RED BUBBLE: An Easy Moneymaking Website for Independence Artists and Designers

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Writing about RED BUBBLE, a moneymaking platform for independence artists and designers, is a wonderful way to share my experience. Joining and contributing your most creative and awe-inspiring work is free.

I wondered upon the RED BUBBLE website while looking for an online platform to make passive income while I focus on other things.

Founded in 2006 in Melbourne Australia. The goal was to provide independent artist and designers an exciting new way to market their creativity. Success followed. Now over 700,000 artistic free lancers participate via the platform. They connect with millions of fans across the world who adore the uniqueness of exciting arts and crafts.

If you are looking for a platform to sell your art, then RED BUBBLE is the right place for you. Your talents as an artist or designer do not have to be that of a master. Simple designs printed on tee-shirts can sell by the thousands if the timing and situation is right.

For example, if you have a tee-shirt message design in mind regarding COVID 19, you may be on the verge of creating a hot item that will sell by the thousands. Timing and situation will go a long way in bring you the success you desire.


The RED BUBBLE website is clean and simple. If you are an artist or customer, the menu will give you an idea of what products, artwork, and themes it represents:

  • Clothing
  • Stickers
  • Masks
  • Phone Cases
  • Will Art
  • Home & Living
  • Kinds or Babies
  • Accessories
  • Stationary
  • Gift
  • Explore Designs

Each of these menus’ categories are filled with inspiring ideas which artist and designers can target with accuracy and enthusiasm.

You will find that RED BUBBLE is a creative platform for all types of artistic styles. You can discover more specific and in-depth knowledge regarding RED BUBBLE in the website video, “TUNE into RBTV”.


Uniqueness of Platform

The specialness about this magnificent website is that once you have uploaded your artistic designs, whether tee-shirts or some other art, printing and distribution is done for you. All you need to deliver is your creations. Other competitive websites will demand more of you.



  • Free to Join and Contribute
  • Unlimited Art and Design Ideas
  • Make Money from you Art and Design


  • High Competition from other Artist and Designers

However, if you strive to be unique and if the timing and situation is right, you can exceed your wildest dreams when it comes to sells.

Tee-shirt sells are the most prominent items in demand on RED BUBBLE. So, if you can use your creative imagination to come up with fantastic Tee-shirt designs, you can make a killing, like so many other on this website.


I joined the sight right away because of the incredible value it promised me as an independent artist, and I recommend that you give it a try.

It is simple to become sell your creativity. The step to Joining is as follows:

  • You need to Open a RED BUBBLE shop and upload your best designs
  • Imagine your design on a product that interest you
  • You get paid and customers get something wonderful

I will post a video of one of my favorite YouTube entrepreneur and advisor who can provide further guidance and successful testimonies.

RED BUBBLE will always be a site that will inspire my creativity when it come to cool ideas and eye-catching designs.

I know no other website or platform for independent artist and designers to sell their art. That is why thousands of free lancers have joined and millions of customer flock to RED BUBBLE.

My Rate for this Platform: 10 out of 10








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