Finding the Perfect 21st Century Millennial Girl

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Millennial Girl-Finding the perfect girl is the key to completing your dream lifestyle. You have a great car, a wonderful home and fantastic career that allows you to make tons of money. But there is something missing, which if found, will bring the picture into crystal clarity. How can you find this perfect woman that will compliment your ideal lifestyle.

First you must have what you think is the ideal woman already in mind. Will she be outgoing, self-sufficient, shy and delicate and submissive? Will her hair be long, short, curly or creative? Will she be tall, short, or medium height with a fantastic body type or will personality be your ultimate guide to choosing the girl of your dreams? Only you can answer these question.

The biggest mistake that you can make is falling for the first beautiful millennial girl that you think will make a perfect match, without any facts to prove it. You have not dated long enough to make such a life changing decision. “Shop around,” may be an unfamiliar term, but it means to consider more than one girl when it comes to settling down with the perfect one.

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Shopping around means that you can’t stay in the same place and expect to find the girl that will rock your world to the core. Become adventurous and explore. The places in which you might meet your dream girl are vast:


If you are avid beach goer or lakefront wanderer, keep your eyes open for a chance encounter of meeting interesting millennial girls which you spot swimming, walking, volley-balling, sunbathing, or just hanging out and talking on the beach. If you are communicative and athletic your chances of making a successful connection are great.

Birthday Parties

If you have been invited to your best friend’s birthday party, make sure you are well-groomed and smell good. You don’t know who his sisters or brothers know. You may just run into that fun-loving, millennial dancing queen you have always dreamed of. If she dances good, she can take you to places you have never thought possible.

Wedding Celebrations

Attending a wedding celebration, whether it is your best friend’s or your favorite brother’s ceremony, enhances your chances of meeting that perfect 21st century girl. The timing is perfect. Most of your sister-in-law’ bridesmaids are most likely looking for that special person that will say “I Do” next.

College Campus

If education is your thing and you are a young college professor, you may want to find a millennial girl who loves education and researching new findings and best practices in your field. That person could end up being an instant match. Perfect harmony!

Church Service

If you are religious,and love attending church, you may find that perfect millennial girl sitting right next to you in the congregation. However, you may have to find a church which have young women who are available for hooking up. Since both of you are religious, trust may not be so hard to secure between the both of you.

Your Workplace

Finding that perfect girl at your workplace can be tricky. But if the chemistry is their for someone with whom you do a 9 to 5 , then don’t hesitant to experience the flame. Changing jobs is always a choice if things get to hot to handle, especially if the person is your boss.

Not An Easy Task

Finding the perfect 21st century millennial girl will not be easy. You have to go on adventurous journeys and make creative and courageous efforts to win her heart make her yours forever. Passion and diligence must be your best friends. Eventually they will lead you to the right person and you will feel very proud that you endured the search.

Be Sure Your Millennial Girl Feels the Same

However, when you think you have found this perfect millennial girl, before you pop the question, make sure that she is as closely to the exact match that you are looking for. For example, let’s say you have found the fun, loving human being you’ve been craving, be sure she feels the same about you and that her parents are agreeable with the union. I have seen marriages go down the drain because of the negative impact of in-laws constantly interfering.

Harmonious Interests and Hobbies

Another Bonus is that if the girl of love some of the same hobbies and interest that you have. For example, if you are an avid chess players, a football or basketball fan, or someone who loves to read and write poetry, luck will be on your side if she like to do or willing to embrace some of these hobbies and interests.


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