A Minneapolis Home and Garden Show-2020 Experience

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Attending the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2020 was an extraordinary experience for me and my wife. The crowd was huge. Hundreds of people were sitting in the lobby eating just a few feet from the show’s entrance.

According to the advertisements, the event possessed over 600 exhibitions. Could me and my wife get through all of these in two hours?

Once inside, to our immediate left were a row of individuals demonstrating vegetable slicing utensils, which were as sharp as butcher knives but much safer. With a simple handling, the demonstrators cut vegetables, as well as fruit, in a variety of ways, short, long, zigzag etc. Potential customers were giving a chance to handle and use the utensils as well.

home and garden

The Huge Crowd

We moved on through the crowd, elbow to elbow. Exhibitors engaged people and people engaged exhibitors. To find interesting and innovative ways to remodel their homes is the reason people come to the Minneapolis Home and Garden show year after year.

Home & Garden Show 2020

A home repair retailer targeting home owners who are experiencing roofing needs, caught my attention. I asked a few questions and grabbed a couple of brochures just n case I need the service or perhaps one of my neighbors.

home and garden

The exhibitors were indeed the center of attention. People moved constantly throughout the aisles, stopping and looking at whatever caught their attention. Several retailers demonstrated the usage of their products, especially those who sold cooking ware. Grease less cooking involving pots, pans and skillets stole the show in many aisles.

The Exhibitions on display were vast, including:

  • Home remodeling

  • Window and door designs

  • Roofing repair

  • Bathroom & Spa

  • Gutter Repair

  • Yard designs

  • Patio furniture

  • Heating

  • Outdoor, playground equipment

  • Big Chevy Trucks

  • Carpet Installation

  • Floor designs

  • Kitchen designs

  • Furniture store Samplers

  • And much more

As we walked among the crowd, we begin to see the repetition of services, especially windows and door design and repair.

The next exhibit that caught our attention were solar panel retailers. I had been interesting in the power of solar energy, and its increasing usage across the world for a long time. If the green movement continues to gain momentum I expect every house in America will possess some form of solar energy.

I wanted to ask several questions but communicative engagement with others were too long to wait around. Time was passing swiftly. I grabbed a couple of brochures and moved to turn down the middle aisle, which was much broader with a greater density of people.

The Resort Exhibition

Around the corner was a resort exhibitor with a sample lodge. It consisted of several rooms, including a small kitchen, a living room with fire place, a bathroom, and two small bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. The ideal place to stay for vacationers.

Hotel, Room, Curtain, Green, Furniture

Several other resort, cruise liners and vacation companies entertained people with the thought of experiencing an unforgettable vacation.

What caught our attention was the delicious smell of meat cooking. In the beginning of the next aisle, a man was cooking breakfast food, demonstrating how fried eggs and steak slid so easily out of the skillet without sticking.

Although we stood listening and watching with amazement, we were growing hungry with each passing minute. At the end of that particular row, stood a bar and grill, but the hot dogs were $11.00 a piece. This prices wasn’t in our budget. So we passed on by.

Fried, Pan, Eat, Fry, Yolk, Food, Fried Eggs

While walking down the middle aisle, we came upon a group of people standing around a man selling custom made pies. There were a wide varsity, including blueberry, raspberry and strawberry cheesecake pies along with several other tasty choices. After tasting a sample of the raspberry pie, we bought one for $16.00.

Several others specialty stores offering edibles, clothing, beauty and herbal products were in alignment with home remodeling exhibitionist.

The Idea Home Showcase

People waited to see the revolutionary design of the idea home. The line was indeed long, and excitement were on the faces of the people. The appeared eager for the chance to experience the wonder of the idea home. I and my wife were among them. We waited for nearly an half hour before placing our foots on the steps to enter the idea home.

The tour guide gave a quick presentation in order to keep the line moving. But the kitchen was state of the art, with innovative pull down cabinets, stove, sinks and center bar made of iron. The dining room consisted of windows that glided up to down to open and close.

home and garden

Two bathrooms, one in the first hallway and the other near the back bedroom were made of fantastic marble. The Landry room consisted of an innovative drying, cloth line and slid effortlessly into and out of the closet.

The living room consisted of a soft, purple leather couch, and two reclining chairs that raised up to allow you to easily get and walk out of it.

The ideal home showcase is designed to stir the imagination of homeowners as well as buyers who desire to live in style, comfort and luxury. A custom home is a dream come true.

Coming to the End of the Show

After the Ideal Home experience our two hour journey traveling through the Home and Garden show was almost over. So we approached the big, wide aisle closest to the lobby exit. As we made our way toward the way we had entered, our eyes glanced over the exhibits that we had missed.

Many exhibits were similar to what we had already seen, especially displays such as bathroom & spas, windows and doors, garden designs, children playground equipment etc. Nevertheless, they were still interesting.

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2020 was a fantastic experience. Besides discovering all the wonderful ways you can remodel your home, you can take pictures and share them with friends and family. You can also relax with food and drink.

As we exited the home and garden show, we looked forward to next year’s 2021 Minneapolis Home and Garden show.


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