BRUNELLO CUCINELLI: Best Brand Name Trim Knit Floral Lace Top

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When it comes to women clothing, there is nothing like an eye-catching name-brand top which makes men and women take notice wherever you go.  BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top provides such an experience for women who desire the elegant look.

The clothing brand we choose to express says a lot about us. Our friends and neighbors learn about what we value and how much we think we are worth.  Our clothing brand choices give us an opportunity to impress people as well as make them feel good in our presence.

Made in Italy, the rustic-looking net is created by hemp yarns and designed with raw silk and metallic threads.


Key Details

  • Short sleeves
  • Funnel neck
  • Back Button-and-loop closure
  • Removable grosgrain belt
  • Detachable silk-blend crept lining

What is it made of?

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s Beautiful floral lace top is made from some of the finest materials and fabrics:

  • 48% Silk
  • 41% Hemp
  • 8% Viscose
  • 3% Polyester

Wearing this BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s elegant women’s top will undoubtedly leave you standing out in the crowd. While in the office, you will not be bored when you receive compliments form interesting co-workers who may desire to purchase the top.

While dining at an outdoor restaurant on Saturday afternoon sun, your Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top will give you a sense of sophistication and attractiveness. You will feel expressive and confident wearing this beautiful garment.


Dry clean recommendation only, the Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top comes in every imaginable size: small, medium, and large and all in between.

Price: $3, 695.00

Sure, this magnificent outfit may cost an arm and leg for some consumers, but if you are a woman of the finest things in life, and standing out from the crowd is your desire, the moment has arrived. You have an opportunity to wear a sophisticated brand that few can afford.

Where to Find?

You can find the Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top at top-name retailers, in particular, Nordstrom’s department stores. Or you can go to the Nordstrom’s online website and order with credit card and receive special purchasing deals.

Spring is right around the corner. Throw off the coat and you are ready to put this delightful floral lace top on display wherever your destination takes you.





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