The Black Information Network: A Game Changer for Black Minnesotans

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The Black Information Network, a Minneapolis radio station, provides high quality news from a black perspective. The objective of this magnificent radio station is to give African American communities in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota the real deal on what is going on.

However, anyone looking for news from a black perspective can tune into this channel and discover quality reporting.

News dealing with black issues are not effectively covered on most musical, sports, or discussion-driven radio stations. Most black issues are given from a white perspective and most involved shallow topics, those not dealing with the deeper issues of the black experience.

The Black Information Network has an opportunity to keep the black community fully informed with the best and latest topics dealing with blackness in America. And these topics are explosive and vast in many instances.

I have never been disappointed by this unique black communication channel. Every day, while driving along in my car or sitting in the park, I tune in to 93.3. Every topic that has something to do with the black experience in America is covered, including topics on:

  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Celebrities
  • Black Leaders
  • Black Initiatives, programs, and Achievements
  • Controversial Issues
  • Issues dealing with justice.
  • Police brutality
  • Pending issues such as reparations and police reform
  • Black progressiveness
  • Inspiring stories
  • Community Now News

What is unique about these topics is that they are told from a black perspective. The listener is given the deeper sides of the stories. This creates an opportunity to share and discuss ideas with others informed residents in the black community.


Awareness of what is going on is an advantage to everyone, especially to those who have struggled for centuries to be included in the mainstream of American society.

To be uninformed is a curse. Great opportunities will escape any race of people who do not know what is going on around them or those who have had information hidden from them.

The Black Information Network is a godsend for the black Minnesotans or for those who desire to her the news from a black perspective.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in receiving news from a black perspective. If you have access to this Minnesota channel, tune in 24/7 and get informed about what is presently going on in the world around you. The Black Information Network in Minnesota makes a difference.





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