The Ideal Woman has nothing to do with Fashion Models

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The ideal woman isn’t the one you see in model magazines or those sensational looking woman walking down the catwalk. The ideal woman is a lady of distinction.

When you first see her, you will know that she is a woman of great independence and expressiveness toward people. She is a lover of humanity.  Her speech is positive but firm when it comes to taking responsibility for the things pertaining to business and life.


She cares about her own health as well as for the health of her family. If she has children, she sees that they eat healthily and exercise.  She may not look like a model, but she keeps her body strong and energetic.

She dresses with dignity and respect but fashion does not define her confidence and competence in her own skin. She loves herself just the way she is, without the make-up and the fancy clothing.

Communication is the key to managing her family and keeping everybody on the path to living a quality lifestyle.


The ideal woman believes in constant improvement. She may reinvent herself as many times as necessary to gain a sense of fulfillment in the things that interest her. She doesn’t believe in sameness and stagnation.

She may go back to school or take up a trade at the stage in her life. She is not afraid of challenges or moving out of her comfort zone.

Continuing education is a joy and a privilege for her as well as her children.


An ideal woman is a person of achievement. In business, she understands the needs and wants of her customers and makes sure they are well-pleased. She is highly appreciated, rewards and promoted by upper management and leadership.

In her personal life, she is confident, competent and independent the controlling opinions of others who desire to keep her down.  If she has children, she teaches them a set of superior values, values that will guide them toward excellence in society.



Loving the whole of humanity is the key to happiness for the ideal. She is willing to spread her love to every race and culture. She accepts that all people are created equal and is a part of God’s creation. We all need one another.

Her friends are a mixer of races, black, white, Asian, Hispanics, India, and many others. Her goal is to understand fully what people whose lifestyle is different from hers.

The ideal woman is on the side of equality.

Attitude toward Men

The ideal woman believes in equality with men, but she is not a feminist. She understands that equal pay must become a reality and she will do everything in her power to make sure she’s a part of that vision.

When men and women can walk together in respect and appreciation for one another’s gifts, talents, and abilities, then there should be no need for bitter competition.


The ideal woman believes in a higher power. Nothing worries her because she knows who to turn to in times of trouble. She prays for inner joy and peace and she receives it. Her devotion to a higher power gives her strength each day. Her family feels the joy and gentleness of her attitude and love toward them on a daily basis.

Beauty and Fashion Steps Aside

The ideal woman has nothing to do with beauty and fashion.  Personality and charm is the key quality that makes heads turns and men take notice.  She treats everyone with honor and respect. She is not arrogant or distance from the approach of others.

She does not live for her husband if she has one. But she highly respects him, loves him and would never do anything to hurt him. He cherishes her to the core.

Because of her love for him, he will stand against a hundred lions to protect her from hurt, harm, and danger.


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