Ariana Grande’s“Break Up with Your Boyfriend I’M Bored”, A Candid Review of the Official Video

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In her official video, Ariana Grande appears in a night club where spots a guy and girl dancing and having a good time. Both people are extremely attractive, including Ariana Grande herself.  However, the lyrics, ‘break up with your boyfriend am bored’, encourages cheating and treacherousness in relationships.

Ariana Grande befriends the couple and appears to interact with them but all the while being deceitful about her intentions.  At this stage, the viewer doesn’t know if it’s the guy or the girl that she desires. She looks seductively at the guy every chance she gets.

“Because am bored”, is the entire foundation of the song. The lyrics appear to push the message based on this dark emotion that all of us feel in a relationship at some point. However, our love for our partner overwhelms the temptation to get out of or cheat in the relationship due to a sense of boredom.

In the video, Ariana Grande continues to follow the couple, seemingly to interfere with the harmony and happiness of the young lovers. This is typical of others who hate to see two people happy with one another.

The Dark Qualities Emphasized in this Video are:

  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Dishonesty
  • Selfishness
  • Potential Danger

Such qualities will definitely not help promote loving harmony between to people.  Strong relationships overcome such traps by looking at the damage the can occur to blissful love.  Awareness of the long term consequences is the key to victory.

To continue with the video eventually, some type of awareness comes to the girl when Ariana Grande seemingly makes a move on the guy.  The two women appear face to face.

However, at the end of the video, the twist comes when Ariana Grande to kiss the girl instead of the guy. One wonders whether or not the character desired the breakup because she wanted the guy or the girl or both.

The interpretation of these images indicates the wickedness of uncontrolled desires such as jealousy and the destruction it can cause to relationships.

Ariana Grande is a beautiful, talented singer but it would be wonderful if such a talented song artist gave us more positive messages.





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