Highlights of Beth’s Growth in The Queen’s Gambit-Review

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As an avid chess player my experience of watching The Queen’s Gambit was extraordinary. Each episode was full of interest and intrigue. Beth’s character and appearance, especially her facial expressions, were intriguing. A female chess, prodigy, Beth’s character is so interesting, it never lost my attention. I always wanted to know what she was going to do next.

For me, the first highlight of Beth’s character in Queen’s Gambit begin when she demanded that the Janitor continue to play the game. Out of anger, “She, the child character, called him a cock sucker,” even though she did not exactly know what the derogatory phrase meant.

Knowledgeable chess players knew that she was prodigy and destined to be a genius at the game when she beat the old janitor time and time again. Prior to learning from the old man, Beth did not have any experience in playing the game of chess.

Dominating High School Chess Club

Highlight # 2 came after she had beating both the old man and the high school chess club representative at the same time. Such an outstanding accomplishment was her way out of the Orphanage, at least for a few times a week.

In the high school chess club, dominate by male figures, Beth came in like a sweeping windstorm and astonished all the alpha male’s chess players who probably thought that a girl had no chance in beating them.

The Career Launching Adoption

The adoption into a supposedly Christian family was another highlight that help Beth escape the confines of the orphanage. With her independence and own room, Beth took advantages of the opportunity to pursue her passion for chess.

Favorably, she gained a true stepmother who became highly interested in her pursuit of dominating the world of chess. With her stepmother acting as a manager, Beth gained an opportunity to participate in the major chess contest, including the US Open Championship.

The Challenge of the Masters

The pleasure of playing some of the greatest chess masters and beating them as a young woman was highly empowering, especially for a young female in a game dominated by men.

Taking Down the Symbol of Russian Chess Power

One of the biggest highlights is the preparation and defeat of the great Russian grand master. Each of her friends came together to devise a strategy for beating the great chess master. Together with her supernatural ability to look up into the ceiling and see the game within her mind, she was able to finally defeat the pride of the Russian Federation.

I highly recommend this movie for movie goers who are avid chess players or fans of chess. You will most likely understand the chess moves and their impact on the games.


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