Pandora: The Art of Creating a Captivating Playlist for Free

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Pandora internet radio, an intriguing music service that allows you to personalize, and create a playlist of the music you love. Founded January 2000 and headquartered in Oakland California, Pandora radio employees over 2000 individuals and generates a revenue of $1.47.billion annually.

Building an effective playlist of all the music you love will most likely take thousands of hours of recording and duplication. Time in which many of us just don’t’ have, even on the weekends which goes by extremely fast.

However, Pandora radio offers a unique opportunity to create a playlist of our favorite songs in less than a few minutes. Imagine having all the music you adore at your fingertips. You will be ready to get lost in your own musical reality.


Method of Operation

Pandora radio makes it possible for you and I to create a playlist of our own personalized music by means of what is called the Music Genome Project. According to How Things Work, the music genome is made of 400 musical dynamics covering qualities such as rhythm and harmony, melody, form, lyrics, and composition.

Benefits to Members

To create a playlist all you have to do is type in your favorite song and leave the rest of the work up to Pandora radio. It will analyze all the relevant intricacies of the song and produce a list of similar songs for you.

You can join for free up to 60 days as a trial member and create a playlist. However, if you desire the full, unrestrictive advantage of this creative platform, you can customize and build as many combinations of playlists as you like. An upgrade to premium puts you in the driver’s seat.

Choose Your Own Style of Music

Regardless of your type of music, you can create the perfect playlists.

  • Country
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Easy Listening
  • Raga
  • Hip-hop
  • Pop
  • Religions
  • Alternative
  • Soft and Hard Rock

You can use your own personalized playlists for many occasions other than your own pleasure and fun. For instance, you can invite friends over for a night of fun and socialization or for your 25th birthday party.

If you need inspiration you can pull up your playlist of an inspirational artist and empower your own soul and spirit with transformative lyrics and words.

Eliminate the boredom of listing to music irrelevant to your happiness and well-being and make accessible the songs that possess meaning for you.

Signing Up for Pandora Radio is Easy

To become a member, just type into a browser, ‘Pandora Radio’ and you will be face to face with the playlist page, asking you to type in your favorite, artist, song or genre.  You can listen to some songs for free.  But once you get a taste of what Pandora radio has to offer via trial membership, you can decide to upgrade or cancel before the free 60-day trial membership is over.





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