Vandal-Proof Camera: An Extraordinary Mechanism of Lorex Technology

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Rioting, vandalism, and break-ins are on the rise across America. Unemployment, evictions, and lack of resources are causing people to perform illegal activities for the sake of survival. Therefore, protecting your home or business from theft is extremely important.

Vandal-Proof Camera is the solution to preventing theft. The extraordinary camera is built to endure the impact of violent attacks and keep on functioning.

The Key Operating Features of the Vandal-Proof Camera includes:

  • Color Night Vision
  • Motorized Optical Varifocal 3x Zoom Lens
  • High Quality HD Resolution
  • Built in Microphone
  • Severe Weatherproof

Thieves will be able to hide without being spotted in the darkness corners around your house.  With the built in Microphone, you will be able to stop them with a warning. The wonderful thing about this camera is that thief will not be able to destroy it.

The Vandal-Proof camera, designed to withstand tremendous shock, is made from the same high-grade aluminum used to design airplanes.

2K Super HD Vandal Proof Outdoor Security Dome Camera with Motorized Optical Varifocal 3x Zoom Lens, 140ft Night Vision (2-Pack)

Who is the Vandal-Proof Camera for?

The Vanda-Proof Camera is for individuals and businesses who want assurance that their security system will not let them down in times of chaos and destruction.


  • Security from Theft
  • Reliability
  • Interactive
  • DIY opportunity
  • Extended Warranty Plan


May need a more big, expensive equipment set than this system

Vandal-Proof Camera: Tools and Training

You do not have to worry about how to operate your security camera. Lorex Security System’s website has an abundance of mastery resources, including videos, support page, and knowledge base of extensive guides.

Vandal-Proof Camera: Support

If you need a questioned answered regarding training or operations that you cannot find in the knowledge base resource, you can submit a ticket for support.

Price of the Vandal-Proof Camera

You can purchase the Vandal-Proof Camera for only $499.00. That is nothing for the sense of protection and security you will feel as its owner. Knowing that your assets will be safe, and sound will go a long way in making homeowners and businesses sustain success.

My Final Opinion

The Vandal-Proof Camera is well worth the consideration, especially in times such as these. As time gets worst, people will have to guard their homes and business with an eye of an eagle. Thieves who love to vandalize security cameras just to hide the evidence will have an exceedingly difficult time destroying the system, resulting in frustration and abandonment of plan.

The Vandal-Proof Outdoor Security Dome Camera is from Lorex: One of the best home security camera Systems.


Name: Vandal-Proof Outdoor Security Dome Camera

Website: Lorextechnology.com

Price: $499.00

Manufacturer: Lorex Security Systems

Overall Rank: 10 out of 10








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