June 2020


Traveling alone can be uneventful. But traveling with good friends is an opportunity to creative many memorably moments and to share such extraordinary experiences with generations to come. Without the experience of traveling with those non-family members you care about, you may never get to know them deeply enough to create lifelong bonds that can never be broken, come hail or high water.

Traveling with friends can occur on several levels. For example: If you and your buddies cannot travel overseas or across the country,  you can grab the boys and head up North to that big log cabin or  fishing resort on Lake Telboro. Your travel can last a few hours or an entire month. Whatever type of get-away you do with the boys make the experience highly memorable and  life enhancing.

What are some of the trans formative moments and experiences good friends can have while traveling together.

Recalling Childhood Memories

Bringing back memories of childhood and the adventures of growing into adulthood can be the key to greater bonding among friends. Revisiting great memories can awaken the grand experience all over again, resulting in more joy and laughter than before.

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Sitting around a campfire or under the shade of a tree with a cold beverage makes story telling all the more delightful. Space and location can add much flavor the experience.

Fishing Trips

Going on a fishing trip is an opportunity to create great memories of reeling in the big one. It is a chance to compete and see who is the master fishermen. But the intent is the have a good time while doing it. Any type of fish will do:

Fishing, Fishermen, Friends, Buddies, Water, Men

  • Perch

  • Catfish

  • Small & Large Mouth Bass

  • Walleye

  • North Pikes

  • Crappies

The list can go on an on. But make sure you have a variety of bait and fishing tackles to land the big ones and brag about it. Going on a fishing trip is just another wonderful experience to make strong friendships even more powerful.

Sports Watching Extravaganza!

Getting away on the weekend to enjoy an exciting sports experience (such as March Madness), is an activity that can create many fun memories and accelerate bonding. Hooking up the Home Theater, laying back in lazy-boy chairs with a cold beer, chips, dips, and rooting for your favorite players is a dream come true for most guys.

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You may like basketball, baseball or football, even soccer. Nevertheless, your intentions is to have a good time and do some extraordinary bonding.

You will be far away from your wife, children and even your man cave. The sense of freedom you have with the boys is an experience that will live in your memories forever.

Late Night Camp Fire

Light the campfire. Form a circle. Bring out the Marsh mellows. Get ready to tell some of the most creepy ghost stories you have ever heard. Go way back when you were a kid or introduce some of the most current ghostly rumors you have been hearing about.

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Sitting around a campfire telling ghost stores or discussing alien encounters will go a long way in creating memorable moments you can always talk about.

Remember the legend of the Headless Housemen or the Legend of Boggy Creek, a story about a big foot like creature in the backwoods of Texas.

Maybe one of you want to bring along and read your favorite horror novel. Take the time to dig down in the boxes in the attic and retrieve it. Frighten you friends with the most astonishing characters, scenes and chapters.

Enjoying Landmarks

Getting together on the weekend and visiting landmarks is an opportunity for taking great photographs of you and your friends having fun. Whether you are going to visit an iconic sculpture garden, a legendary bridge, an art museum, a popular zoo, or tourist attraction in Mexico make sure you take lots of pictures of the moments you are enjoying and interacting with those landmarks.

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Yes! Express your friendship in photographs. Pictures do speak a thousands words. Your grand children will be able to go back and look at the photos of you and your friends are having fun. So take plenty of pictures of your buddies having a great time at these landmarks, which will ad a little promotional flavor .

Traveling alone has its pros. But traveling with your best friends just adds a layer of excitement that will last a lifetime.

Empowering your best customers is the key to keeping them satisfied, expanding your customer base, and growing your organization. An empowered customer will have a sense of ownership.

But ignoring customers or taking them for granted will cause them to seek after the competition for a sense of care and appreciation. Staying connected is the foundation for increasing customer satisfaction and creating loyalty.

A Company Can Empower its Best Customers in Many Ways

7 Ways to Empower Customers

Allowing Customers to Voice their Opinion

Don’t ignore the voices and opinions of the customers regarding your product or service. If a customer express dissatisfaction with what you are offering, refuse to be offended. In stead, see this complaint as a way to better understand the needs of the people who purchase from you. Find a way to turn lemons into lemonade.

Woman Sharing Her Presentation with her Colleagues

Feedback & Improvement

Getting ideas from your customers on how you can improve your brand will go a long way in giving them a sense of empowerment. Create surveys or questionnaires and allow customers to give essential feedback on ways to improve products or services.

Diverse buyer and agent signing papers


Training your customers how to properly operate a new product or mechanism is a way to let them know that you care about them and want them to enjoy doing business with you. Providing well-written Manuel guidelines and instructions will release stress and increase confidence in getting a product to function properly.

Sharing & Discussing Needs and Desires

New trends come and go. If you are unsure of what your customers need or desire, you better find out quickly. The competition is always looking for unsatisfied customers to come to their world. Engage your the people who always by from you and discover if they are getting the items or services they are seeking.

Female customers getting paper bags at counter desk


If you really want to empower your customers allow them to become a part of the decision-making regarding a new product, service or initiative, especially if they are invested in company stock. Good decision-making isn’t a one person event

Working in a group

Delegating-Affiliate Promotions

Promoting your service should go beyond your efforts. Offering Affiliate marketing opportunities to your customers will go a long way in empowering them. You give them a chance to be as passionate about the growing the business as you are. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Train confident representatives that will help you take your brand to the top.

Photo Of Woman Using Laptop

Giving Autonomy to help create Programs

Some businesses give stakeholders the autonomy to offer proposals for new products, projects, programs. Such customers are often heavily invested in the businesses and are a part the the decision-making process.

Empowering your best customers is the solution to increasing loyalty and developing organizational values that promote strong progressiveness. The threat of losing them to the competition becomes less likely when they recognize that they can be part of the decision-making process that moves the company forward.