How You Should Shop at Walmart: Warning

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We must acknowledge it. Walmart is one of the most prevalent shopping destinations in the United States of America. With 5 or more stores in every state, Walmart offers the most discounts and saves a shopper a ton of money on name brand items.

Walmart is a multifunctional retailer.  Not only do the popular store sale food and clothing but every other type of merchandise, including furniture. It is an all-in-one stop shop.

As a photographer in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the big blue store was my choice for developing photos and buying camera accessories.  The price for most equipment was 20% to 30% less than other retailers such as Target or other similar stores.

Shopping at Walmart can be fun and exciting, but you must know exactly what you want and how to select the merchandise.

What to look for?

When shopping at Walmart, whatever you are looking for, make sure that it is in a package and sealed tightly. If it is a liquid, make sure it hasn’t been opened. Check the bottle for tampering.  Shoppers in this store tend to open and experiment with things, including food, beverages, and clothing.


Make sure that shelves are neatly stock and organized before putting a product in the grocery basket or scanning it at the self-checkout line.

If there is any spilled mess on the floor, you must be careful and take time to discover whether it came from the items you desire to purchase.

Common Pitfalls

If you are like me, I am anxious to get what I need and get out of the store.  But this attitude can count against you. Once I bought a bottle of salad dressing only to discover that it was opened when I got home.  You will either take it back or count it as a loss.

The bottom line is to discard the attitude of indifference to what you are purchasing. Don’t just grab the first item you see and head to the checkout counter.  You will not regret shopping at Walmart if you embrace patience in your shopping.

Where to Buy

You should shop at the Walmart that is the most convenient for you. Some big blue retailers may be located in dangerous areas of the city. If you choose to shop in such areas, you must be watchful of the people around you, especially in the parking lot.

Therefore, shopping in a safe location can eliminate a sense of insecurity you may feel when you walk out of a Walmart store, especially when you are in an oppressive area.


Prices at Walmart

The main reason people shop at Walmart is that of the low prices. You can avoid the cost of shopping at a regular grocery store, such as Cub Foods.  Compare brand prices with those of established brands.

Comparison Shopping

Don’t purchase a product from the shop because it is cheaper. Always read eh labels for an ingredient. Does the cheaper version consist of the right ingredients?  Comparison shopping can make a difference if you are dedicated to a particular diet.  Many customers shy away from products which possess High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is an ingredient from hell.


Because of the cheap prices, one discovers at Walmart, he or she may be tempted to get all the accessories that come with an item.  But if you are looking to save money ( the reason for shopping at this retailer) you should get only the items which are necessary for your goals. Such decision making is absolutely crucial if you are buying electronics.  You may find yourself spending thousands of dollars on equipment you really can do without. But Walmart wants to tell you this.

Insider Tips

Shopping at Walmart isn’t bad at all. Around the Holiday seasons, especially around Christmas, shopping takes on new meaning.  Not only discount abundant but also shoppers can put items on layaway, making regular payments on an item until it is completely paid in full, just in time for Christmas.



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