The Powerful ORAGE, A Highly Impressive Louis Vuitton’s Fragrance for Men

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ORAGE gives any man who wears it the opportunity to become the center of attention with the captivating smell of sophistication and power. A Louis Vuitton’s Fragrances, ORAGE connects with the nobility of iris with vetiver’s vegetal freshness and a patchouli leaf heart.

The superior fragrance is for men who have the ability to be recognized wherever they go.  Their influence is never soon forgotten once they have made their mark.  Whether they are in a prestigious corner table of a restaurant or in the front row of an awards ceremony, the power of their elegant smell controls the air.

The Ingredients in Master Perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrad,s Fragrance

  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Iris
  • Bergamot
  • Ambrette

The format includes: spray 100ml and 200ml

The Travel Kit

If you are a man of travel, ORAGE is your baby. As a travel kit, it comes with a travel bottle and four 7.5 ml cartridges. The refills clip with ease onto the atomizer. Readiness isn’t a problem when it comes to these travel bottles.

Power of ORAGE

When a man puts on Louis Vuitton’s or age fragrances, several things can happen:

  • He can inspire the people around him with the powerful fragrance of ORAGE.
  • He can win the appreciation and admiration of the opposite sex
  • His presence will be appreciated due to the loveliness of ORAGE’s fragrance in the air

People desire to stay close to the man who makes a powerful fragrance his choice.  Message yourself with this magnificent fragrance before you go off to conquer a full day of work and smell wonderful all day long. Go home smelling good as well.

The places in which this powerful fragrance can make an impact are endless:

  • In company meetings command attention
  • On date nights with your lover
  • On interviews to leave an impression
  • At black tie events: get noticed and hooked
  • At your best friend’s wedding (but don’t draw all the attention at the reception
  • Anytime you want to feel  extraordinarily  powerful

People who smell good instantly get our attention. We just don’t want to leave out of their circle of influence.  We look forward to the greeting, working and playing alongside them.


  • Create with superior ingredients
  • The sophistication of fragrance and power
  • Command of attention and interest


  • Too expensive for the command consumer

Price: $360.00

Louis Vuitton’s ORAGE will cost you over three hundred dollars. However, the sense of persuasive power and command it gives you among people is well worth the cost.

You can pay via credit, debit cards as well as PayPal. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover card are acceptable forms of payment.

Created for those who desire to influence others with the finer things of life, Louis Vuitton’s ORAGE is an elite fragrance.  It will make you the envy of your peers.








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