The Highly Profitable Perks of Learning a Second Language

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Speaking a second language is a surefire key to success in any industry.  An individual who speaks several languages can communicate with multiple cultures and reach a wider audience. Such a person is in high demand in today’s multicultural industries.

Among the thousands of languages that exist today, the most popular and dominant ones include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian

Knowing two or three of the above languages will give you a sense of confidence when it comes to establishing relationships with those outside of your culture.

The extraordinary benefits of learning a second language will undoubtedly improve the quality of your life and take you to the next level. People who engage with multiple cultures often experience many opened doors.  Knowing:

A Second Language gives you an opportunity for great advancement

People who speak multiple languages are often considered above those who only know their native language. For example, in workplace situation in which diversity is a dominant factor, hiring a supervisor or manager who understands Spanish, Chinese, and/or English will go along in creating good morale and maximum productivity.
Second Language
What can stop productivity in its tracks are language barriers among co-workers and supervisors. Frustration and misunderstanding abound in such workplace environments.  Therefore, programs must be designed to bring about a unity of vision.

Nevertheless, a person who can speak Spanish and English will have more opportunity for great advancement in any field.

A Second Language allows you to create exciting connections with different cultures

Interacting with other cultures with a sense of understanding is highly enriching. You get to discover new ideas, foods, clothing styles, rituals and activities you would only find via reading books. Not only will give appreciate the rich tradition of foreigners, but you may also get to travel to the nation that speaks the language you are studying.

For instance, when I was studying Spanish in college, I had the opportunity to interact with a group of college peers living in Puerto Rico.  Although this was a virtual experience, it gave me fresh and knowledge and experience on how the culture operates.



A Second Language enables you to provide guidance and directions to other cultures

Many people have devoted their entire lives to helping people of other races. Missionaries, charity organizations, including the Red Cross, doctors, and other humanitarian-minded individuals are able to help millions of people in places such as Africa, Mexico, Indonesia as well as other oppressive places around the world.

Ways to Learn a New Language

There are multiple ways to learn a new language. School-age children will most likely have an opportunity to learn a new language while in school. Spanish, Chinese and Russian classes are offered as specials.

If you are an adult, most small community colleges and local universities offer a variety of language programs and foreign field trips designed to provide mastery in your area of interest. The time you spend learning how to speak Spanish or Chinese will in addition to the English Language be well worth the time you spend in repetition and mastery.

However, if you cannot afford to attend a college, DVDs, audios, books, as well as new forms of technology, will enhance your chances of learning a second language.  Of course, you will need a strong commitment to succeed.

People who speak a second language are desperately needed as globalization become more commonplace in workplaces, schools, and communities. The ability to interact with one or more races is a personal and professional asset for reaching an understanding with multiple cultures.

The Bottom Line

If you desire an improved quality of life and insight into different cultures, learning and speaking a second language is the key to progressiveness








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