RAVA 2019, Power, Speed and Adventure on-and-off the Road

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Power, speed, and adventure-if you are looking for a dynamic on-and-off road vehicle, the 2019 RAVA may be pointing in your direction. It is an intriguing SUV with both a super impressive interior and exterior for people who love to stand out from the crowd and live on the wild.

Whether you are going on a camping trip into the North Woods or a long vacation demanding a vehicle that can go through all types of off-road terrain, then look no further than the highlights of the 2019 RAVA.

The 2019 RAVA is for people who live for going adventuring on the roads less traveled while experiencing a great deal of convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

Key Features

  • The Key Features of the 2019 RAVA includes:
  • Dynamic Force 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine
  • 203 horsepower for outstanding acceleration
  • Electronically controlled automatic transmission
  • All Wheel Drive with (TV-AWN) Rear Drive
  • Front Disc. Brakes and ventilated ll-l-in rear disc brakes

The power of the RAVA is obvious, including many more features that highlight the capabilities of this magnificent SUV.

The Interior: A World of Refinement

When you step into a 2019 RAVA, you will enter into a world of refinement and feel the convenience wrap its own around you. The softness and spaciousness allow you to relax and forget about the cares of the world. Interior Highlights include:

  • High-Quality material
  • Adjustable Drive Seats
  • Heated Front and Rear Seats
  • Entune- 3.0-multimedia system
  • Apple core play
  • Digital Rearview mirror
  • JBL Audio System
  • Hand free power lift
  • Storage tray and Passenger side glove compartment

The quality of your traveling will be second to none as you enjoy the abundance of interior features of the 2019 RAVA.

While traveling you get to choose any off-road adventure via the multi-terrain select system: Mud, Sand, Rock, Dirt and snow modes are available. The tires will adjust to any of these conditions at the touch of a finger.

Safety is the Name of the Game

With 8 Airbags and a high-end safety system, you will feel a sense of security and well-being while on the road. Some of the key safety features of the 2019 RAVA include:

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane departure Alerts with an assist
  • Rear site assist
  • Automatic high beam
  • Rear Cross Traffic Brakes
  • Blind spot monitor with a rear-cross assist, and more

The rewarding sense of “Safe and Sound” is one of the ideas that Toyota had in mind when designing the 2019 RAVA.

As a traveler and road adventurer, don’t just by any vehicle. Consider the RAVA and all the magnificent value it will provide for and the family.

Price: $25,500 and beyond

Depending on the model you choose, the price ranges go beyond $33, 515 as you opt to include additional features and components.

However, for a highly advanced vehicle, the price cannot be wrong regardless of the model you choose to embrace. You will experience years of adventure, convenience, and safety while owning the 2019 RAVA.






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