Location Scouting for Photographers: Finding Extraordinary Photo Opportunities

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Finding the right location for a fashion shoot is crucial if you desire to fully satisfy the needs of your clients. In any choice location, the location must support the idea the client has in mind. All elements of the photo shoot must be optimal, including lighting, wardrobe, timing and uniquely expressive moments that make an immediate impression on the client.

Deeping on the purpose of the pics, some of the most popular location for obtaining the perfect pic, includes:

Beaches-if the shoot is for a summer magazine or website promoting bikini or other swimwear, shooting your model at the beach is the ideal choice. Make sure you include the blue waters of the lake or ocean in the background.

photo shoot

Hills and Heights-shooting your model in high places such as hills and mountains can portray a sense of power and dominance. A look of seriousness and confidence, in sophisticated clothing, while starring away from the camera and providing a profile view as the model stare out into the distance.


Art Museums -a location where art is displayed offers a color background for both light and dark clothing, including shoes and other accessories. Colorful jeans, dresses, including long, designer evening gowns can be captured among museum artifacts.

Sculpture gardens-I have made it big by shooting models in sculpture gardens. Such gardens offer a variety of shapes-circles, squares, vertical and horizontal lines that can be used to complement a model’s style and dress.

Industrial Areas-why these areas. Old industrials areas which include a sense of abandonment can provide a nice background for a photo shoot. The contrast between the model’s clothing and old equipment will provide a great contrast to the clothing worn.

Busy Shopping Areas-some of the greatest models, including popular models such as Tara Banks, have done photo shoots in busying shopping districts, including New York’s Time Square.

As a developing fashion photographer, finding the perfect location for the perfect pic means paying attention and understanding the client’s needs and desires should be the top priority. Gaining mastery in discovering the right location will make or break your career.




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