North Face Boots: A Solution for those Harsh Minnesota Winters

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North Face boots are the solution to harsh winters in places such as New York, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Minnesota to name a few Midwestern states. But the experience of wearing North Face boots in a cold climate will mostly likely influence you to select them as the boots of your choice. It is essential for you to be prepared for those unforgiving winters in style.

North Face boots are designed for enduring extreme conditions. Consider the 400II winter utility boot which features “waterproof leather and PrimeLoft Silver Insulation Eco for top-tier warmth in conditions all the way down to -40”

You may never experience condition this extreme, but if you do you will be more ready than the people who do not consider the quality of exceptional boot-wear.

Using high-tech features, North Face boots offer guaranteed comfort and protection under any challenge or condition.


North Face Boots

North Face offer a wide range of boots to choose from, a few of which includes:

  • Women’ s Shellista III MID: $140.00
  • Youth ALPENGlow IV: $65.00
  • Women’s Chilkat 400 Boots: $150,00
  • Men’s Snowfuse Boots: $95.00
  • Women’s Shellista IV Tall: $160.00
  • Men’s Archive Glacier Point Boot: $200.00
  • Youth Chilkat Lace II: $65.00
  • Men’s Ozone Pick Winter Boots: $90.00
  • Women’s Yukon Ankle Boots: $87.00
  • Men’s Ultra-Fast Pack IV MD Future light: $160.00
  • Women’s Ultra Foot park III MID Future Light (warm): $170.00

Minnesota and Wisconsin Winters can be brutal. I am a living witness. However, if you wear the appropriate winter attire, including the right boots, you will thrive in such climate. North Face boots is my solution to that problem.

If you are in outdoors person, the winter cannot keep you inside. You would rather be at walking in the snow and having fun.


  • Longevity-built to last using high grade technological features
  • Improves quality of outdoor life
  • Reliability of merchandise
  • Comfort and Protection under extreme conditions


  • Prices may be a little to high for many consumers
  • Some climates do not require boots, unfortunately

North Face is a quality name brand, a brand which reaches across the world to serve cultures across the world.

Founded in 1966, North Face, an American outdoor recreational retail company, has been around for 57 years and still going strong.  Why, because quality counts.

So, winters is nearly here. Do not forget to go out and purchase your pair of Unique boots. You will not regret it.




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