10 Best Creative Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

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Valentine’s Day is a time to show how much we love the ones who are the dearest to our livelihood and quality of life.  However, we must not make the mistake of giving our spouses the same old routine, predictable gifts, year after year. We must become more creative if we want to make a major impression on him or her. Below I will give ten creative gift ideas you can do to convince your spouse that you are truly in love with him or her.


10 Creative Valentine Gift Ideas


Paint a Big ‘Valentine Heart in the Snow’


One morning on a February 14, I walked outside to find embedded in a snow bank a big painted heart with the words “I Love You.” A neighbor had taken a can of red spray paint and surprised his wife with this creative Valentine’s gift. He wanted to the world to know that he truly loved his spouse. His wife delighted in his justice.

Valentine Heart


If you live in a snowy climate such as the frozen tundra of Minnesota, painting how much you love your spouse in the snow is a very creative idea.


Travel to some special Destination


If you have been listening, you know where he or she dreams of traveling. Make sure that this happens for your spouse on one Valentine’s Day. Save up the money for it, even if it takes you years to do so. However, if you can afford it now, why waste time. Make reservations for Valentine’s Day and surprise her with the trip of a lifetime.

Valentin Vacation

Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, and France are life transforming trips that will create a ton of delightful memories.

Give up an Addiction

Have you ever promised your spouse that you will give up an addition? Why not  present this promise as a Valentine’s gift to your wife? Alcohol, drug abuse, food addictions, gambling are all forms of addiction. However, each addiction can wreak havoc on a marriage and send a good relationship spiraling out of control.


A Valentine’s gift that will transform your marriage into an oasis of peace, harmony and love is well worth the initiative.

Buy Her a House

Buy that woman the house that she has always wanted. If you have to money, give her the biggest material gift that a man give to a woman: a new home. Unless you are rich, start saving for the home well in advance, maybe ten years to the Valentine’s Day you want to present this gift.


It will take discipline and cleverness to pull this off behind her back. You’ll have to sacrifice a lot of immediate pleasure and save the money up to 5 years or longer. But that’s is not all. You’ll also have to make sure that you have good credit and that your profession is very stable.


Investing in a new home will be one of the greatest investment you’ll ever make in a marriage. You are providing your loved one with a gift that will dwell in everlasting memory.


Raise Money for the Charity She or He Supports

money for charity

Is your husband involved in a favorite charity? Maybe he’s providing food for the poor? May he’s mentoring troubled teens. Why not raise money for his favorite charity and present the money as Valentine’s gift. He’ll appreciate this for years to come.


Attend an Exciting Event like a Comedy Show

Is anyone for laughs? Take her to a comedy show. Let her laugh all day and all night long. Laughter will bring both of you closer together. If you don’t know what’s showing in your town or city on Valentine’s Day, search the internet for an exciting event that will bring lots of laughter and great memories.


Commit to a Weekly Date Night


All year long! Commit to taking your spouse on a date each week for a year, especially if your marriage needs a jolt to bring it back to life. Getting to know each other all back over again will go a long way in revealing greater characteristics of the person you thought you knew. Love can be rekindled and romance will blossom.

Date night

Buy Her a Dream Car

Buy him a new car! You know the types of sports automobile that he has been talking about for years. You have seen him surfing the internet and paging through sports car magazines at Barnes n Noble bookstore in the mall.

If a few thousand dollars is just chump change to you, why not make him happy with a gift of a second gift of a lifetime. You will always remain Number One.

sports car

Sing a Song to Your Spouse

Don’t be shy! Dedicate her or his favorite song from your one lips. Take a few voice lessons up until Valentine’s Day to get your tunes right. Notice when your wife play music. Watch as she lip sync her favorite tunes. These are the songs you will want to learn. What creativity!

sing a song

She’ll appreciate you’ll raw talent because you had the courage to sacrifice time learning music to express your deepest feeling to her through a song.

Climb a Mountain Together

What a high class gift! Embrace the delightful experience of climbing a mountain together. The inner confidence and renewal you’ll feel will be priceless. Climbing a mountain is a trans formative event for those with the courage to achieve it.

mountain climbing

You don’t have to go and try to climb Mount Everest. Go west and find a mountain that takes effort but less dangerous.


Take your romance to the next level so that the world can see that there are no limitations to the love you both have for one another.


Showing love on Valentine’s Day goes beyond giving familiar gifts and then soon forgetting about what you gave. The creative Valentine gift ideas listed above will not soon be forgotten. The memory of such gifts and experiences are meant to last a lifetimes and to be shared from generation to generation.









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