Popularity of Sports in US: Why We Identify with Our Favorite Teams?

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Sports in America give us an opportunity to settle down and watch our favorite teams conquer their opponent and win. Our identification with our team gives us a sense of victory whenever it wins, especially if the team represents our state.

I have been an avid fan of basketball, football as well as track n field nearly all of my life. Such magnificent sports give me a sense of victory and excitement for several days whenever my team comes out on top.

The most popular types of Sports in the US

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golfing
  • Soccer
  • Racecar Driving
  • Racehorse riding
  • Track n Field
  • Swimming
  • Bike racing
  • Skateboarding
  • Wrestling
  • Other Competitive Sports

Americans love sports is evident in the number of both professional and non-professional teams throughout the country.  Many potentially new sports are also being introduced to small audiences in various small towns and cities.

The Reason Why Sports is Popular in America


Many reasons exist why American love sports and tunes into it all day long. Leisure or recreation is one of the chief reason for sports popularity.  After a long week of grinding at the job from 9 to 5, Americans gather together with friends and family and enjoy watching their favorite team.

Regardless of the season, spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter offer an opportunity for friends to get together and brag on which team will gain victory over the other.  Personal empowerment comes when the chosen team wins.


Our innate desire for a sense of challenge also makes sports a popular entertainment source.  The need to conquer or overcome something is what makes us feel good about ourselves. Our favorite sports team fulfills this need for conquering.

Without challenge, life would be incredibly boring. In early history, people entertained themselves by watching gladiators challenge and kill each other.  But modern day sports replace such drastic measures to fulfill this need for war.


Let’s face it. When our team wins the national title, whether it is a baseball, football or basketball team, we feel empowered. Sometimes this empowers lasts from one season to the next. The idea that we are the champions gives us avid sports fans sense confidence in our own abilities to achieve our own goals and dreams.


The victory of a major sports team can transform an entire city or state.  Thousands of people hit the streets for massive celebrations.  The entire nation becomes acquainted with small towns and cities that are seldom in the news.

But with a winning sports team, these small or unknown places suddenly gain national and international attention, which transforms it from an unknown to a popular destination.

For Money

A big part of why Americans love sports is the revenue it brings in via betting. Thousands of people get rich by betting on the likelihood of their team winning it all. Las Vegas is the gambling arena of the entire nation. Both millionaires and non-millionaire rack up millions of dollars when their teams come through with the victory.

Sports in the US supersede that of all other nations. As long as Americans are free to express themselves via states of healthy challenge, the growth of popularity in sports will grow in leaps and bounds.  Americans are a nation of challengers and conquerors and always will be.

Sports is another way to remind the world that Americans are number one when it comes to achieving new heights of greatness.





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