Freelance Photography: Discovery, Beauty and Selling Pictures

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Freelance photography is the freedom to take and sell professional photographs without the need to answer to an in-house staff boss. As a freelancer, you are not limited to taking pictures of a particular subject or genre.

You can take professional photographs of anything you desire and sell your work to designers and picture buyers around the world.


You don’t have to have gone to a prestigious photo school to be successful money making the photographer.  Your passion and determination to produce excellent photographs will give you the capability to rise to the top of your game.

A great many photographers had no prior schooling at all. However, they had an innate sense that compelled them to capture the meaning and beauty of all things.

High Quality

Although you don’t have to attend a dynamic photography school, you do have to produce high-quality photographs in order to make a living as a freelancer. The competition is vast. Designers and photo buyers are looking for excellent photography to display in advertising, books, and billboards just to name a few.

In order to sharpen your skills, you can engage in a number of local photography classes. Many are offered through community enrichment programs.  Usually, these courses teach basic and advanced camera usage. Many take local field trips around town in order to familiarize students with various types of photography such as people, street, and landscape.

If you cannot find a local photography course, you can look check out a few popular online programs.  New York School of Photography is a dynamic, affordable program designed to equip freelancers for a professional photo creation career.  Browse the internet and discover programs that fit your budget.


My specialty is landscape photography, even though I shoot both people and weddings.  My landscape photographs consistently sell over time, bringing in a steady income.

Guess what! You don’t have to go to Hawaii or Perish to take breathtaking landscape photos. May bestselling photos are of cityscapes, local beaches, lakes, and trails.  All you have to do is produce quality photos whose lines and shapes jump out at designers.

Big Payoffs

Making money as a freelancer is a dream comes true. The sky is the limit. As professional photography, your hard work will determine how much money you want to make.  Some photographers can make  $30.000 to $60.000 a year just doing stock photography.

Possibilities of Freelance Photography

You can be a stock photographer and sell your images on a number of stock sites that pay very well:

  • Getty Images
  • Alamy Images
  • Istock Photos
  • Shutterstock

Others ways to make money:

Sell work for magazines

Sell your services to others. You can do:

  • Weddings
  • Special events
  • Family photos
  • Business Profiles photos

Becoming a freelancer photographer is an opportunity to do something you love while making lots of money.  You must be adventurous and skillful in engaging people. You must possess a little business savvy in order to negotiate contracts, handle your accounting and avoid tax liabilities.






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