Borealis, An Extraordinary North Face Backpack for Women

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Borealis, the North Face backpack for women, is the solution to all your organizational problems and answers. It is the key to keeping multiple personal resources in appropriate places where they can be accessible at a moment’s notice.

North Face is a US outdoor recreational product provider, manufacturing clothing, footwear as well as outdoor equipment.

North Face backpack: Fashionable Outdoor Equipment

Borealis North Face backpack for women is an impressive, fashionable container which allows an individual to pack all that is necessary for the journey, whether to school or some other destinations requiring personal belongings.


One size fit all, the Borealis North Face backpack for women comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to match whatever uniform or outfit you are wearing.

Notable Features include, but not limited to:

  • External, fleece-lined pockets designed to accommodate a pair of sunglasses or various mobile electronics.
  • Comfortable padded top handle for soft grip
  • Big main compartment for textbooks, binders, tablets, laptops, or other suitable items
  • 36 degree, reflective back-light loop, water bottle tabs and shoulder strap webbing, providing adding comfort.

Wherever you go, you will be well-equipped with the supplies needed to meet your basic needs during your journey.

The Borealis, North Face backpack is so impressive that you will probably get compliments of admiration for all the things it is designed to contain. You will fill confident knowing that you have your check list of personal gear secure and ready to use.

Use for Many Occasions

Not only will this North Face backpack designed for your journey back to college, you can use the Borealis, North Face backpack for several occasions.

For example, you can pack your things and head to the fitness center, to the park for a day of studying in nature, to a beach where you can relax on the sand and read books or to a lake where you can sit on a boat and write a short story on your laptop.

Borealis, North Face backpack is made for women who like to travel, whether it is walking from classroom to classroom on a college campus,   or embarking on a camping or biking trip in a national park.


North Face Backpack-Price

You will pay a sum of $62.30 for this impressive backpack. The wonderful thing is that the price is well worth it. Imagine trying to carry so much with other less convincing backpacks.

You can purchase the Borealis North Face backpack for women in any retail store that carry the North Face brand. Or you can order online with warranties and refund guarantees.


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