What the Best Appraisers Do in the Jewelry Industry

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Master Jewelry appraisers can test, grade and measure every type of jewelry and precious gemstones, including the second most coveted stone of all time: the diamond. However, becoming a master jewelry appraiser requires a certain degree of knowledge, skill, and experience.

According to the Handbook of Labor statistics, programs offering certification for Jewelry appraisers may last from 6 months to 1 year.  Such programs teach students the skills of designing, casting, setting, and polishing jewelry and gems. Apprentices are also taught how to care for a jeweler’s tools and equipment.

Some Appraisers learn on the job by closely working alongside established Jewelry appraisers, gemologist and stone cutters. On the job, the experience can lead to store management positions.  But in order to go further up the industrial ladder, some advanced schooling for the sake of certification is needed.

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Road to Mastery

The best American jewelry appraisers are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America and are also certified by the American Gem Society (AGS), an accredited program.  In addition to these credential, outstanding Jewelry appraisers spend years developing and refining their craft.

The types of Jewelers include appraisers, gemologist,   bench jewelers or stone cutters.  Jewelry appraisers can also be gemologist and can perform any precious mental operation.  Jewelry appraisers and gemologist work in jewelry stores, insurance companies, and appraisal companies.

Relevant Skill Sets

Jewelry appraisers or gemologist, and bench jewelers can perform a variety of tasks, depending on the particular areas in which they have specialized. Some of these skills include:

  • Inscribing logos and intimate messages on a diamond girdle
  • Cutting and re-cutting gemstones to identify scratches and restore quality and brilliance
  • Repair imperfections in gemstones and diamonds
  • Polish diamonds and gemstone in order to remove scratches and dullness, restoring glamor
  • Appraise and document diamonds and other precious stones

Work Atmosphere

Whether they work for a type of jewelry firm or have their own business, outstanding jewelry appraisers will greet people with the goal to appraise and educate them about their precious gemstones.  People will come to them seeking answers that only they can answer with accurately knowledge and expertise.

The goal of the Jewelry appraiser is to always be available for the customer. Often the execution of such a goal means working long hours on weekends and all day on holidays.

Qualities for Outstanding Service

Jewelry appraisers with these qualities keep their customers extremely satisfied. Such customers not and coming back time and time again, they also recommend others.

  • Knowledgeable: masterful understanding of all facets of the Jewelry industry and its operations.
  • Artistic skills: the ability to bring out the beauty and brilliance of precious gemstones
  • Appreciative: customers feel important and needed in your presence
  • Self-confidence: deals with customers with competence and assurance
  • Detail oriented: must all the distinctive qualities and characteristics that make a gemstone valuable
  • Dependable: customers can always count on your knowledge and expertise
  • Dignified: exhibit class and self-respect in presentations
  • Fashionable: must know the latest styles and trends

The significance of Jewelry Appraisers

People may need an expert jewelry appraiser for several reasons:


As a master appraiser, your duty is to give your customers the confidence of knowing the exact market value of their precious stones.  This knowledge is important.  Jewelry and precious stones estimated in the millions are lost due to theft, fires and natural disasters each year.

Therefore, your customers need an appraisal of their diamonds and other jewelry for insurance purposes. One of your jobs is to provide the market value of their treasured gemstone possessions.


Many customers will want to a certified Jeweler appraiser or gemologist to get their jewelry repaired or restored to stellar quality, especially the diamond engagement ring.  Over the years, dullness, chippings, and scratches may take a toll on jewelry. It loses its luster and brilliance. But your expert appraiser can identify and grade the stone and recommend the proper repair level, restoring its beauty and increasing its market value

Market Value

Other customers will want their jewelry appraised for the sake of selling it or trading it in for a different piece of jewelry. They want to know the market value so that they can get the highest money value for their precious possession.

Pay & Career Outlook

Jewelry appraisers, gemologist and stone cutter can earn from $33,000 to nearly $70,000 a year. Beginning and median salaries vary from $32, 000 to $38, 000 a year.

In the coming years, individuals who desire to be jewelry appraisers must receive training in every area of handling jewelry and precious stones, including appraising, cutting, polishing, repairing and restoring skills.

Only the most master jewelry will be able to excel in the industry as it becomes more competitive. Nevertheless, your passion for the industry and helping people will put you a step ahead of those who are only in the industry for the money.




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