American’s Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Do you already have an idea of how you are going to spread an atmosphere of love for someone special? Well, you can’t lose with the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress.

It is captivating. The bright red patterned designs make it an ideal choice to wear on Valentine’s Day. Since the beautiful color of red rules this special holiday day, the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress is for women who desire to capture and rule the attention of their boyfriend or ‘Better Half.’

Material Details

  • The AE Long Sleeve Wrap Dress is consists of:
  • Soft woven fabric
  • Cuffs, Smocked Sleeve, Ruffle Hem
  • Long Sleeves
  • Surplice Designs
  • 100% Viscose

Caring for this beautiful garment is easy. Just follow the direction for machine washing and you will do just fine.


No need to feel left out, this gorgeous red, wrap around dress comes in all sizes between small and large.

Who is the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress for?

Every woman who desires to make an impression on the world on Valentine’s Day or any other day she desires to feel lovely and captivating.

Adorn yourself in this wonderful red wrap dress, along with a pair of AE Woven Mules and AERIE Poppy Paddled Bralette for $25.00 and you are ready to burn down the house.

Special Occasion

You can sport this Amercan Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress at a Valentine’s Dance Party or on a romantic movie and dinner date.  Wherever you wear it you are sure to be the one that stands out in the crowd: ALL EYES ON YOU!

However, beyond Valentine’s Day, you can also wear this beautiful dress while going for a stroll along the beach with the one you love or whenever you desire to feel confident and sexy. The choice is up to you.


You will pay a price of $44.95 for this gorgeous outfit. For an experience of glamour wherever you go, the cost is very reasonable.

Looking good and feeling good is how you will appear in the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress.  Secret admirers will appreciate that special day when they see you coming their way.





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