What is McDonaldization and How to Use It to Your Advantage?

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McDonaldization, a ‘restaurant model of production, work, and consumption’, has influenced the growth and expansion modern day businesses and organizations.  The term was developed in 1993 by George Ritzer, the author of McDonaldization of Society.

Built on the principles of predictability, calculability, efficiency, and control, the concept of McDonaldization has been embraced by businesses in several unique ways. For example, you can see its influence at every turn.

In society we have drive up windows, salad bars, buffets, self-serving gasoline lines, automated cashiers’ line in grocery stores, ATM, Microwave food, giant supermarkets, online shopping, voice mails and audio conferences etc.

McDonaldization is the death of our traditional ways of running society. No longer do we have to wait in long lines to buy food, or cash checks. No longer do we have to make time to prepare food straight from the farm or garden when we can grab processed and microwavable dinners. No longer do we have to travel long distances support our livelihoods.

The time it took to perform traditional practices has been drastically reduced by the McDonaldization mentality.

The way we live our lives has become fast and predicable.

The experience of McDonaldization appears to bring satisfaction to consumers all over the world, including:

  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Product Reliability
  • Reduced Effort and Cost
  • Productivity

One can assume that such mentality offers an improved quality of life. However, rapidity of service can come with inferior quality. Examples are fast food restaurants themselves. The quality of food can result in all types of healthy issues due to high level calory intake.

Nevertheless, Businesses pursue the McDonaldization model for the value it creates, including smooth operations, rapid growth, increase of customer base, and to supersede competition. Customers look for easy access and availability.

McDonaldization may be a solution to your business. If you are still doing things the long traditional way, the way that allow the competition to dominant, you might do well to take advantage of what others are doing to satisfy customers.

For example, if you own a new restaurant, why not open a buffet or a salad bar, or some other idea that speed up customer service. The goal is to make it as convenience, accessible, and available to customers as possible.

If you really want to apply the concept of McDonaldization, read George Ritzer’s’ “McDonaldization of Society.” Study your target audience and how you can apply this concept to your business. In today’ society, the business model of McDonaldization is the way to go.




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