The 3 Greatest Human Fears Regarding AI Robots

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Fear of AI technology is not a waste of time. We already see how normal technology has made our lives more convenient while at the same time has robotized our normal human relations.  Now the advancement in AI robot technology generates an even greater threat-the irrelevance of ordinary human beings.

When we hear about AI robots doing such activities as answering highly intelligent questions, performing workforce duties, investigating and resolving complicated mental task, we wonder if we are about to be replaced by a reality of artificiality.  The most critical fears overcoming people today deal with beliefs such as:


Al Robots Will take over the World

One of the topics Sophia the robot jokingly takes about during her speeches and conversations is taking over the world. However, this is one of the main fears of thousands. The ideas of AI robots taking over the world and running the governments is nightmarish.

The fact that AI robots will be able to reprogram themselves and make their own decisions generate fearful imaginations. What if these advanced mechanisms male function or become rogue, similar to those robots in the Will Smith movie I Robots.

The possibilities are not out of the question.  AI has depths that has not yet been explored. Usually, when a movie comes out with such an idea, the potential for it one day happening isn’t a joke.

Al Robots Will Take Away Jobs

Because AI robots are being created to replace some of the jobs normally performed by actual people, the fear is that jobs will be replaced. Already we see this happening in specific manufacturing areas in which robots are able to perform much more efficient and quicker than that of human ability.

Imagine an AI robot calling customers and resolving problems effectively or imagine robots giving effective interviews and making hiring decisions with great accuracy. With AI the possibilities are indeed there.

The fact is that our jobs are not guaranteed in the future, especially with AI robots set to replace a number of jobs usually performed by the human workforce.

AI Robots could Cause Massive Poverty and Homelessness

If the human workforce is replaced by AI robots, the condition of poverty and homelessness will undoubtedly occur.  This is the danger of AI technology in general. The desire to make life more convenient has a wicked downside.

No corporation or government can effectively thrive if more than half of its population is entrapped in poverty and homelessness. Such an issue should be heavily considered before corporations invest in advanced AI robots to replace normal workers.

However, we, as actual people, must not allow fear to ruin the joy and grace of the lives we are presently living. We must be aware of what is going on and adapt accordingly, standing together, recognizing our worth as creative human beings with potential beyond imagination.











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