Donald Trump, the Mueller’s Report and Other Bold Moves


President Donald Trump has recognized the Golden Heights as an official piece of land taken by Israel from Syrian during the 1967 6 day war. During that time, Syria had been using the Heights to bombard the people of Israel.

The signing and declaration have angered many Arab nations, particularly Syrian, who had hoped to get back the land someday.

Ironically, the declaration on the Golden Heights happened on Purim, a Jewish holiday recognizing God’s deliverance of the Jews from destruction.  According to some, the signing has a biblical symbolism attached to it.

Expecting a Mystical Appearance

Many Jewish people are looking for the appearance of their Messiah at any moment, giving the recent turmoil between Israel and several Middle Eastern nations, particularly Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel and the United States of America.

The declaration also leaves Syrians and other Jewish nation in shock. How can the United States declare the Golden Heights as Israel property? First Donald Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem in defiance of other nations. Now he is stated that the land that once belongs to Syrian is now the property of Israel.

Bold Moves

One thing we can conclude about Donald Trump is that he is no pushover or someone who is afraid to confront an issue.  First, he declared a national emergency and secured his commitment to building a wall so that illegal aliens can’t enter the country and cause problems.  His actions have also generated a booming economy, in which thousands of jobs are created in a month.

Bad News for Democrats

If Democrats intend to win the election in 2020, they must come up with another strategy, other than the Mueller’s report, to take down Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

In fact, the recent result of the Mueller’s report is that no collusion was discovered on the part of Donald Trump and Russia fixing the election. But the findings weren’t exactly what the Dems wanted to hear.  Instead of having an opportunity to impeach Trump, they will have to live with the results of the Muller’s report.

Because there will be no presidential transition soon, the Dems and the rest of the country not for Donald Trump must adapt to the reality for a short period of time. Maybe a new Democratic leader will be elected in 2020 or maybe it will be Donald Trump again.

Give Credit Where Credit is due

I am not an advocate of Donald Trump, but whether we admit it or not, the United States is a much safer place now than it was during the Obama Era. Boldness and decisiveness of action is the power behind the Trump Administration.

The Best thing to do is come together and work on the issues that matter: making the United States a safer and more prosperous nation than ever before.

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