The Holiday Fleet Card Program-A Sweet Fuel Deal for Businesses

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The Holiday Fleet Card Program gives businesses the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on fuel as well as other services. The price of fuel costs businesses and consumers a great deal of money each year. That’s why programs of this caliber are a godsend.

I have been a Holiday customer for nearly a decade. I love everything about the gas station franchise, including their coffee, hot dog deals and the friendliness of the staff. But I will leave this experience up to you. Visit a store nearby.

But for businesses only, the Holiday Fleet Card Program wants to help businesses flow smoothly by reducing fuel costs and offering other conveniences.

Fuel Savings

For example, if you become a member of the program, you can save 10 cents on every gallon of fuel the first 90 days and % 5 cents a gallon after that. In addition to these perks, you can enjoy:

  • Zero set-up or monthly card fees
  • Competitive fuel rebates
  • Car wash discounts
  • The choice of Shopping at over 500 holiday locations
  • Tracking performance with ease

You will enjoy being a member of this wonderful program. Every time you visit a Holiday gas station you will be accumulating savings, and thus saving money.

The Food Isn’t Bad Either

The hot dogs, coffee, do nuts are the items that get my day started. I live in walking distance so that I can arrive at the store early before daybreak. It’s a wonderful feeling to be greeted by a friendly staff with bright smiles early in the morning.

Holiday Gas StationsHoliday Fleet Card Program

Keep coming and you can make friends and perhaps see regular customers on a day to day bases. Sooner or later, you will become part of the Holiday family.

However, the biggest reward, with the Holiday Fleet Card Program, is that you are saving money on fuel costs, extra money that could go to other areas of your businesses.

You can apply to become a part of the program in three ways:

Obtain a brochure and complete the application and return it to the store

Visit www.holidayfleetcard.com/save to fill out an online application

Call 1-800-745-7411,ext. 8889 or 8521 for questions


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