The Inseparable Bond of Fashion, Culture and Identity

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Fashion gives a person an opportunity to establish her own unique style and personality instead of wishing she was someone else. The mistake that many young millennials make is to sit in front of their TV watching an Oscar Award program and wish they were one of their favorite idols.

However, a fashionable person’s intention is to create his own distinctive image. As a result, such a person is courageous because he or she isn’t afraid to openly expose her style to the criticism of others.

Be thankful for fashionable people. Without them, the world would only offer us a very dull and unexcited existence. Everybody will look the same. The sense of culture and identity

People choose fashion as a way of living out loud and shining in the world.

The Grand Influence of Fashion

If you think fashion is of little value, then you are fooling yourself. The power of dressing in a unique style has a major impact on several entities?  The power of fashion:

fashion, culture, identity

Expresses culture

The expression of culture can occur in a variety of ways, but one of the most dominant expressions of culture is the clothing style a certain ethnic group embraces. You can use the colors and styles of your clothing to gain the attention of those around you.

The type of clothing you wear tells others that your culture is unique and beautiful.

According to the dictionary, culture is “defined as the social forms, beliefs, and materials of a particular race, group or nation”.   The clothing and accessories worn by a certain group of people will create an inevitable image of that group of people forever. Their beliefs and values are fully on display.  For example, African American culture expresses its culture via colorful clothing and accessories designed to show others what we like to be, do and have a certain uniqueness.

Other cultures, including Chinese, India, Latina, Scottish, and other African cultures including Somali, Ethiopian, and Liberians distinguish themselves by the expressive clothes they wear, as well as the accessories which enhance them.

Establishes Individual Identity

Who are you? Your way of dressing can give people an instant impression of you.  What you wear around others, whether at work or at play, counts.  Clothing styles give you an opportunity to establish more than one identity.  For example, the clothing you wear on the job tells you, co-workers, a lot about you. If you come to work in a three-peace suit every day, even though your co-workers come to work casually, you may gain a reputation for diligence and leadership.

fashion, culture, identity

When we see our entertainers on TV or in the movies, we instantly get an impression of them via the stylish or unstylish clothing they wear. We may even want to dress like them.  Take, for example, the former First Lady Michelle Obama, during the course of her husband presidency, modeled a variety of fine clothing, including suits and evening gowns.

Many women and girls were inspired by her confidence and grace. As a result, many women begin to dress and feel more confident about themselves and the things that they could achieve.  Women begin to establish their own identities across the nation.

Transforms your environment

Fashion can transform a boring environment into a state of excitement. The styles and colors of clothing can inspire as well as empower others to take a greater interest in what you have to offer. Ever walked into a place where people were dressed up? Almost immediately you begin to feel a sense of excitement wailing up with you.  Because of the glamour of clothing style, people attending a wedding might experience a state of bliss and anticipation.

fashion, culture, identity

Without the expression of fashion, an environment can be very stale and uneventful.  However, as soon as a fashionable individual walks into a dull place, the people within become alive and emotional vitality increases, sparking high interest in the center of attention.

Fashion and the Individual Choice

The choice of how you want the world to see and think of you is in your hand alone. Selecting a style that tells others about your culture and your identity and the respect demanded is up to you. For example, if you desire to establish a distinctive image among your circle of friends and neighbors, you become a person who is not controlled by the opinion of others.

Your choice of fashion proves your identity is yours alone. Not even your own culture can control your passion for individuality.

fashion, culture, identity

Although they are no longer dwelling on the earth, many of the famous people we were so attracted to have a distinctive style of dressing. For example, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe are so entrenched in our consciousness that we will never forget the magnificent, personal image they established while on earth.

The Dark Side of Fashion

The passion for fashion isn’t always beautiful. People will try to discourage you from establishing a unique identity and style. The truth is that it takes tremendous courage to step out from the crowd and be different form everybody else.

However, those who do become seriously fashionable, don’t betray their individuality just to be liked by significant others or from jealous people.

To become a top model of fashion, you must be willing to pay the full price: the ability not to be overly liked or admired.

fashion, identity, culture,

Another dark side of fashion is that clothing styles can be used to express evil purposes. For example, wearing jeans or pants in a certain way can represent rebellion. Wearing tee-shirts, blue jeans and jackets with hateful lettering engraved in the fabric portray the evil side of clothing styles.

History is full of groups who used fashion to spark terror into others, including the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, Isis, and other terroristic groups.  The clothing styles of these individuals are meant to create fear and trembling into the minds and hearts of others.

The Contagious Power of Fashion

An individual who establishes an identity in fashion, regardless of culture, has an opportunity to go viral under the right circumstances. Her fame isn’t limited to her own neighborhood or community.  The availability of social media platforms can transform a little known fashion trend into a worldwide icon overnight.

fashion, culture, identity

Many models and fashionable people use social media platforms to make themselves known to those who may be interesting in what they have to offer.  Such people may be discovered by fashion designers or producers who are looking for special people to fulfill a particular role.

Fashion, culture, and identity talk to one another every day. They are inseparable. We can distinguish a group of people from the clothing they wear. We can tell a lot about an individual by the clothing style she might choose to separate herself from the crowd. We can transform a dull, uneventful environment by simply adorning ourselves with sophisticated clothing design to turn heads at work, at school or in the community.




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