Is Scrub Daddy Sponge a Sham?

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Scrub Daddy magnificent sponges are designed to give consumers maximum cleaning power without the frustration that comes with creating multiple scratches on utensils, dishware, counter tops and various surfaces. Its distinctive Flex Texture Technology is second to known.

The superior performing sponge comes in its original form. However, you can also get the sponge in a variety of colors as well as scented forms and more. Besides all this, the Scrub Daddy sponge makes cleaning fun and easy.

Range of Cleaning Opportunities

The outstanding sponge is designed to clean a variety of household or restaurant related assets without creating scratches that ruins quality. Individuals can clean surfaces such as:

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• Glass
• Dishware
• Utensils
• Non-Stick Coatings
• Granite
• Cara-mic
• Wood
• Stainless Steele

Keeping these surfaces and items clean and fresh will give any home owner a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Scrub Daddy sponges gives such assurance.

What makes this Magnificent sponge so special?

First it is designed to change texture depending on the water temperature. For example, it becomes firm in cold water but takes on the opposite texture in warm water. When you expose it to warm, gentle water it becomes softer.

Next, Scrub Daddy Sponges remain odor resistance up to 8 weeks. Therefore, you can count on having a fresh kitchen until the next cleaning. In addition, you will experience a scratch free and safe, highly valuable item.


It’s potential is vast. The the design of the entire sponge has a purpose, even the smile, which is created to clean both sides of a spoon or fork at once.

Other Special Benefits

In addition to the above benefits, Scrub Daddy will give you the inspiration to clean your house from bottom to top. The ease of use will give you a sense of motivation. You will look forward to everyday household work.

Moreover, you will save money. No longer will you have to spend money on dish rags and paper towels on a weekly basis. The longevity of the Scrub Daddy sponge is more than enough to keep a few extra bucks in your bank account.

Purchasing Locations

You can purchase Scrub Daddy sponge in a variety of locations: including:

• Amazon
• Target
• Wall Mart
• Walgreen
• Lowe’s
• Cub Foods
• Whole Foods

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• ACE Hardware
• Staples
• Shop Rite
• Kroger
• Home Depot
• HyVee

The above are only some of the most popular places to purchase Scrub Daddy sponges. Many other locations exists as well. You can also this item directly from the Online Smile Shop. The Website ( scrubdaddy.com)also features an informational blog, FAQs, and news.


Known for its high performance cleaning products, Scrub Daddy uses distinctive material to separate itself from the world of cleaning products and solutions. You will be amazed by the fantastic performance of this smiling sponge product.


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