August 2021


Marking your business is crucial to attracting customers who are desperately looking for what you have to offer. However, your service or product will not be discovered if potential customers don’t know if you exist. One major strategy for capturing customer attention and attracting them to your brand is banner advertisement.

Launching businesses using banners has been the tradition for centuries and continues to this day, despite all the other social and mass media channels.

When you are looking for the right banner, you must consider several things, including type, size, style, color, and usage.


Discovering the right banner type depends on the occasion in which you plan to use your banner. You will consider materials and quality. Cheap banners may not last long if you plan to use the item in all types of weather conditions. You want the best quality. So, choose carefully:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Fabric Banners
  • Mesh Banners
  • Pole Banners
  • Break’ away Banner
  • Tabletop Banners
  • Feather Flag Banners
  • Rectangular Banners
  • Circle banner
  • Square Banner

Many banner service providers will offer the option for customizing your banner with specific designs and colors. Some will even give you the freedom to design your own if you feel your creative juices are optimal.


The size of your banner depends on how you want to advertise your business or website. For example, if you own a brick n’ mortal building you want to get a large size banner to hang in front of the building. The placement will depend on space and appearance.  Most common large size banners for public advertisement include:

  • 5’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 8’
  • 12’ x 8’.
  • 20’ x 8’

If you want to place ads on your website, then you will probably choose banners with the most common sizes.

  • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280px
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250px
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600px
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600px

Highly effective business websites usually include a maximum of three ads pers page. Too many ads may interfere with user experience.

Tip: website banners require that you have experience placing banners on your website. You must understand HTML coding or have a professional website builder to effective place ads in the right spaces.

Large Banner Usage

The public display of your banner is designed to let people know that you exist. There are also other purposes a banner service. For example, if your company is offering Holiday discounts, or weekend deals, you may use a banner to advertise the event.

However, if you are planning to launch in ongoing advertising campaign, you may want to use a billboard to let customers know that you exist.

Banners are also used in other contexts, including parades, concerts, state fairs, protests, as well as a diversity of events that drives the interest of humanity.

Where to Buy Banners

You may have an idea of where to get banners in your town or city. However, there are numerous options online that offer customization opportunities. Some of the most popular includes:

  • UPrinting.com
  • Signs.com
  • Vistaprint.com
  • Banners.com
  • Staples.com
  • Bannerbuzz.com
  • Bannerengineering.com
  • PringRunner.com
  • TRTBanner.com
  • eSings.com

Discovering the right banners for your business marketing launch can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you know how to choose wisely. Social media sites, TV, radio, business cards, brochures, and flyers all play their part in advertising for customers, but banners are everywhere.

We see them wherever we go. In our towns and cities, banners let us know what businesses exist around us. They also call us to their location when we are driving on the road.  Billboards, shopping places, restaurants, even website banners compete for our attention, offering us what we are looking for at any given moment.


Game night can be boring if you don’t have a plan for providing fun and entertainment for people who love to party.  The pleasure of coming together to watch the exceptional performance of a favorite basketball team or engage a friend in exciting board game is a wonderful experience.

I have been shopping at Macy’s for years. It is the store I like to go for fair priced, quality items throughout the seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Buying items for a celebration or special occasion make no difference. You can find your favorite party tools to make the event a memorable time.

The goal is to have an unforgettable time. Well!  Eating and drinking is a big part of having fun and enjoying the games. This is where Macy’s game night collection comes into consideration. One item you can impress your friends with is the CHIP ‘N DIP BOWL, made by Cellar and just for Macy’s.


Load this convenient container with any type of chips along with your favorite dip and crunch ‘n munch all night long.

Don’t forget the beverages. Consider the Mason ware Garden Terrance Beverage Holder. Server up your favorite beverage with this wonderful basket container.


For seating and relaxation, allow your guest to get comfortable and watch the game on a Raylander 89% Power Sofa. You can seat three at a time, maybe four if your friends are really like to snuggle up.

Raylander Power Sofa

The above is only a few of Macy’s game night party collection. Just browse the collection and you will discover all types of items, including

  • STIR STICK Popcorn Maker
  • Gourmet Party Box for meat snacks
  • Stonewall Kitchen Ultimate Bar Mix
  • Novelty Bean Bag Sofas for people who love to set low

Who says you can’t have fun and celebrations at home? With Macy’s game night collection, you will have all the tools at your fingertips when it comes to gathering friends and having fun. By the way, such ideas and activities are trending very well in such adventurous times as these. Macy’s game collection helps you to enjoy them to the fullest.

Crowds of art lovers were already there. The Loring Park Art Festival gives art enthusiast an opportunity to purchase some of the most intriguing art in the country. Creative artist from across the nation come to promote their best work.

Near the heart of downtown Minneapolis and adjacent to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Loring Park is a major attraction for many annual and seasonal events.

The weather here was excellent for a pleasurable hour and a half stroll around the park, especially if you wanted to see all the art exhibitions. I and my wife took time out of our busy schedules and attended this mentally inspiring event.

No one must tell an avid art lover that art is inspirational. He or she knows. Sunday boredom cannot survive in the atmosphere of great art festivals.

art festival

We arrived about noon day. People were strolling around, observing the variety of art displays, and engaging in admirable conversations with the artists.

Opening entering the event, I headed over to a bucket that red programs, but as I got closer and peeked into the container, I saw nothing there. I reckoned, giving that the festival was a three-day event, that program manuals had been taken. The early birds got the worms.

Our first intriguing observations were exhibitions of elite photographers, images which included great gardens, exotic bridges, and old mansions in far-away places. We could tell that theses outstanding photographers, Darren Olson and Michael Lamers, had traveled to some of the exotic places of the world.

The Loring Park Art Festival featured some of the interest-grabbing art in the nation. All types of creative art were on display, including


  • Susan Koehler
  • Caitlin Dowling
  • Genevieve Loso



  • Megan Murrell
  • Joyce Staley
  • Greta Sandquist


art festival

  • Darren Olson
  • Michael Lamers
  • Kelly Tate




  • Steve Nugent
  • Paul Olson
  • Ray Zovar

Glass art

  • Marilyn Cox
  • Jeff Sorensen
  • Laurel Grey

Wood Art

art festival

  • William Boyle
  • Gary Quinn
  • Bill Lepak



Metal Art

  • Cyrus Ravio
  • James Cook
  • Stephen Fairchild

Mixed Media Art 2D

  • Bradley Fritz
  • Linda Clayton
  • Jesse Kunerth

Printing making

  • Stanley Leonard
  • Emily Gray Koeler
  • Kendra Gabbia


  • Melinda Wolf
  • Susan Field
  • Sky Kahmann

Fiber (non-wearable)

  • Holly Keller
  • Neng Yang
  • Bill & Linda Sumner

Fiber (wearable)

  • Zoe & Kaja Foat
  • Ann Holter
  • Lisa Green


art festival

  • Sue Rowe
  • Haylee McFarland
  • Ernest Gillman



The Walk

Structurally, the Loring Park Art Festival and its nearly one hundred exhibitions made a huge circle the park and its beautiful lake.  Walking consisted of stopping, observing, and engaging the artist and purchasing art. My wife admired a piece of print art representing some of the most powerful women who ever lived, both past and present.

The images included woman who had changed the world with their messages and performances, including Michelle, Obama, Simone Biles, even Jude Lee, the first Hmong gymnast to win a Gold Medal in the Olympic gymnastic competition.

The People

People come to Loring Park Art Festival, not only to purchase art, but to observe and appreciate it and to be around the artist all day. So, people were making use of every inch of the park. Some sit on the grass underneath shade trees, others had blankets spread across the ground, still others sit on benches surrounding the flower garden.

I and my wife liked waking through the people as much as stopping and observing the exciting art exhibitions. As an avid of observer of pattens, I noticed that for every 100 feet we walked, there appeared a dog owner and his or her dog. Many were small, shaggy, or fancy haired, tail wagging playful dogs.

The people consisted of all types of races. Art lovers are art lovers. And they are friendly. At the Loring Art Festival, you will encounter Caucasian, Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, Indians, Africans, and several others. Who says art, like music, cannot be a universal interest that bring people from all walks of life together as one big happy art loving family?

The Delicious Distraction

Food vendors encircled the Loring Park Art Festival. Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Barbecue, Egg Rolls, and much many others, some food vendors from other ethnic groups, including India. In the middle of the walk, stood an ice-cold lemonade stand that intrigued many thirsty art lovers who stood in line for the welcoming beverage.

I and my wife had talked about a going on a diet prior to coming to the park. We had been eating to much sweet things.

But so much for our diets. In the middle of our art discoveries, we happen to walk upon an ice cream vendor who made their produce homemade.  We couldn’t resist. I purchased a cup of good old, home mad vanilla while my wife tried a first-time raspberry like flavor on a cone. It was delicious, so tempting that other people mouths may have been watering just staring at it.

By the time we had finished our delicious temptation, we had made it around the entire Loring Park Art Festival. We had a wonderful time. The art was highly intriguing, the artists were extremely friendly and approachable, the weather was great, the people were fun to be with, the prices of the art were reasonable. We could have stayed there all day if our personable responsibilities were not calling us to completion.

The Loring Park Art Festival is well worth a visit. If you are an avid art lover and desire to purchase some of the best art in the nation, then the next Minneapolis summer should be something to look forward to.

Downtown parking was free for us. But even if its not, the prices are reasonable and there are plenty of parking locations near the event.

The bottom line is that You will leave the event inspired and uplifted in spirit.





Amusement parks are recreational locations where families can visit for a weekend of exciting activities, great fun, and bonding. Whether you are an out-of-town vacationer or a local resident living within the city limits of such popular entertainment venues, you will have the pleasure of forgetting about the daily grind and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Some of the most popular amusement parks in America includes:

Although there are hundreds more, these are some of the most popular among world travelers and ordinary Americans. According to statistics, the Magic kingdom Theme park was visited by 20.96 million people in 2019.


Making a weekend of amusement park fun obviously eradicates the stronghold of boredom over the lives of many families once affected by the post pandemic shutdown. Waiting a hold year just to be together was trying time that we thought would never end.

Amusement Parks



Enjoying the atmosphere of a make-believe world will help us families forget about fear and anxiety which accompanied one of the worst times in modern day history: Covid 19.

Full Fulfillment

To enjoy an amusement park to the fullest, you must provide your family with some of the most memorable experiences.

First, I hope you bring a camera. It would be a mistake not to.  Refuse to miss some of the most creative experiences in a lifetime. Capture those moments with a good camera or a quality camera phone. iPhones are the best, not to be bias, but other high-level brands will do wonders as well.

Nevertheless, to be able to place those moments in pictures into a beautiful photo album will provide enjoyment for decades and generations to come.

The Joy Ride Experience

Going on a wild ride with someone can create a bond that will last forever. The thrill of sharing the same emotion with a family member or friend who you have been at odds with can prove very valuable to the relationship.

Amusement Parks

I remember riding going on a joy ride with significant others and found it very insightful. During those times, you really can get to know what is in the soul of a person. You get to see them at their most vulnerable moments.

You can see that beneath that stiff exterior there is a person with a tender heart or a person who can really laugh and have fun with you. This person can be your teenage son, daughter, your wife, or in-laws. Begin noticing these moments. Such times may provide opportunities for releasing misconceptions about the person and forgiving them or yourself.

The Wonderful Custom Experience

Dressing up as your favorite western character, superhero, or actor from another era are exciting ways to show your appreciation for the people and things you value in life.

Most amusement parks have a variety of custom exhibitions. For example, if you like dressing up in customs from the old wild, wild west, you can become characters such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday who participated in the Tombstone encounter.

This life changing experience will provide many opportunities for great photographic moments that will live forever.

Game Exhibitions: A Time for Winning

Make sure to play plenty of games. Don’t just be an observer and walk by. Play some games and enjoy adding the winning experience to the vacation. Whatever you win provide opportunities for more photos

Once upon a time, when I am visiting Six Flags Great America with a bus load of my field trip students, I won one of the biggest stuffed bears on the planet. I still have the bear and the photos that it provided for greater memories.

Celebration of Creative Food

There is no going to an amusement park without experimenting with the delicious, creative food by which venders entice the crowd. Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of a fried pickle, or baked sauerkraut, or footlong corn dog with raisons inside.

Walking and eating provides more picture taking and more opportunities for filling your photo albums with unforgettable memories.

Good food is the hallmark of a fun and exciting day at an amusement park. If you are a party pooper and do nothing else, to have a taste of delicious food will give you a good experience.

Things to Observe in the Amusement Park

Going on rides, playing games, and eating delicious food are not the only opportunities to enjoy our amusement park experience to the fullest. Observing the wonderful people and things around us is also a delightful experience.

Ordinary People

I have always been an avid people watcher.  Boredom goes out of the window wherever I am observing people interacting in an exciting place such as amusement park. The sight of some people just excites you. Others give you a feeling of weirdness.  Still others will probably leave you with no experience at all.

However, if some ordinary person interests you, don’t take pictures without permission. You might find yourself on the rough end of a disagreement.

But if a person is an entertainer at the center of attention, you can take pictures but keep them securely in your album. Don’t sell or commercialize such images. You may end up with a case dealing with copyright issues.

Entertainment Exhibitions

In an amusement park, you will discover several exciting exhibitions. Some will be demonstrations, highlighting extraordinary skills and abilities. Other exhibitions will feature semi-popular musical acts and localized bands. Stand still for a while and enjoy the sounds. Dance if you are daring enough to express yourself in that way.

Whenever I am at an amusement park, I grab some delicious food and sit around listening to or observing some live performances that leave me in shock and awe. I take pictures and share them with family and friends when I get back home.

Landmarks and Monuments.

If you are an out of towner, your trip to the amusement park will not be complete without, pictures of nearby landmarks or monuments. These are the times which provide many opportunities for taking photos with different family members and friends.

Most of all, these popular locations tell everyone that you are there, especially if you are sending photos of the vacation to family and friends back home.

An amusement park vacation is the solution to a boring stretch of time during the year, that you and your family want to get away to create everlasting memories together. Take advantages of such an experience. No one knows what tomorrow may bring.