Speedway Gas Stations Vs. Holiday Gas Stations-Which One is more Convenient for You?

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If you are living in the great state of Minnesota, you probably make two or three stops a week to fill up your gas tank.

Most Minnesotans eventually narrow their choice down between the following two gas companies:

Speedway Gas Stations

Holiday Gas Stations

They are both great gas stations. However, after using both gas services extensively for the last twelve years, I’ve discovered that one of these fuel stations undoubtedly holds a surprising advantage over the other. Read on to find which.

Overview of Speedway Gas Stations

Speedway does an excellent job of attracting customers, That’s largely due to the following three features:


Each morning, whether on a regular weekday or on the weekend, I can’t start my day until I get a medium cup of coffee from speedway. The red-stripped cups greet me in the morning as I am trying to wake up to start my day. The color gives me a boost of energy. I grab a coffee of fresh hot coffee and I am on my way.

Speedy Rewards

Another nice feature of Speedway gas station is their rewards program. The speedy rewards card gives customers an opportunity to earn enough rewards points to buy In-store products, food, or gas. You can build up enough points for a year of gas if you desire to.

The wise use of this card can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Customer Service

The clerks at Speedway gas stations know how to make their customers feel highly welcomed. Each customer is greeted with a big smile and small talk. However, if you are an avid customer, be prepared to be greeted by your name. Yes, they will remember your name. What a wonderful group of workers.

Despite these great advantages, however, there is one problem with Speedway Gas Stations. Namely, a high turnover rate. That may not be a big deal to customers, but those who desire to work at this service station may want to take note.

Overview of Holiday Gas Stations

This is also a great service station. This service shines when you are looking for a variety of tasty food to eat, including their delicious harsh browns. What’s more, it also come with these neat features that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else:

Food Station

One thing that distinguishes Holiday from its rivals is that it has a dynamic food station that is ready for customers throughout the day. Among the food choices are harsh browns, ham & egg sandwiches, bagels, and a variety of other breakfasts.

During lunch, customers have a choice of hamburgers, hotdogs, and even barbecue sandwiches that are mouthwatering.

In-store Rest Spots

In most Holiday Stations, customers can enjoy a break at a rest spot usually located in the corner of the store. If it is available, you can sit and eat, check your text messages, or just sit and watch customers come and go.

However, in the rest spots, you might find police officers taking their morning or lunch break while connecting in one place.

Free Air

Who doesn’t want free, quality air when their car tires need a boost? Everyday hundreds of customers pull up for free air and then make their way into the service station for a purchase. Yes, free air is a hell of a marketing tool to get customers into stores.

I have used this free air consistently and it has been a money saver.

My Issue with Holiday Stations

Holiday is an outstanding community resource for motorists. However, those who are looking to be greeted by name or welcome with a big smile will be disappointed. That’s because Holiday workers don’t go the extra mile in getting to know customers. This is not saying the clerks are not friendly. All I am saying is that you will not get the quality of customer attention that you will get at most of the Speedway Stations.

Nevertheless, if you want to get to know some of the clerks more intimately, you can nurture that type of relationship yourself.

Speedway Gas Stations vs. Holiday Gas Stations: which One Wins?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, both are outstanding service stations. They offer some of the same personal necessities. However, overall, I’d have to award Speedway as the best overall type of gas station. That’s because the degree of customer satisfaction via Speedway is superior. Plus, people desire to save more money via the Speedy rewards card deal.

Bottomline, if you’re looking for a gas stations that makes you feel like a part of the family, then you won’t go wrong by choosing Speedway Stations.

Check it out for yourself by going to https://www.speedway.com/


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