How Kobe Bryant Made the World a Better Place

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Kobe Bryant, a NBA Legend, but even greater beyond professional basketball, perished in a helicopter crash along with his 13 year old daughter Gianna.


Having been an avid Kobe fan since his inception into the league, I have enjoyed every step of his rise to fame and glory.


To the individual LA fan, Kobe is a hero. But to society and culture, he will always be a role model. Kobe’s work and performance offer a blueprint for young people whose goal is to aspire to be the best in whatever they do.


Enthusiastic Kobe fans, who now happen to be fathers and mothers, can teach their children some of the values that made Kobe Bryant an icon in the world.



Achiever-Kobe Bryant was an achiever. He worked night and day to perfect his basketball skills and to achieve a level of execution second to none. Any child or young adult interested in being the best in whatever he does should follow the example of one of L A’s most decorated icons.


Activator-Not too many people can inspire others to greatness just by the way they perform in their profession. Well, Kobe Bryant did just that. He played the game with such passion, determination, and execution that others wanted to be like him. He activated within thousands of young men, who are not NBA players, a dream to become great themselves.


Command-Whenever he played the game, night in and night out, this dynamic legend took command of the basketball court with fierceness and rage, many times unstoppable. Five NBA championships, multiplied MVP’s and two Olympic Gold Medals are the evidence that supports this claim. His fans can testify that he entertained the sports world with hundreds of electrifying performances.


Developer- Kobe Bryant helped developed the basketball games of many young, up and coming basketball players, including Andrew Wiggins of the Minnesota Timber wolves. Not only have he helped trained other up and coming NBA players, he has given advice to countless young people in various places, either face to face or via internet, around the world.


Learner-never get tire do learning is a message Kobe Bryant will gladly give. Regardless of level of skills and talents, you can still learn how to get better. This LA basketball legend often congratulates others for their outstanding achievements and sought information on how they accomplished what they did.


Maximizer –Kobe Bryant teaches us how to maximize our lives to the fullest. Never wastes too much time that you neglect spending some meaningful hours with family.  This magnificent father used a helicopter to travel across LA to avoid wasting hours in a car so that he could spend time with his family.


To the very end he honored this dedication. At this fateful time, he was on the way to his 13 year old daughter’s basketball game. Many fathers don’t take time out to show support for the activities in which their children are involved.

The world loves Kobe Bryant, not only because he is a legendary basketball player, but mostly because of the great message of greatness he left so many aspiring young people to appreciate, imitate, and master.


To us older fans, he has left us a message loud and clear, that it doesn’t take a life time to maximize our days here on earth. No time for excuses. Every day in our lives must count for something worthwhile.






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