This is the Power of Tourism upon Your City or State

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Tourism can transform your town, city or nation. The Pleasure of traveling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, new places and landscapes is an unforgettable experience for millions who love traveling the world.

Many state and local businesses consider tourism a very profitable program for their city, state or nation. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people pour into tourist destinations each year, pumping a great deal of revenue into the economy. Some places can’t sustain a quality existence without tourism.

Investing in tourism or transforming a landmark or historical site into a tourist attraction is an opportunity to bring money into your city. A tourist attraction could be a small area of a city such as an amusement park or a large area of a state; nevertheless, it can attract both locals as well as foreigners from across the world. Disney World and Disney land are both national and international tourist attractions.

What Makes an Ideal Tourist Attraction?

Places of Historical Significance

People have a fascination with places of historical significance. Each year thousands of people visit Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, the location where one of the most vicious and bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place. Our imagination becomes very active when we stand on the grounds of a historical site where drastic events occurred.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is another historical monument dedicated to the great founding fathers and leaders of the United States of America. The tourist site keeps makes us proud and keeps us humble in regards to how the nation originated.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction where we can come to see the wonders of nature at play, including animals and another interesting phenomenon.


Places of Aesthetic Beauty and People Engagement

Disney World-Places which offer aesthetic beauty and fantasy capture our hearts, minds, and souls and guides us into a world of make-believe. It is human nature to desire to escape from cruel reality.

Minnesota State Fair-In Minnesota, the great get together offers people from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas an opportunity to get together to meet friends and enjoy festivities with neighbors.  The event offers fun, food, and a variety of excitement.

Summer Fest-In Milwaukee a summer of fun and excitement begins with a line-up of full-filled festivals, ending with the largest festival of all: Summer Fest. For nearly two weeks the Milwaukee Lake Front is the place to be. People from all over the world attend this event. Music, musical stars, carnival rides, games, food and a concentration of other activities entertain tourist.

Dynamics of a Great Tourist Attraction

Great tourist attractions offer captivating sightseeing and fun engagement. The more activities a tourist location offers will determine the intensity of attraction and visitation. Essential activities include:

Unique spots with historical meaning, festivities, musical guests, carnival rides, a variety of food and beverages, grand exhibitions, captivating engagement, colorful atmosphere, recreational geographies such as lakes and oceans with beaches, gorgeous weather, opportunities to meet popular and famous people and things.

The list could go on and on.  The greater the concentration of excitement the more revenue the tourist location will produce for a city or nation.

Negatives of Tourism

However, Tourism is not always profitable to an entire nation.  There are cons. For example, in many tourist locations around the world, the profits don’t necessarily benefit the locals. The social-economic continue to grow separate. You find this reality in many third worlds or African nations where poverty and homelessness don’t improve over years, even decades.

Such nations must redefine their social-economic priorities and realize the significance of the humanity that makes their nation a nation.





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