Kohl’s CHAP’S Men Collection: Winter Sweaters

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Winter Sweaters designed by CHAPS gives you an opportunity to look good and feel confident wherever you go. The Pleasure of slipping on one of these magnificent garments is an activity to which every fashionable man looks forward.

CHAPS fashion sweaters come in a variety of sizes and colors, including red, orange, green, black, beige, and green. Sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large are available in the CHAPS section in your local Kohl’s store.

Every Spring and Fall I look forward to going to Kohl’s department store and buying the latest styles of CHAPS winter sweaters. I have been a CHAPS worshiper for over 6 years and still have not gotten bored with the sophisticated brand.

History of the Brand

CHAPS is a brand of Ralph Lauren Corporation. The CHAPS sweater was designed to give men a look of sophistication. It comes in a variety of styles and designs:

  • Men’s CHAPs Classic-Fit Crewneck Sweater: Sale: $19.99

  • Men’s CHAPs Classic-Fit Mock neck Pullover Sweater: Sale: $40.00

  • Men’s CHAPs Classic-Fit Textured Quarter-Zip Sweater: Sale: $70.00

  • Men’s CHAPs Classic-Fit Textured-Collar: Sale: $80.00

Kohl’s CHAPS men collection provides with the right sweater style to match the pants and shoes your intent to wear today.

How I Found the CHAPS brand

Nothing magical, I was just walking through Kohl’s department store with the intention of buying a couple of winter sweaters for the deep Minnesota cold. I came across several brands, including IZOD, Eddie Bauer and Croft & Barrow. These were interesting sweaters but none of this collection impressed me like the CHAPS collection.

Made of the best materials, including cashmere blend, cotton, and cotton blend, CHAPS sweaters are designed for longevity with proper care.

Pros: Fashionable, sophisticated men sweaters that will make you feel confident and in charge of whatever you are doing at work, school, or the community.

Cons: CHAPS sweaters may be too costly for some consumer. Other brands such as Craft and Barrow are cheaper. However, CHAPS are designed to last longer.

Where to Buy: You can purchase CHAPS sweaters in most Kohl’s department stores, especially in the Midwest. However, you can order online at the retail store’s website.

If you desire to be the center of attention and win stares, smiles, and compliments, the brand is the right fit for you. Match these colorful sweaters with a pair of pants and a neat pair of shoes then you will surely capture attention.

Final Verdict: I highly recommend Choosing from the CHAPS Men Sweater’s Collection. 10 out of 10


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