Sophia the Robot Poised to Replace the Work of Song Artists?

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The potential of AI, robotic intelligence has skyrocketed and will continue to increase. The goal of robot creators is to create a group of robots that can reprogram themselves and make their own decisions. Such a goal is becoming more a reality as advances in technology continue to accelerate across the globe.


Sophia Hanson, an intriguing, electronic, and potentially AI driven robot, is continuing to make her global debut. She has given speeches and presentation at a variety of conferences, including the United Nations. She has become an internet sensation among robot enthusiast as well as those who are curious about such creations.

In this video, Sophia sings a beautiful song at the Clockenflap festival, after answering questions regarding her ability to entertain a large crowd. She sings the song brilliantly.  But the question remains. Will Sophia and her robotic clan someday replace humans on every level of society, including song artists.

The majority of people will overlook the global debut of robotic technology as just another advance toward the full mastery of AI. However, if we are not watchful, we could all find ourselves standing out in the cold while super intelligent, robotic beings replace our very livelihoods. We must consider the consequences of creating such supper intelligent robots.

Do We Really Want to be Replaced by Robots?

Take song artists, for example, imagine a group of robots who can create their own songs and capture our hearts with lyrical messages that will leave us spellbound.  Suppose their brand of music is more intriguing them ordinary humans. After all, music is a universal language and has the potential to change human thought and direction.

What will song artist do if robots take over the music industry? If people prefer the brilliance of robotic creativity rather than that of our cherished song artists, then many aspiring musicians will suffer or never be discovered. Those who are in the limelight will gradually fade away due to our fascination with machines.

Don’t Think Its Impossible!

We must not think that this is ridiculous because it isn’t. Humanity has fallen for new ideas and things that have fascinated them from the beginning of time. Newness has a persuasive power that cannot be denied, especially when the old, traditional ways no longer thrill us.

Robot musicians or song artists will intrigue thousands of people who desire their own style of music, the type which their robotic companions will be able to create for them. Remember, super intelligent, AI-driven robots will be able to do things which limited human being can only dream of. That is the world in which we are being initiated by and by.

Creators of Sophia and her robotic clan must think twice. If the created becomes more intelligent than the creator, then the end result will be chaos and confusion.


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