February 2019


The Chevron Weave Double Breasted Jacket is an opportunity for any sophisticated women to stand out from the crowd. The Herrington bone-twill overcoat’s appearance is amplified by frayed lapels and patterned by slubbed-linen-yarns.

The look of sophistication is the effect this double-breasted jacket will give the woman who owns it with confidence. Wherever she goes heads will turn and eyes will star with fascination.  You will be greeted with a steady flow of compliments.

Key Details

  • Shawl Collar
  • Chest welt pockets, with front flip pockets
  • Back vent
  • Partially lined
  • Double-breasted button closure

What is it made of?

  • 57% Cotton
  • 43% Linen

Where to Wear It?

Imagine taking a summer stroll through a busy downtown shopping center or a casual walk through the mall. You will quickly become the center of attention among fashion lovers.  Don’t be surprised if people think that you are a model taking a break from a photo shoot.

The Chevron Weave Double Breasted Jacket is ideal for wearing to a Gala or any significant celebration where you will quickly capture the stares of your contemporaries as well as your rivals. Don’t be surprised if people inquire of you regarding the whereabouts of the garments purchased.

Price: $4,995.00

If you enjoy the finest things in life, then the Chevron Weave Double Breasted Jacket is the garment for you. The price may be steep, but quality always separates itself from that which is ordinary. Standing out from the crowd and capturing the center of attention is quite an expensive desire.

Where to Buy:

You can purchase the Chevron Weave Double Breasted Jacket (a BRUNELLO CUCINELLI BRAND) from high-end name brand department stores, particularly Nordstrom. Or you can go to the Nordstrom website and purchase the beautiful garment with a credit card. Free shipping and other specials are available.

Elegance, style and the finer things in life is what makes a woman of sophistication stand out from her competitors.  The knowledge that hardly anyone else is wearing the fashion style you have choosing provides a sense of specialness wherever you go. The Chevron Weave Double Breasted Jacket gives you this distinction.



When it comes to women clothing, there is nothing like an eye-catching name-brand top which makes men and women take notice wherever you go.  BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top provides such an experience for women who desire the elegant look.

The clothing brand we choose to express says a lot about us. Our friends and neighbors learn about what we value and how much we think we are worth.  Our clothing brand choices give us an opportunity to impress people as well as make them feel good in our presence.

Made in Italy, the rustic-looking net is created by hemp yarns and designed with raw silk and metallic threads.


Key Details

  • Short sleeves
  • Funnel neck
  • Back Button-and-loop closure
  • Removable grosgrain belt
  • Detachable silk-blend crept lining

What is it made of?

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s Beautiful floral lace top is made from some of the finest materials and fabrics:

  • 48% Silk
  • 41% Hemp
  • 8% Viscose
  • 3% Polyester

Wearing this BRUNELLO CUCINELLI’s elegant women’s top will undoubtedly leave you standing out in the crowd. While in the office, you will not be bored when you receive compliments form interesting co-workers who may desire to purchase the top.

While dining at an outdoor restaurant on Saturday afternoon sun, your Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top will give you a sense of sophistication and attractiveness. You will feel expressive and confident wearing this beautiful garment.


Dry clean recommendation only, the Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top comes in every imaginable size: small, medium, and large and all in between.

Price: $3, 695.00

Sure, this magnificent outfit may cost an arm and leg for some consumers, but if you are a woman of the finest things in life, and standing out from the crowd is your desire, the moment has arrived. You have an opportunity to wear a sophisticated brand that few can afford.

Where to Find?

You can find the Monili Trim Knit Floral Lace Top at top-name retailers, in particular, Nordstrom’s department stores. Or you can go to the Nordstrom’s online website and order with credit card and receive special purchasing deals.

Spring is right around the corner. Throw off the coat and you are ready to put this delightful floral lace top on display wherever your destination takes you.




Are you designated to speak at your son’s or daughter’s wedding? Does the very thought of it overwhelm you? Is your heart pumping in constant dread of standing before an audience of 200 to 400 people? Well, whether you are the father, the bride or the groom, there is hope for your blankness of mind: The Ultimate Wedding Speeches and Toasts Packages.

If you are a bride or groom who desires to creatively express your love for your mate, the Ultimate Wedding Speeches and toasting Package is a godsend to eliminate the fear of speaking before others and provide you with the confidence you need to deliver an impressive speech.

Who is the UWST Package for?

Regardless of your position in the wedding, there is a pre-written speech designed just for you. The Ultimate Wedding Speeches packages consist of scripts for the:

  • Best man
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Father of the Bride
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Groomsmen
  • Bride’s Maid
  • Maid of Honor
  • Relatives of the Bride or Groom

What the Ultimate Wedding Speeches and Toasts Packages can do for you?

The UWST Package will give you the confidence and flow you need to make an impressive speech before your audience. You will never be at a loss for words. The fear of going blank while standing before others will not be a factor. Instead, you will look forward to expressing yours to the special person or people in your life.

Ultimate wedding speeches packages

At the wedding reception, you will not be ashamed of messing up when talking about your son or daughter and how proud of them you are.   If you are the groom, you will not be afraid of telling others how you met your wife and how much you love her. If you are the bride you will impress him by letting others know what attracted you to him.

When others are shaking in their shoes you will portray an air of poise and confidence as you walk up to the podium and deliver your speech.  Embarrassing yourself is out of the question.

The bottom line is that the Ultimate Wedding Speeches and toasting Package empowers you to conquer your public speaking fears so that you can enjoy this special event instead of worrying about what you are going to say the majority of the time.


You can purchase the Ultimate Wedding Speeches and Toasts Packages for $34.95 and own life time of highly effective wedding speeches that you can share with others.  In addition, you will get over $106 worth of free bonus material, including toasting and roasting speeches for the sake of injecting humor into the wedding ceremonial services.

The greatest factor is that you can get your money back if you are dissatisfied with the package. So you can to try out the material risk-free.  The opportunity is hard to beat. Are you ready to make a fearless Wedding Speech Impression? Click to Purchase.



We must acknowledge it. Walmart is one of the most prevalent shopping destinations in the United States of America. With 5 or more stores in every state, Walmart offers the most discounts and saves a shopper a ton of money on name brand items.

Walmart is a multifunctional retailer.  Not only do the popular store sale food and clothing but every other type of merchandise, including furniture. It is an all-in-one stop shop.

As a photographer in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the big blue store was my choice for developing photos and buying camera accessories.  The price for most equipment was 20% to 30% less than other retailers such as Target or other similar stores.

Shopping at Walmart can be fun and exciting, but you must know exactly what you want and how to select the merchandise.

What to look for?

When shopping at Walmart, whatever you are looking for, make sure that it is in a package and sealed tightly. If it is a liquid, make sure it hasn’t been opened. Check the bottle for tampering.  Shoppers in this store tend to open and experiment with things, including food, beverages, and clothing.


Make sure that shelves are neatly stock and organized before putting a product in the grocery basket or scanning it at the self-checkout line.

If there is any spilled mess on the floor, you must be careful and take time to discover whether it came from the items you desire to purchase.

Common Pitfalls

If you are like me, I am anxious to get what I need and get out of the store.  But this attitude can count against you. Once I bought a bottle of salad dressing only to discover that it was opened when I got home.  You will either take it back or count it as a loss.

The bottom line is to discard the attitude of indifference to what you are purchasing. Don’t just grab the first item you see and head to the checkout counter.  You will not regret shopping at Walmart if you embrace patience in your shopping.

Where to Buy

You should shop at the Walmart that is the most convenient for you. Some big blue retailers may be located in dangerous areas of the city. If you choose to shop in such areas, you must be watchful of the people around you, especially in the parking lot.

Therefore, shopping in a safe location can eliminate a sense of insecurity you may feel when you walk out of a Walmart store, especially when you are in an oppressive area.


Prices at Walmart

The main reason people shop at Walmart is that of the low prices. You can avoid the cost of shopping at a regular grocery store, such as Cub Foods.  Compare brand prices with those of established brands.

Comparison Shopping

Don’t purchase a product from the shop because it is cheaper. Always read eh labels for an ingredient. Does the cheaper version consist of the right ingredients?  Comparison shopping can make a difference if you are dedicated to a particular diet.  Many customers shy away from products which possess High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is an ingredient from hell.


Because of the cheap prices, one discovers at Walmart, he or she may be tempted to get all the accessories that come with an item.  But if you are looking to save money ( the reason for shopping at this retailer) you should get only the items which are necessary for your goals. Such decision making is absolutely crucial if you are buying electronics.  You may find yourself spending thousands of dollars on equipment you really can do without. But Walmart wants to tell you this.

Insider Tips

Shopping at Walmart isn’t bad at all. Around the Holiday seasons, especially around Christmas, shopping takes on new meaning.  Not only discount abundant but also shoppers can put items on layaway, making regular payments on an item until it is completely paid in full, just in time for Christmas.


In her official video, Ariana Grande appears in a night club where spots a guy and girl dancing and having a good time. Both people are extremely attractive, including Ariana Grande herself.  However, the lyrics, ‘break up with your boyfriend am bored’, encourages cheating and treacherousness in relationships.

Ariana Grande befriends the couple and appears to interact with them but all the while being deceitful about her intentions.  At this stage, the viewer doesn’t know if it’s the guy or the girl that she desires. She looks seductively at the guy every chance she gets.

“Because am bored”, is the entire foundation of the song. The lyrics appear to push the message based on this dark emotion that all of us feel in a relationship at some point. However, our love for our partner overwhelms the temptation to get out of or cheat in the relationship due to a sense of boredom.

In the video, Ariana Grande continues to follow the couple, seemingly to interfere with the harmony and happiness of the young lovers. This is typical of others who hate to see two people happy with one another.

The Dark Qualities Emphasized in this Video are:

  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Dishonesty
  • Selfishness
  • Potential Danger

Such qualities will definitely not help promote loving harmony between to people.  Strong relationships overcome such traps by looking at the damage the can occur to blissful love.  Awareness of the long term consequences is the key to victory.

To continue with the video eventually, some type of awareness comes to the girl when Ariana Grande seemingly makes a move on the guy.  The two women appear face to face.

However, at the end of the video, the twist comes when Ariana Grande to kiss the girl instead of the guy. One wonders whether or not the character desired the breakup because she wanted the guy or the girl or both.

The interpretation of these images indicates the wickedness of uncontrolled desires such as jealousy and the destruction it can cause to relationships.

Ariana Grande is a beautiful, talented singer but it would be wonderful if such a talented song artist gave us more positive messages.




WP Engine offers you the ultimate WordPress hosting platform that makes you stand out from the crowd. No other rival can stand in its place. Host Gator, Go Daddy, and Blue Host, as well as their competition, take a back seat to WP Engine’s magnificent online digital experience.

WP Engine’s deepest intent is to make you feel good about your digital business and to help you give your own customers a captivating experience when they visit your website.

This outstanding hosting platform is for entrepreneurs, marketers, organizations, and enterprises who desire to promote their brand to the maximum.  Well, this is exactly what the platform does. It helps to enhance the status of your brand in the marketplace.


Remarkable Features

  • Increased Speed
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Amazon Web service
  • Threat Detection and Blocking
  • Auto Migration
  • One click staging
  • Studio Press Primmum themes, Free
  • Multi-site conversion
  • And much more


The number one WordPress digital experience platform, WP Engine is a dream comes true for those ambitious marketers who desire to get up and get moving fast with their brand. You will be able to access a ton of knowledge to assist you in multiplying your customer base.  This knowledge includes:

  • EBooks
  • White paper
  • Webinars
  • Digital Knowledge straight from the experts

Individuals who choose the WP Engine hosting platform will place themselves among thousands who now enjoy the benefits of their online experience. The powerful technology, award-winning service, and highly intelligent expert knowledge have created the Juggernaut when it comes to Excellency in  WordPress hosting.

Slow, disappointing and frustrating hosting platforms will not get the job done when it comes to the top of the line marketing and powerful brand promotion.  WP Engine stands tall when it comes to reaching your target audience and introducing your products and services.

Qualities to Leap over the Competition

  • Agility
  • Performance
  • Intelligence
  • Integration

Such qualities make any digital platform the envy of its rivals and enable the platform to thrive in the technological world.


Unmatched Support

WP Engine and its remarkable expert team are always available for any concern regarding their technology. The forms of support include:

  • Billing Help
  • Sales Questions
  • Support Resources and Documention
  • 24/7 Support
  • Chat/Phone


WP Engine’s Price

The hosting package starts at only $35 a month. If you are just starting out, such price is a deal when it comes to this great WordPress hosting platform.   However, if you purchase the annual plan, you will receive two months of free hosting.


For the ultimate value of this magnificent WordPress Hosting platform, the price is well worth the investment you make.

  • WP Engine Migration Plugin
  • WP Engine Speed Test
  • 2 Months Free on Annual Plans
  • Exceedingly Fast WordPress Hosting
  • Automatic Backups
  • Google Cloud Based

If the con is the price, it pales in comparison to all the benefits,prestige, and remarkable learning resources you will receive from becoming a member of the WP Engine Family. Are you ready to take your online digital marketing to the next level?

WP Engine Hosting





Who says you need cable? The Fire TV Stick and 1Gen Alexa voice remote are on the scene in thousands of homes across the country. A great antenna should provide a viewer with an outstanding visual experience.  The Fire TV Stick is the answer.

If you are tired of paying expensive cable bills, you can cut down on expenses while still enjoying your most favorite TV and cable programs, including premium movies, sports, apps as well as access to 500,000 great TV episodes.


The benefits of this Amazon device get better and better. It gives you access to such wonderful entertainment as:


  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Hula
  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • NBC and more

A subscription to Play State Vue will give you even more access to TV sports games from:

  • AMC
  • HGTV
  • ESPN
  • Fox News

And tens of thousands of other premium channels

If you desire to even more unbelievable perks, subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy a host of video channels as well as an opportunity to lesion to millions of songs.

Shop Amazon Devices – Save on Fire TV Stick


Fire TV Stick is Mobile

No need to stay indoors to enjoy the benefits of the Fire TV Stick. You can take it with you while you travel. Plug the magnificent tool into an available HDMI TV port or Connect with WIFI for continual enjoyment of your favorite shows.

The Fire TV Stick and 1 Gen Alexa voice remote control will give you an opportunity to experience the best of cable oriented TV without actually wasting money on cable TV subscriptions.

Price: $24.99 for the newest version (short time only)

Easy to Use

Toss complicated instructions out of the window. The Fire TV Stick is easy to install. Just plug it into the back of your HDMI TV port, follow a simple guide and you are on your way to enjoying the best  TV experience available, without the rising cost of cable TV.

You can discard your cable TV with high confidence and take advantage of unbelievable multifunctional Fire TV Stick and 1 Gen Alexa voice remote control.

Shop Amazon Devices – Save on Fire TV Stick




Are you a highly expressive jewelry enthusiast? Do you feel confident enough to create a new image of yourself with a collection of some of the finest jewelry on the planet?  Well, let the gazing begin. The PANDORA jewelry collection gives you an opportunity to create a fashionable image with a variety of aesthetic jewelry.

One piece of fine jewelry can enhance your appearance wherever you go, generating faces of interest and admiration.  An intriguing necklace, a gold bracelet, or an adorable pair of earrings matched with an evening gown, a curt skit, and blouse or a unique pair of designer jeans can make you stand out in the crowd in a setting.


The PANDORA collection consists of a variety of jewelry that can be worn during a variety of both regular and special occasions.  The collection includes PANDORA:

  • Essence
  • Lockets
  • Reflection
  • Rose
  • Signature
  • Shine

In addition to these, the collection includes Timeless Elegance, Winter, 14k Gold, Disney, Collegiate, and a Valentine’s. The PANDORA jewelry collection consists of 1,014 pieces of breathtaking jewelry.

PANDORA’s Valentine collection gives you the chance to express your feeling to the one you love via extraordinary charms, including hearts, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Adorn yourself in these love gems and make your relationship shine in an atmosphere of romance.


As for prices, you will be happy to know that you can purchase some of the most intriguing jewelry for under $100.00.

One of the unique things about choosing from the PANDORA’s jewelry collection or any of its general merchandise is the opportunity to customize charm bracelets, designer rings, and necklaces. The ability to customize will give you an advantage over those who have chosen the same jewelry type.


If you wear PANDORA’s jewelry collection is the perfect accessory tools enhancing your appearance and separating yourself from the crowd.

History of Company

An International Danish Jeweler manufactural and Founded in 1982, PANDORA is established in more than 100 countries and has 7,800 retailer location worldwide. And with more than 22.000 employees, this magnificent jewelry company makes an annual net income of Dkk5.768 billion, according to the most recent update on Wikipedia.

Pandora internet radio, an intriguing music service that allows you to personalize, and create a playlist of the music you love. Founded January 2000 and headquartered in Oakland California, Pandora radio employees over 2000 individuals and generates a revenue of $1.47.billion annually.

Building an effective playlist of all the music you love will most likely take thousands of hours of recording and duplication. Time in which many of us just don’t’ have, even on the weekends which goes by extremely fast.

However, Pandora radio offers a unique opportunity to create a playlist of our favorite songs in less than a few minutes. Imagine having all the music you adore at your fingertips. You will be ready to get lost in your own musical reality.


Method of Operation

Pandora radio makes it possible for you and I to create a playlist of our own personalized music by means of what is called the Music Genome Project. According to How Things Work, the music genome is made of 400 musical dynamics covering qualities such as rhythm and harmony, melody, form, lyrics, and composition.

Benefits to Members

To create a playlist all you have to do is type in your favorite song and leave the rest of the work up to Pandora radio. It will analyze all the relevant intricacies of the song and produce a list of similar songs for you.

You can join for free up to 60 days as a trial member and create a playlist. However, if you desire the full, unrestrictive advantage of this creative platform, you can customize and build as many combinations of playlists as you like. An upgrade to premium puts you in the driver’s seat.

Choose Your Own Style of Music

Regardless of your type of music, you can create the perfect playlists.

  • Country
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Easy Listening
  • Raga
  • Hip-hop
  • Pop
  • Religions
  • Alternative
  • Soft and Hard Rock

You can use your own personalized playlists for many occasions other than your own pleasure and fun. For instance, you can invite friends over for a night of fun and socialization or for your 25th birthday party.

If you need inspiration you can pull up your playlist of an inspirational artist and empower your own soul and spirit with transformative lyrics and words.

Eliminate the boredom of listing to music irrelevant to your happiness and well-being and make accessible the songs that possess meaning for you.

Signing Up for Pandora Radio is Easy

To become a member, just type into a browser, ‘Pandora Radio’ and you will be face to face with the playlist page, asking you to type in your favorite, artist, song or genre.  You can listen to some songs for free.  But once you get a taste of what Pandora radio has to offer via trial membership, you can decide to upgrade or cancel before the free 60-day trial membership is over.




Many organizational executives and managers believe that the absence of a suit and tie in the workplace is a deal breaker. However, in my forty-two years in the workforce, I beg the difference.  Adhering to a relaxed dress code should not interfere with individual skill and performance.

I have witnessed some of the most professionally dressed co-workers, supervisors and managers perform on the level of a mere novice in regards to their job responsibilities.  I have also experienced people who were permitted to dress casually or even fashionable come up with some of the most innovative ideas and perform some of the most creative work.

On the other hand, I have encountered a professionally dressed individual who operated with a degree of superiority and arrogance toward lower level workers.  The three-piece suit wearing, supervisor, manager or executive can look, feel and performance like an over the authoritative jerk.

3 Most Important Essential for a productive workplace

Nether a professional or relaxed dress code isn’t the prerequisite for a successful organization. But the following three essentials are:


The responsibility of all employees is to come into the workplace each day with the knowledge of what to do and execute it with impeccability. This ability to focus in such a manner doesn’t require putting on professional attire.


Great workers are excited about what they are doing. Coming to work and connecting with co-workers gives them a sense of energy and joy.  Unity is the key to maximum productivity.


One hundred percent productivity is the goal of an outstanding work team.  Each day they come into work, all distractions of the outside are laid aside for the work objectives that must be accomplished for any given day.

If a company of employees who possess the three essentials will thrive regardless of what dress code it adheres to.

Implementing a relaxed dress cold has many advantages:

The sense of Freedom-When employers allow their workers to dress casually a sense of freedom prevails in the workplace. People don’t have to be concerned about keeping their professional business attire up to date with dry cleaner expenses and tailored adjustments.

Flexibility-the good thing about relaxed dress code is that employees can come to work in a nice shirt and slacks or in a nice suit and tie or skirt and blouse if so desired. The only thing is that professional attire is not required. Sometimes employees feel comfortable wearing tailored suits for a day or two when the code isn’t enforced.

The decreased hassle of keeping polished appearance-When employees are allowed to dress casually, they don’t feel hassled into dressing professionally.  They don’t fear being warned or sent home if they come into work without proper dress.

Self-Expression-the ability to dress casually allows an individual to express his or herself. A person can be as fashionable as he or she wants to be.  With such freedom comes confidence and with confidence comes the potential for increased performance and productivity.

Cultural identity-A relaxed dress code allows diversity to thrive in the workplace. Since nearly all companies are bound to have a degree of diversity on the job, people of diverse origin are able to express themselves via clothing.

Organizations with a relaxed dress code don’t perform any less effective than companies which make professional attire mandatory. Employers should focus on the inward qualities of workers instead of outward appearances. The goal is to keep the morale of an organization as high as possible. Allowing the freedom to dress casually or even fashionable will go a long way in developing confidence and productivity.