range of medical supplies and equipment to individuals and organizations who want to help themselves and others survive pains of tragedies. Surrounded by transformative testimonies, Medic’s comprehensive supply list and top selling items are second to none:

MY Medic Supply Categories

  • Bleeding
  • Burn
  • Airway
  • Medication
  • Outdoor
  • Tropical
  • Hydration
  • Sprains & Fractures
  • Tools & Devices
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Bags
  • Tee-shirts

MY Medic Top sellers

MY Medic’s top sellers such as Super Sanitizer, Stay Alive Guide, and RATS Tourniquet are designed to prevent medical and health crisis that are always ready to occur. In such uncertain times, an emergency could happen at any moment.

No event or location is exempt form unexpected danger. For example, if we look at the recent domestic terrorist attacks in Buffalo New York and Texas-unfortunate events- that took the lives of men, women, and school children, you will undoubtedly see the need to be ready for such likely-to-occur-again tragedies.

Moreover, you never know when a disaster of nature will occur. Tornadoes, flooding, and fires can cause life-threatening harm. But by being able to apply a Tourniquet to a busted leg, or a bleeding arm can go a long way in saving the life of another human being.

Medic’s Uniqueness in Emergency Provisions

What makes MY Medic unique in its emergency services is its Med-Packs. Whatever dire situation an individual or organization may have to confront, Medic specializes in providing highly effective med- packs to help ease anxiety and trauma. You will be fully prepared.

Type of Med-Packs Provided

  • Pandemic Medic
  • CPR Medic
  • Burn Medic
  • Airway Medic
  • Cyclist Medic
  • Pet Medic
  • Blisters
  • And much more

With these lifesaving supplies, you or your organization will not be left without an answer in an unexpected crisis. You will be ready to help and comfort those who are experiencing pain and discomfort around you.

Out of the above the most significant med packs include the pandemic, CPR, and Airway(breathing) medic, but the pet medic is also a plus if you are an animal lover.

One pet lover who ordered a pet medic is highly thankful that she made one of the best decisions in her life: “My son’s 8 mo. old Golden Retriever came in on New Year’s bleeding pretty heavy, from her Right Front paw. Cut herself somewhere in the backyard, but thankfully my My Medic order with the Pet Pack was up the steps on the couch! I ordered this for hiking but will need to reorder, soon. Thank You My Medic!!”

Stories like these are soring as people and organizations obtain My Medic’s education and training courses on how to use its emergency supplies. You can become one of these people or emergency programs that are an ever-present help in times of crisis.

Those who are associated with My Medic are likely to become hero’s. Sooner or later, you will be called into action to apply the education and skills you have obtained in the program. You will be ready to help family, neighbors, co-workers as well as yourself.

The peace and comfort you will bring to those who are in pain will go a long way in establishing you as an angel in disguise.

MyMedic Range and Hunting First Aid Kit

If you are interested in becoming a Medic Ambassador for MY Medic or if you are only interested in simply ordering a few med packs, go and familiarize yourself with the website and its supplies. You will discover discounts up 25% off along with other satisfying perks.

If you want a fun-filled life full of making people look great, then become a hairdresser who attracts some of the most interesting clients.

Imagine some of the most distinguished people asking for your service and coming to see you on a weekly or monthly basis. That can be you, despite how far you may think this type of “YOU’ is out of reach.

You’ll be highly proud of your newfound status.

Getting started isn’t hard if you possess one of this most profitable quality for success: Passion for hair styling.

Without passion you will not rise above the common in the industry. The competition will overwhelm you.

To be great at anything requires passion, and becoming a remarkable hairdresser is no exception. You must eat and sleep this vision.

You must determine that you will not give up no matter how long it takes to reach the top of your industry. This is called the path of the magnificent.

 hair dresser

Road to Success

Becoming a hairdresser requires a license from a state approved barber or quality cosmetology school program.

Your responsibility will be to wash, shampoos, cut, color, treat, and condition hair. Some of the tools you will use ae hairbrushes, scissors, blow dryers and curling irons.

Finding a Barber or Cosmetology Program near You

First Search the internet for a postsecondary school offering hair dressing programs. Consider at least three specialty schools in this area and choose the one that fills right for you.

Do some research on the program. If you can find testimonies and the job opportunity rate for graduators of this program, then your choice will be that much easier.

Apply online. Fill out an application before calling the administrative office for further information and protocol.

Time to get Serious

Before the first day of school, you must get busy. Check out books from the library or buy a few books online that discuss the topic of becoming a hairdresser. You must come to the first day of class on fire with prior knowledge.

Remember you want to be a step ahead of everyone else in the class. That includes a step ahead in knowledge and understanding of what becoming a highly sought-after hairdresser requires.

Read about the lives of great hairdressers who have rose to prominence in the industry and capture a sense of their spirit.

But this is just the beginning. Once your journey starts, you must work toward excellence in every assignment. Short cuts and mediocre efforts are out of question. Remember your goal is to become a highly sought-after professional. Therefore, you must give yourself to the practice of becoming a hairdresser without reservation.

Hair Dresser

Excellence Rises to the Occasion

When you apply your skills on the hair of initial clients you will not regret it when you see the smiles on their faces, even while you are in the process of earning your license. That is what the pursuit of excellence does. It separates you from mediocre and brings satisfaction to all those who are affected by it.

Marketing: Becoming Known in the Industry

Once you become a fully licensed hairdresser, marketing your service will become a top priority. Start living your life out loud.

Get yourself a website. Hire a professional website designer if you must. But include all the hairstyling options you offer in attractive visual forms.

Participate in every hairstyling contest that presents itself. Competition gets you in the THICK of things: you become known for your work.

Social Medial Platforms at Your Disposal

Get your brand on every social media platform available, including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tic Tok
  • Snap Chart
  • LinkedIn

If you want to become a highly sought-after hairdresser, you must face your fears and overcome them without reservation. You must not be afraid to put yourself at the center of attention.

On these platforms you must place the best work. Continue to present and refine your brand until influential people notice you.

Do not forget to print business cards that you can distribute at appropriate times during your day.

Remember excellence generates attention and cannot be denied.

If you believe that skills and talents, you have to offer is second to none you will eventually experience a breakthrough to higher level opportunities in the industry.

When you become a highly sought-after hairdresser remember the path that got you there and continue to refine your skills as the industry changes. You must stay relevant if you intend to stay on top and acquire loyal and intriguing clients.



Are you Bored of wearing the same old women’s apparel that hang in your closet for years? Or do you get frustrated after a trip to buy a summer dress only to see your friend wearing it the next week? If then you are going to want to read this article.

Introducing BEBE, of course you may have not heard about this popular, dynamic women’s clothing online store. You probably wondering if its right for you.

The answer is yes, especially if you desire to be unique and different in your expression of style and sophisticated woman’s clothing.  However, BEBE Woman’s Clothing isn’t for everyone.  Read to find out if the fashionable apparel is right for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about BEBE’s Woman Fashionable attire is that it is a go-to-destination for chic, contemporary Fashion.

Bebe: Up to 50% off select sale styles we’re still obsessed with.

Age doesn’t make a difference, especially with this brand. It’s the mindset and attitude that demonstrates that specialness that woman crave.

The Good

BEBE really stands out from the competition in extraordinary ways. Specifically,

  • Beauty, Aesthetic appeal, and Fashion that sets you apart from your traditional and predictable wardrobe in your closet.
  • Image authority that stands apart from traditional brick-n-mortal clothing stores that brings back the same clothing styles year after year.
  • Clothing styles and varieties which captivates that attention from family, friends and coworkers who surround you daily.

The Bad

  • Although BEBE’s Woman is a source of attractive apparel, some consumers may find the price a little heavy for their pocketbook. However, for a mostly exclusive appearance, the price is reasonable and very worthy it.

Chick out these Fashionable clothing highlights:

Illusion Sparkle Sequin Dress: $159


Style # 105337

RSVP yes to every single event. This Illusion Sparkle Mesh Sequin Dress is a dream come true. A plunging neckline draws the eye to a sheer mesh front that makes for a flattering fit.

  • Hand wash cold separately, do not bleach, wash with like colors, lay flat to dry,, cool iron if needed
  • Body: 100% Polyester; Lining: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Zipper Back Detail Midi Dress: $119



Style # 102215

A golden zipper that runs all the way down the back provides a daring exit. This fitted dress features a V-neckline.

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron if needed.

Belted Strapless Printed Midi: $139

Bebe: Welcome to Festival Season – Shop Our Spring Lineup and Get Free Shipping On Orders $150+. Meet our spring lineup for cute festival looks. Perfect for exclusive parties and being poolside!


Style # 101244

A Strapless midi dress in a buttery soft jersey knit.  Comes with a self-belt and tortoise buckle with thread loops. Solid bodice with a floral print skirt and hidden back zip.

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Hand wash cold, Do not bleach. Line dry. Cool iron if needed.

Imagine wearing one of these sophisticated outfits to a gala or a popular nightclub and becoming the center of attention. I am sure you well welcome such admiration from people who don’t even know you.

The Verdict

As you can see, BEBE’s offer a lot of sophistication and style in woman’s clothing. The choices of clothing are off the charts.


Therefore, I give BEBE woman’s fashion my highest endorsement. Overall, I give this online fashion store a rating 9/10.

Woman’s fashion may not be your thing, but if it is this extraordinary online fashion store offers a gift card with a host of guaranteed discounts and other deals.


Are you tired of being on the road and desire to find a home away from home? Having a comfortable place to relax and rest for an extended period is a godsend for avid travelers. That is why Staybridge is your home away from home.

Staybridge Suites

Whenever I feel tired and exhausted from the daily grind, I choose to spend an extended vacation at Staybridge hotel in Maple Grove Minnesota.

This wonderful Get-Away is full of delights and conveniences. First, when you walk in front entrance friendliness greets you at the day. They take care of you with genuine interest and outstanding customer service.

Before long, you are relaxing in your comfortable, well-lighted studio, one or two-bedroom suite with access to Wi-Fi and cable television. It your choice. You can even make you a cup of coffee for added restful stimulation.

Go ahead and settle down in your egomaniac chair of comfort while completed computer projects and programs. Your performance has a chance to improve greatly.

Staybridge will satisfy you with its most home oriented comforts and much more!

In the morning I wake up to a delicious, complimentary hot breakfast buffet which includes fresh fruits, cereals, and Wolfgang Puck Coffee.

Near the Breakfast kitchen is the Great Room. Sometimes I relax there and watch a little morning news before starting my day. I also chat with other guests.

The Great Room provides you with the opportunity to interact with guest, make friends or hold informal meetings anytime of the day.

Participate in Social Evening Activities

In the evening guest are you can gather over conversation starters, including sliders, flatbread pizzas, and refreshing drinks.

Outside, on the pavilion, if you are feeling it, you can fire up the grill and delight yourself in cooking a feast of barbecue ribs and tips, or hotdogs and hamburgers.

If you want to step away from the hotel and find food or fun, you can visit a paradise of nearby restaurants, shopping stores, and a variety of recreation locations.

Relax and Stay Healthy

If you are into staying heathy, you are inviting to a fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

You can also go splashing in the swimming pool when you feel like floating or gliding through the cool, clean waters of the swimming room.

If you want a late-night slack,

Crawl out of the bed and come on down to the food pantry, open 24 hours. You have choices. Grab an easy-to-make meal, favorite candy or chips, beverage, even toilettes for your conveniences.

Clean clothing is a necessity. Didn’t You Mother Teach You!

Just like home, you are welcome to use the self-laundry to keep those underwear and other clothing completely washed and looking like new.

Do You Like Rewards? Do You Want to Earn Them Again and Again?

As a guest, Staybridge invites you to become a member of the IHG Rewards Club. Earn points and redeem them anytime.

You can earn points by staying at over 4, 400 hotels across the United States. With points, you can take flights anywhere, buy merchandise and gift cards for those who are special in your life.

You Can’t Lose when it Comes to Home-Oriented Comfort and Convenience:


  • Extended Stay Suites
  • Extraordinary, Comprehensive Comforts
  • Genuinely Friendly Team
  • Warm, Homelike Settings and Surroundings
  • Sense of Freedom to Go and Come


  • May be a Bite for Your Budget, but for the Home like atmosphere, Comfort and Conveniences, and a host of other amenities, the price is reasonable.

No Excuses as to where to Go! Whenever you are tired of being on the road and want to rest for an extended period, Staybridge Suites, in Maple Grove Minnesota, or in any of its numerous locations across the country will be waiting to welcome you home.




Are you looking for a multi-functional financial software that will effectively record and process all your accounting transactions, reducing time and cost?

Do you desire to speed as well as an optimal opportunity for enhanced productivity when it comes to financial management?

Then Quick Books Online is a major time saving accounting software that will go a long way in providing maximum organization and peace of mind when it comes to your company’s financial situation.

The inability of a company or individual to manage their accounting records and transactions will result in financial chaos which could reach legal levels. Companies that refuse to prioritize their financial systems usually don’t survive long. The competition and its technologies become highly overwhelming in many areas.

Image Alt Text

Quick Books Online Performance

In addition to allowing multiple users, Quick Books Online provides services for:

  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Capturing and organizing receipts
  • Maximizing tax deductions
  • Tracking mileage
  • Running reports
  • Creating and Sending estimates
  • Tracking sales & sales tax
  • Projects profitability tracking
  • Effective Bill management
  • Time sheet entrance
  • Access to cloud
  • Access to product updates
  • Invoice scheduling
  • Phone support

A software’s ability to perform multi-functions will go a long way in saving time and money across the board.

Sense of Security & Control

Whether you own a small business, self-employed or an accountant Quick Books Online is the ideal software that will assure that your accounting records and transactions are always secure and accessible upon demand.

For small businesses, you can be assured that your organization will be in control and have access to all its most vital financial data. For the self-employed you can be assured that you are in control of all your accounts parables and receivables. For an accountant, you can be confident that you are in control of your companies accounting records and transactions.

Quick Books Online Price Packages

This online bookkeeper service offers individuals and businesses affordable prices to get your financial system up and operating. Accounting Packages includes:

Quickbooks Online

  • Simple Start: $8/m
  • Essential: $12/m
  • Plus: $21/m

Manual Install on One Computer

  • Desktop Pro Pros: $299.95/yr

Get Started with Quick Books Online 30 day Trial

Businesses and individuals can schedule a free 30 minutes consultation with a bookkeeping expert via the number 1-800.707.5125.

That’s almost everyone! In today’s self-quarantined society people are experiences a season of uneventful times when it comes to fun and festivities. Staying at home, social distancing and wearing masks just takes the fun out of what was once called normal.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. The pleasure of escaping from this present reality and entering into a virtual world filled with sudden wonder and discovery sounds like a great idea to the ears of many.

Arealer VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses is the key to overcoming daily boredom and stagnation in your present world. This Virtual Reality Glasses headset will give you an opportunity to escape the time spent looking at Netflix day after day and night after night.

The Dynamic Areal VR Headset comes with several other great items that will make a difference in the Covid-19 world. You will get the functionalities.

3D Glasses

DIY 3 D Movies

Game Classics with/Magnetic Switch

42mm Optical Lens

Adjustable interpupillry Distance

Converts 2D Movies into 3D Movies in no time

Head Mounted Headband for iPhone, Samsung/All 3-5-60 smart phone

Arealer VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses is a professional piece of technology. It is flexible and comes with and adjustable headband. So head size will not be a factor in determining who can enjoy the outstanding technology.

Virtual Reality glasses will give you an opportunity to do many fun things, both alone and with friends. For example, You can enjoy it while traveling with friends and family, whether you are going out of town or staying near home Bring out the Virtual Reality glasses and lose yourself in fantasy even before you get to your destination.

Grab your virtual reality glasses while relaxation under the stars under a quiet night. You will really get that extraordinary experience of being out of this world.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. While on the treadmill or the fitness bike, put on a pair of the Arealer VR Headset Reality Glasses and have fun working out.

You can use the Arealer VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses anywhere, even in your bedroom before you go to sleep at night, or if you need a break from studying for an exam or test.

These virtual reality glasses are made by Arealer. They come in the colors of black and white. Purchase them in a variety of ways.




You will also have buyer protection, which means you can get your full refund if these glasses don’t meet your satisfaction.

Wonderful Virtual Technology gives you an opportunity to escape reality. Arealer VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses is an affordable headset that will allow you to save and have big fun at the same time.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 9 with gladness.

Low To $2.49 Back To School Must-Haves Sale

Beauty school careers offer fun and excitement for individuals who desire to make the hair, skin, and facial appearance of others look like a million dollars.  Such glamorous career will give you the opportunity to gain the admiration and recognition that will take you to the top of your game.

A beauty school career is the pathway to the hairstyling stardom you have always dreamed of throughout your grade school years.

However, before enjoying a beauty school career, there are several things you need to have. A high school diploma along with completion of a program in a state licensed barber or cosmetologist school via post-secondary vocational school.

Beauty School

The Autonomy of Beauty School Training

In a certified school for beauty training, you will receive tremendous preparation and training for your glamorous career. Most program training include:

  • Facials
  • Skin care
  • Nail care
  • Make up application
  • Texture services
  • Hair and scape treatment
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair cutting and shaping
  • Chemical waving and relaxing
  • Manicuring and pedicuring
  • Hair removal

These are basic skills. To move on to excellence you must, in the latter part of your training, work with a licensed beauty solon educator in the actual environment. You will learn advanced beauty techniques, including precision trend hair cutting, styling as well as master advanced coloring and re-texturizing.

The Business Side of Beauty

In addition to all your this fun and exciting training, you will have to learn the business side of your beauty school career. Indeed, you must master an array of business skills.  Learning how to manage your business, clients, and employees are a critical part of launching a successful business or beauty school.

In your own business, you must be comfortable working with clients. You will need to discuss hairstyle options, inspect, and analyze hair, make suggestions, and receive payments from people.

Necessary Qualities

Succeeding in a beauty school career takes more than just an affinity for the industry. You must have the qualities necessary to stand out from the crown. These include passion for beauty, creativity, positive, artistically inclined, excellent time management skills, tidiness, listening skills, customer service skills, energetic, or physical stamina for standing for long periods of time.   

Early Years

Before opening your own beauty school, most individuals spend considered time working for a licensed beauty school manager.

During this time, you will learn the ends and out of how to operate a beauty school. You will gain experience, confidence, and knowledge by observing how your boss operate the business daily.


The time it takes to learn how to successfully operate a beauty school as well as the confidence level you reach can take 1 to 5 years. It really depends on how fast you can believe in your ability to step out on your own. Sooner or later, you must come face to face with the unknown and move forward.

Graduating the Best

You can become one of the best beauty school operators in your town or city if you continue to study your craft. This mean that you will have enough fire to research and discover the best practices, new and developing trends, and experiment with new styles of your own. Don’t be afraid to become a pioneer in your niche.

Read books, attend beauty pageants, take advantage of advanced training and you will exceed your competitors in industrial knowledge.  

The best beauty schools across the nation earn a reputation for excellence because they train their pupils with the best skills, techniques, and knowledge available. They graduate students who leave the school confident enough to compete with the very best.

Beauty school careers offer a lifetime of glamour and excitement for those who love to make people physically shine in the sight of others. Because beauty makes the world a beauty place to live, your beauty school career gives you the power to empower the people around you.





Marking your business is crucial to attracting customers who are desperately looking for what you have to offer. However, your service or product will not be discovered if potential customers don’t know if you exist. One major strategy for capturing customer attention and attracting them to your brand is banner advertisement.

Launching businesses using banners has been the tradition for centuries and continues to this day, despite all the other social and mass media channels.

When you are looking for the right banner, you must consider several things, including type, size, style, color, and usage.


Discovering the right banner type depends on the occasion in which you plan to use your banner. You will consider materials and quality. Cheap banners may not last long if you plan to use the item in all types of weather conditions. You want the best quality. So, choose carefully:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Fabric Banners
  • Mesh Banners
  • Pole Banners
  • Break’ away Banner
  • Tabletop Banners
  • Feather Flag Banners
  • Rectangular Banners
  • Circle banner
  • Square Banner

Many banner service providers will offer the option for customizing your banner with specific designs and colors. Some will even give you the freedom to design your own if you feel your creative juices are optimal.


The size of your banner depends on how you want to advertise your business or website. For example, if you own a brick n’ mortal building you want to get a large size banner to hang in front of the building. The placement will depend on space and appearance.  Most common large size banners for public advertisement include:

  • 5’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 8’
  • 12’ x 8’.
  • 20’ x 8’

If you want to place ads on your website, then you will probably choose banners with the most common sizes.

  • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280px
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250px
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600px
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600px

Highly effective business websites usually include a maximum of three ads pers page. Too many ads may interfere with user experience.

Tip: website banners require that you have experience placing banners on your website. You must understand HTML coding or have a professional website builder to effective place ads in the right spaces.

Large Banner Usage

The public display of your banner is designed to let people know that you exist. There are also other purposes a banner service. For example, if your company is offering Holiday discounts, or weekend deals, you may use a banner to advertise the event.

However, if you are planning to launch in ongoing advertising campaign, you may want to use a billboard to let customers know that you exist.

Banners are also used in other contexts, including parades, concerts, state fairs, protests, as well as a diversity of events that drives the interest of humanity.

Where to Buy Banners

You may have an idea of where to get banners in your town or city. However, there are numerous options online that offer customization opportunities. Some of the most popular includes:


Discovering the right banners for your business marketing launch can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you know how to choose wisely. Social media sites, TV, radio, business cards, brochures, and flyers all play their part in advertising for customers, but banners are everywhere.

We see them wherever we go. In our towns and cities, banners let us know what businesses exist around us. They also call us to their location when we are driving on the road.  Billboards, shopping places, restaurants, even website banners compete for our attention, offering us what we are looking for at any given moment.


Game night can be boring if you don’t have a plan for providing fun and entertainment for people who love to party.  The pleasure of coming together to watch the exceptional performance of a favorite basketball team or engage a friend in exciting board game is a wonderful experience.

I have been shopping at Macy’s for years. It is the store I like to go for fair priced, quality items throughout the seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Buying items for a celebration or special occasion make no difference. You can find your favorite party tools to make the event a memorable time.

The goal is to have an unforgettable time. Well!  Eating and drinking is a big part of having fun and enjoying the games. This is where Macy’s game night collection comes into consideration. One item you can impress your friends with is the CHIP ‘N DIP BOWL, made by Cellar and just for Macy’s.


Load this convenient container with any type of chips along with your favorite dip and crunch ‘n munch all night long.

Don’t forget the beverages. Consider the Mason ware Garden Terrance Beverage Holder. Server up your favorite beverage with this wonderful basket container.