Why Al Robots will Replace Humans in the Workplace?

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Denying the strong possibility that robots with artificial intelligence is a real threat to the normalcy of the human experience is a mistake. Al is highly uncharted territory, a fact that could introduce near supernatural breakthroughs or create unimaginable nightmares for the human race.

AI robots that can make their own decisions without the assistance of their creators will have a significant impact on the normal habits and routines of humanity. For example, imagine a humanlike robot preparing your EGG Mic Muffin instead of a real human being. Imagine receiving a job interview with a robot name Sophia instead of meeting with a real live person. These are possibilities which we just can’t ignore.


Three Barriers exist to our overcoming the AI Robot Threat?

Ignoring the influx of Al robots preparing to come into the industry

This is a barrier because when we ignore threats they grow in stature and height. If we ignore the influx of AI robots into the industries, we could find ourselves out of a job without even putting up a fight. What creeps up on you leaves you unprepared. Once that happens it becomes too late to do something about it. Companies and corporations will invest in customized robots to cut cost and increase productivity the likes in which humans never could do.

We must be aware of the AI robot trends happening around us so that we can be prepared to stand up for our livelihoods.

Fear of confronting the potential AI Robot Threat

Although many of us may have some idea of the AI robot threat, we don’t’ have the courage to confront it. Instead, we remain passive and hope that others will speak or write against it. But to remain passive is bad for any society who desire to save their traditions and cultures. Passive societies lose their dignity and identity to those who are aggressive.

We learned that, in past wars, people who didn’t stand up and fight were systematically stripped of all they had and were eliminated.

The same thing could happen in today’s society. If we remain passive our jobs could be replaced by AI robots just for the sake of saving more money.

Unaware of how to prepare for the threat of AI robots

To be unprepared is to accept chaos. The human workforce must not be caught off guard when it comes to the advancement of AI. We must save, invest and prepare for the future. Just depending on our job for survival is a mistake. Smart individuals will take on an entrepreneurship consciousness and acquire wealth in other ways.

Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate are possibilities. But if we have no knowledge of investment, now is the time to obtain schooling on the subjects. It’s never too late to learn. Knowledge isn’t reserved for the young only.


Changing our perception of the AI robot threat will give us an opportunity to do something about it before it’s too late. The corporations and governments in which we work will not tell forewarn us of the coming AI robot threats. Instead, the goal is to save money, reduce the need for human labor, and take absolute control over ordinary humanity.






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