April 2022


If you want a fun-filled life full of making people look great, then become a hairdresser who attracts some of the most interesting clients.

Imagine some of the most distinguished people asking for your service and coming to see you on a weekly or monthly basis. That can be you, despite how far you may think this type of “YOU’ is out of reach.

You’ll be highly proud of your newfound status.

Getting started isn’t hard if you possess one of this most profitable quality for success: Passion for hair styling.

Without passion you will not rise above the common in the industry. The competition will overwhelm you.

To be great at anything requires passion, and becoming a remarkable hairdresser is no exception. You must eat and sleep this vision.

You must determine that you will not give up no matter how long it takes to reach the top of your industry. This is called the path of the magnificent.

 hair dresser

Road to Success

Becoming a hairdresser requires a license from a state approved barber or quality cosmetology school program.

Your responsibility will be to wash, shampoos, cut, color, treat, and condition hair. Some of the tools you will use ae hairbrushes, scissors, blow dryers and curling irons.

Finding a Barber or Cosmetology Program near You

First Search the internet for a postsecondary school offering hair dressing programs. Consider at least three specialty schools in this area and choose the one that fills right for you.

Do some research on the program. If you can find testimonies and the job opportunity rate for graduators of this program, then your choice will be that much easier.

Apply online. Fill out an application before calling the administrative office for further information and protocol.

Time to get Serious

Before the first day of school, you must get busy. Check out books from the library or buy a few books online that discuss the topic of becoming a hairdresser. You must come to the first day of class on fire with prior knowledge.

Remember you want to be a step ahead of everyone else in the class. That includes a step ahead in knowledge and understanding of what becoming a highly sought-after hairdresser requires.

Read about the lives of great hairdressers who have rose to prominence in the industry and capture a sense of their spirit.

But this is just the beginning. Once your journey starts, you must work toward excellence in every assignment. Short cuts and mediocre efforts are out of question. Remember your goal is to become a highly sought-after professional. Therefore, you must give yourself to the practice of becoming a hairdresser without reservation.

Hair Dresser

Excellence Rises to the Occasion

When you apply your skills on the hair of initial clients you will not regret it when you see the smiles on their faces, even while you are in the process of earning your license. That is what the pursuit of excellence does. It separates you from mediocre and brings satisfaction to all those who are affected by it.

Marketing: Becoming Known in the Industry

Once you become a fully licensed hairdresser, marketing your service will become a top priority. Start living your life out loud.

Get yourself a website. Hire a professional website designer if you must. But include all the hairstyling options you offer in attractive visual forms.

Participate in every hairstyling contest that presents itself. Competition gets you in the THICK of things: you become known for your work.

Social Medial Platforms at Your Disposal

Get your brand on every social media platform available, including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tic Tok
  • Snap Chart
  • LinkedIn

If you want to become a highly sought-after hairdresser, you must face your fears and overcome them without reservation. You must not be afraid to put yourself at the center of attention.

On these platforms you must place the best work. Continue to present and refine your brand until influential people notice you.

Do not forget to print business cards that you can distribute at appropriate times during your day.

Remember excellence generates attention and cannot be denied.

If you believe that skills and talents, you have to offer is second to none you will eventually experience a breakthrough to higher level opportunities in the industry.

When you become a highly sought-after hairdresser remember the path that got you there and continue to refine your skills as the industry changes. You must stay relevant if you intend to stay on top and acquire loyal and intriguing clients.



Are you Bored of wearing the same old women’s apparel that hang in your closet for years? Or do you get frustrated after a trip to buy a summer dress only to see your friend wearing it the next week? If then you are going to want to read this article.

Introducing BEBE, of course you may have not heard about this popular, dynamic women’s clothing online store. You probably wondering if its right for you.

The answer is yes, especially if you desire to be unique and different in your expression of style and sophisticated woman’s clothing.  However, BEBE Woman’s Clothing isn’t for everyone.  Read to find out if the fashionable apparel is right for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about BEBE’s Woman Fashionable attire is that it is a go-to-destination for chic, contemporary Fashion.

Bebe: Up to 50% off select sale styles we’re still obsessed with.

Age doesn’t make a difference, especially with this brand. It’s the mindset and attitude that demonstrates that specialness that woman crave.

The Good

BEBE really stands out from the competition in extraordinary ways. Specifically,

  • Beauty, Aesthetic appeal, and Fashion that sets you apart from your traditional and predictable wardrobe in your closet.
  • Image authority that stands apart from traditional brick-n-mortal clothing stores that brings back the same clothing styles year after year.
  • Clothing styles and varieties which captivates that attention from family, friends and coworkers who surround you daily.

The Bad

  • Although BEBE’s Woman is a source of attractive apparel, some consumers may find the price a little heavy for their pocketbook. However, for a mostly exclusive appearance, the price is reasonable and very worthy it.

Chick out these Fashionable clothing highlights:

Illusion Sparkle Sequin Dress: $159


Style # 105337

RSVP yes to every single event. This Illusion Sparkle Mesh Sequin Dress is a dream come true. A plunging neckline draws the eye to a sheer mesh front that makes for a flattering fit.

  • Hand wash cold separately, do not bleach, wash with like colors, lay flat to dry,, cool iron if needed
  • Body: 100% Polyester; Lining: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Zipper Back Detail Midi Dress: $119



Style # 102215

A golden zipper that runs all the way down the back provides a daring exit. This fitted dress features a V-neckline.

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron if needed.

Belted Strapless Printed Midi: $139

Bebe: Welcome to Festival Season – Shop Our Spring Lineup and Get Free Shipping On Orders $150+. Meet our spring lineup for cute festival looks. Perfect for exclusive parties and being poolside!


Style # 101244

A Strapless midi dress in a buttery soft jersey knit.  Comes with a self-belt and tortoise buckle with thread loops. Solid bodice with a floral print skirt and hidden back zip.

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Hand wash cold, Do not bleach. Line dry. Cool iron if needed.

Imagine wearing one of these sophisticated outfits to a gala or a popular nightclub and becoming the center of attention. I am sure you well welcome such admiration from people who don’t even know you.

The Verdict

As you can see, BEBE’s offer a lot of sophistication and style in woman’s clothing. The choices of clothing are off the charts.


Therefore, I give BEBE woman’s fashion my highest endorsement. Overall, I give this online fashion store a rating 9/10.

Woman’s fashion may not be your thing, but if it is this extraordinary online fashion store offers a gift card with a host of guaranteed discounts and other deals.