Five Amazing Landmarks in Minneapolis Minnesota

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Sculpture Garden

The beautiful Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis is a sight to see. In addition to its famous giant red spoon, it has a number of interesting art pieces from one end to the other.  Most of its art pieces are interactive, including the old giant swing.

Sculpture of Red spoon

From the viewpoint of the giant red spoon, you can see the Minneapolis skyline, against which you can take family photos.

The sculpture garden has many small pathways, with benches along the way.  Shaded trees and beautiful green grass along the path are a restful treat on long hot days.

Minnehaha Falls

Waterfalls are beautiful to watch. The Minnehaha Falls drop about twenty feet down into a creek that reaches the river.  You can watch it from the creek down below or the bridge just above it. Make sure you have your camera ready to shoot.

Minnehaha Falls is located in Hiawatha Park, a place which possessed many historical monuments. You can either walk its many pathways or rent a bike to discover and enjoy the many landmarks along the way.

If you are a bird watcher, you can enjoy its big forest.  Take a pair of binoculars and a long lens camera and capture the beautiful birdlife.


Mennehaa Falls

A creek is a good place for fishermen who desire to catch small panfish.  The water is clean and smooth as well as deep and shadowy in various locations.

If you get hungry, you can visit a small restaurant located to the left of the waterfall.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, fish sandwiches, even beer is for your consumption.

Stone Arch Bridge

Running across the mighty Mississippi, the Stone Arch Bridge is the only bridge of its kind, made of granite and limestone.  Measuring 2011 feet long and 28 feet wide, the bridge is a fun place for tourist to walk along and view the St., Anthony Falls.  Joggers, bikers, and photographers are some of the people you will see occupying the bridge.

In the month of June, the Stone Arch Bridge Festivals attract a variety of artist and musicians from all around the country.

From the mid-section of the Stone Arch Bridge, you can see the raw power of the mighty Mississippi.  The lock and dam water crashes into the deep, smooth running waters of the roaring river.

stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge can be viewed from some positions, including from other bridges, homes, and theaters.  Photographers can capture great landscape photos from these vantage points.

Lake Harriet: Rose Garden

If you like a variety of flowers and beautiful gardens, you can visit the rose garden along Lake Harriet. The garden is adorned with beautiful flowers, trees, and paths in every direction. It is a place for weddings, anniversaries and other joyous occasions.

The beautiful shade trees and benches along the way provide a place of rest in a wonderland you will hate to abandon.

The lake is an active body of water in which sailboats, canoes, and water bikes glide across smooth and clear waters. A colorful shoreline captivates visitors to stop and stare for hours.

Rose Garden

If you are hungry, you can purchase everything from ice creates to hot dogs at a small lake restaurant located to the north of the lake.

The New Viking Stadium

The new state of the art Vikings stadium is the talk of the sports world. It is the most coveted sports arena in the United States, with cutting-edge technology, the likes of which has never been seen. This dynamic monument includes hundreds of amenities, a retractable roof, and presiding over 60 thousand seats. It has VIP seating, and over a thousand TV’s surrounding the stadium, in addition to over a thousand Wi-Fi connections.

Doing games, be prepared to walk and make friends along the way. The crowd will be huge as it pushes its way toward the stadium.

But the inconvenience is worth the time.  Once inside this magnificent wonder, you will feel a sense of awe at this outstanding piece of architectural art.

If you have tourist fever, don’t leave the city of Minneapolis without visiting at least three of these magnificent attractions.  Take plenty of pictures and you’ll have a lifetime of memories.


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