January 2019


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Do you already have an idea of how you are going to spread an atmosphere of love for someone special? Well, you can’t lose with the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress.

It is captivating. The bright red patterned designs make it an ideal choice to wear on Valentine’s Day. Since the beautiful color of red rules this special holiday day, the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress is for women who desire to capture and rule the attention of their boyfriend or ‘Better Half.’

Material Details

  • The AE Long Sleeve Wrap Dress is consists of:
  • Soft woven fabric
  • Cuffs, Smocked Sleeve, Ruffle Hem
  • Long Sleeves
  • Surplice Designs
  • 100% Viscose

Caring for this beautiful garment is easy. Just follow the direction for machine washing and you will do just fine.


No need to feel left out, this gorgeous red, wrap around dress comes in all sizes between small and large.

Who is the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress for?

Every woman who desires to make an impression on the world on Valentine’s Day or any other day she desires to feel lovely and captivating.

Adorn yourself in this wonderful red wrap dress, along with a pair of AE Woven Mules and AERIE Poppy Paddled Bralette for $25.00 and you are ready to burn down the house.

Special Occasion

You can sport this Amercan Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress at a Valentine’s Dance Party or on a romantic movie and dinner date.  Wherever you wear it you are sure to be the one that stands out in the crowd: ALL EYES ON YOU!

However, beyond Valentine’s Day, you can also wear this beautiful dress while going for a stroll along the beach with the one you love or whenever you desire to feel confident and sexy. The choice is up to you.


You will pay a price of $44.95 for this gorgeous outfit. For an experience of glamour wherever you go, the cost is very reasonable.

Looking good and feeling good is how you will appear in the American Eagle Long Sleeve Wrap Dress.  Secret admirers will appreciate that special day when they see you coming their way.




A great deal of public speaking anxiety and terror can be eliminated by a program rooted in virtual reality. The ability to engage in public speaking without falling apart is the difference between those who lead and those who follow.

However, 9 out of 10 people are terrified of public speaking and would rather walk across a river of alligators than to stand before a large audience and deliver ideas. Because of such prevalence fear, a Virtual Reality software program for public speaking would be ideal.

Creating a virtual reality brand of this nature wouldn’t be hard for those who are experts in building and designing such advanced technological software. Because of the potentially overwhelming demand for such a product, the supply to the general public will probably be overwhelming.

The benefits of using virtual reality software to overcome the terror of public speaking are extremely priceless.

Usage of the software would empower an individual to stand before crowds of people and speak with confidence and competence. The usage of the software would transform the character and spirit of a shy and unengaged individual and create powerful movers and shakers. The effective use of a virtual reality program for public speaking would be able to influence important an audience to buy into a great idea or product.

public speaking

Great public speakers Wow us with their ability to project a sense of confidence and conviction regarding their ideas. Business people, political leaders, religious gurus from days gone by until now wouldn’t be as influential without the ability to effectively speak to and move a large audience to a decision.

How would Virtual Reality Public Speaking Software Work

Creators of the software could introduce 3 or more audience types based on the fears of those who dread public speaking.

  • The Non-Responsive Audience
  • The Angry or Bullying Audience
  • The Ridicule or Laughing Audience

Non-Responsive or Silent Audience

This type of audience is the one that just sits there while you are speaking. Instead of affirming your teaching, such audience gives you the silent treatment. It is the coldest crowd. It doesn’t give you any head nod of agreement, any facial sign of serious interest and any sound of Yes or Amen.

Most public speakers desire to know that someone is enjoying his or her speech or lecture from time to time. However, when the silent treatment is stern, a sense of uncertainty and nervousness may creep into the message.

At this stage, many speakers ask for affirmation or attempt to adjust their message to please the ease of the listeners.  As a result, the original message is compromised.

Virtual software for public speaking will undoubtedly allow an aspiring but timid speaking to gain mastery over such audience type.

Angry or Bullying Audience

Facing a hostile audience can bring a lot of intimidation and shame to the table. Public speakers must be prepared to withstand the pressure and deliver their speech anyway, if possible.

vitual reality

Hostile crowds can be highly disrespectful, calling the speaker hurtful names, bringing up painful issues or throwing physical objects toward your direction.  Hundreds of leaders, while delivering a message, have been physically attacked, some fatally if we consider politicians and activists of the past.

If an individual can withstand the pressure of a hostile crowd and still get his or her point across he or she has nearly mastered the art of public speaking.

Virtual reality software programs that include intimidating audiences will go a long way in preparing speakers for those dreadful occasions.

The Ridicule or Mockery Audience

Public speakers who have been laughed off stage or made a laughingstock can identify with this type of crowd all too well. You can experience this type of crowd in small or large degrees, depending on their perception of you and the message you are attempting to deliver.

Most potential speakers consider this the most dreadful crowd. No one wants to be shamed. Our basic human nature longs for love and acceptance. So when people laugh at our mistakes or our weaknesses we feel downtrodden.

However, the ability to stand before a crowd that is laughing at you and still stand tall is the mark of a powerful leader who can own up to mistakes and faults. He or she will not back down due to shame or embarrassment.

Virtual reality software that addresses this type of audience will give an individual the power to not only command himself, but also to command the crowd.

Suggested Levels of Virtual Audience

The above recommendations are the essence of what virtual reality software for public speaking should consist of. The virtual audience should react to the speaker’s mistakes, faults, appearances, comments while he or she is speaking.

In addition, there should be levels of achievement. Going to the next level means you have mastered the first level of public speaking. For example, the virtual reality might start an individual with a small audience in a small room setting, then move up to a larger room or ballroom and then to the stage. I am sure that software creators and designers get the idea of what I am talking about.

People who are preparing for careers in business leadership, religion and politics would profit greatly from virtual reality software for public speaking. The vicarious experience they would gain before they encounter the real thing will enable them to quickly adapt to a live audience.

I would like to see such a product on the market soon. I would be delighted. I will even include it on my website: mostfavbrands.com.



Tourism can transform your town, city or nation. The Pleasure of traveling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, new places and landscapes is an unforgettable experience for millions who love traveling the world.

Many state and local businesses consider tourism a very profitable program for their city, state or nation. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people pour into tourist destinations each year, pumping a great deal of revenue into the economy. Some places can’t sustain a quality existence without tourism.

Investing in tourism or transforming a landmark or historical site into a tourist attraction is an opportunity to bring money into your city. A tourist attraction could be a small area of a city such as an amusement park or a large area of a state; nevertheless, it can attract both locals as well as foreigners from across the world. Disney World and Disney land are both national and international tourist attractions.

What Makes an Ideal Tourist Attraction?

Places of Historical Significance

People have a fascination with places of historical significance. Each year thousands of people visit Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, the location where one of the most vicious and bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place. Our imagination becomes very active when we stand on the grounds of a historical site where drastic events occurred.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is another historical monument dedicated to the great founding fathers and leaders of the United States of America. The tourist site keeps makes us proud and keeps us humble in regards to how the nation originated.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction where we can come to see the wonders of nature at play, including animals and another interesting phenomenon.


Places of Aesthetic Beauty and People Engagement

Disney World-Places which offer aesthetic beauty and fantasy capture our hearts, minds, and souls and guides us into a world of make-believe. It is human nature to desire to escape from cruel reality.

Minnesota State Fair-In Minnesota, the great get together offers people from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas an opportunity to get together to meet friends and enjoy festivities with neighbors.  The event offers fun, food, and a variety of excitement.

Summer Fest-In Milwaukee a summer of fun and excitement begins with a line-up of full-filled festivals, ending with the largest festival of all: Summer Fest. For nearly two weeks the Milwaukee Lake Front is the place to be. People from all over the world attend this event. Music, musical stars, carnival rides, games, food and a concentration of other activities entertain tourist.

Dynamics of a Great Tourist Attraction

Great tourist attractions offer captivating sightseeing and fun engagement. The more activities a tourist location offers will determine the intensity of attraction and visitation. Essential activities include:

Unique spots with historical meaning, festivities, musical guests, carnival rides, a variety of food and beverages, grand exhibitions, captivating engagement, colorful atmosphere, recreational geographies such as lakes and oceans with beaches, gorgeous weather, opportunities to meet popular and famous people and things.

The list could go on and on.  The greater the concentration of excitement the more revenue the tourist location will produce for a city or nation.

Negatives of Tourism

However, Tourism is not always profitable to an entire nation.  There are cons. For example, in many tourist locations around the world, the profits don’t necessarily benefit the locals. The social-economic continue to grow separate. You find this reality in many third worlds or African nations where poverty and homelessness don’t improve over years, even decades.

Such nations must redefine their social-economic priorities and realize the significance of the humanity that makes their nation a nation.




The blissful expression of yourself in a beautiful wedding dress is one of the keys to making your marriage a day to be talked about by friends and family for years to come. For one thing, you will feel special and alive. You want to showcase your best self: the ideal you.

That special person you are going to marry will feel like a king on the throne when his eyes land upon the appearance of his adorable bride. The confidence of self-expression is what you want to bring to this special affair.

So what kind of wedding dress do you want? Have you been looking?

What you want to do as a bride awaiting a highly anticipated wedding is to make sure you have enough time to find a dress which dazzles you. You don’t want to wait to the day before the wedding to make a desperate choice. You want to sparkle in the sight of all on your dream day.

In order to choose the right dress, you should have a general idea of the dress you desire. Imagine yourself wearing that dress on that special day. See the details of the fabric, feel the comfort of the dress as you move back and forth within it. Now go and try to find such a dress. This should be done several months before the wedding.

dream wedding dress


Comfort is the most important thing. Marching down the aisle in a wedding dress that is too tight will steal your excitement of the moment and make you fearful of the dress ripping in some inconvenient area. Besides, your loved ones and friends will know that you are very uncomfortable because the evidence will be in your face.
Therefore, make sure you understand your body type. This knowledge helps you choose the appropriate dress. For example, if you are of a short and thick build, you don’t want to purchase a wedding dress that you have to squeeze into, regardless of how it looks in the window.

What to Look for

To get an idea of your dream wedding dress, look at a collection of dresses designed for bridesmaids. Look at colors, lengths, and styles that you might want to wear for the sake of saving money. Experience wearing the dress to see how it looks and feels. Who says you have to choose a traditional wedding dress in order to look spectacular on your wedding day?

Embrace Your Own Choice: Don’t Blank!

Seriously, choose the dress that you love the most. Never allow anyone to talk you into buying a dress that you don’t want, regardless of how it may look to them. In the end, it will be you who is walking down the aisle, not them.

Inform the bridesmaids

Go to your bridesmaids and let them know that you will not be taking the traditional route so no one will be surprised on that day. You want your bridesmaids to be all smiles instead of all frowns.

On your wedding day, you want to create a collection of fun and joyful memories throughout the party, displaying your best self, dancing, eating and fellowshipping with family, friends, and neighbors. Life can never get any better than this.

Freelance photography is the freedom to take and sell professional photographs without the need to answer to an in-house staff boss. As a freelancer, you are not limited to taking pictures of a particular subject or genre.

You can take professional photographs of anything you desire and sell your work to designers and picture buyers around the world.


You don’t have to have gone to a prestigious photo school to be successful money making the photographer.  Your passion and determination to produce excellent photographs will give you the capability to rise to the top of your game.

A great many photographers had no prior schooling at all. However, they had an innate sense that compelled them to capture the meaning and beauty of all things.

High Quality

Although you don’t have to attend a dynamic photography school, you do have to produce high-quality photographs in order to make a living as a freelancer. The competition is vast. Designers and photo buyers are looking for excellent photography to display in advertising, books, and billboards just to name a few.

In order to sharpen your skills, you can engage in a number of local photography classes. Many are offered through community enrichment programs.  Usually, these courses teach basic and advanced camera usage. Many take local field trips around town in order to familiarize students with various types of photography such as people, street, and landscape.

If you cannot find a local photography course, you can look check out a few popular online programs.  New York School of Photography is a dynamic, affordable program designed to equip freelancers for a professional photo creation career.  Browse the internet and discover programs that fit your budget.


My specialty is landscape photography, even though I shoot both people and weddings.  My landscape photographs consistently sell over time, bringing in a steady income.

Guess what! You don’t have to go to Hawaii or Perish to take breathtaking landscape photos. May bestselling photos are of cityscapes, local beaches, lakes, and trails.  All you have to do is produce quality photos whose lines and shapes jump out at designers.

Big Payoffs

Making money as a freelancer is a dream comes true. The sky is the limit. As professional photography, your hard work will determine how much money you want to make.  Some photographers can make  $30.000 to $60.000 a year just doing stock photography.

Possibilities of Freelance Photography

You can be a stock photographer and sell your images on a number of stock sites that pay very well:

  • Getty Images
  • Alamy Images
  • Istock Photos
  • Shutterstock

Others ways to make money:

Sell work for magazines

Sell your services to others. You can do:

  • Weddings
  • Special events
  • Family photos
  • Business Profiles photos

Becoming a freelancer photographer is an opportunity to do something you love while making lots of money.  You must be adventurous and skillful in engaging people. You must possess a little business savvy in order to negotiate contracts, handle your accounting and avoid tax liabilities.





If new cars are your passion, you will like the brand of sophisticated automobiles. Although the exceptional design is still important, safety and security are the top priorities of auto manufacturers and dealers today.

Walking into a car dealership and test driving a new car is like experiencing your first ride on a merry-go-round. The features are endless, from computerized interfaces with access to Facebook and Twitter and music systems including Sirius Satellite Radio, iPod, and MP3 CD modes.

new automobile

But the highlights of the new automobiles such as the Acura TLX, The Sonata Limited, and the Lexus NX centers on safety features, including:

  • Performance breaking
  • Breaking the assist system
  • Road departure mitigation systems
  • Collision Mitigation Braking system
  • Vehicle stability assist
  • Blind spot information system
  • A forward collision warning system
  • Lane keeping assist system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

Driving off the car dealer’s lot with my crimson Sonata sports hybrid in the snow was a euphoric experience.  The ride was incredibly comfortable and the braking was smooth and easy. No skidding even when stopping suddenly on the ice.

The Back- up Camera is a dynamic feature certain to make your parallel parking much more exciting and precise.  So what are the pros and cons of the new automobile?


The biggest advantages of new automobile are that the motorist feels extremely safe while driving, regardless if he is backing out of a parking lot, driving through a residential street or cruising along the expressway.

He doesn’t have to worry about veering outside the lane without being alarmed.  He doesn’t have to worry about accidents due to violating his blind spot. An alarm will let him know if another car is shoulder to shoulder.  Also, he doesn’t have to worry about colliding in the back of another vehicle because extraordinary collision Mitigation system will automatically prevent these types of accidents.

So get comfortable with the care of the future.  More excitement, fun, and security, but fewer accidents!


With every new, thrilling invention, there are both pros and cons. Despite all the safety features on the new automobiles, we must not overlook common sense.  We must still look over our shoulders to check our blind spot; we must still stay in our lands without getting distracted. We must also continue to maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of us.

Relying entirely on the computerized system can be unwise. The new automobiles cannot do what it does without the input of man and man is prone to error.

Here’s the bottom line. Enjoy your new automobile.  Ride it around all day and show it off. Enjoy its features.  But you must exercise caution as well. The two of you working together should be a winning combination.




To smell exceptionally well gives people an opportunity to gravitate toward you and to remain in your presence wherever you may be. Whether you are sitting at a job interview, discussing business affairs in a meeting, or attending a black-tie event thrown by your company, smelling extraordinary will give you an advantage.

When you smell exceptional, you can be sure that you have chosen a cologne that steals attention from the main activity, whatever it may consist of.  First of all,

  • You inspire those around you
  • You transform the atmosphere
  • You can even influence a decision to go your way

The power of good smelling cologne cannot be ignored. When you or I encounter a person who smells good, we give them undue attention. We may even ask what type of cologne he is wearing.

men's cologne

Some colognes have popular, such as Calvin Klein or Versace, but other little-known brands can smell just as nice, include Black Suede.

Here are some of the more popular types:

  • Armani
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Calvin Klein
  • Hugo Boss
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Loris Azzaro
  • Versace

The list is vast. One of the most impressive brands, at least for me, is the Versace one. Under the Versace brand, you find such names as:

  • Bright Crystal
  • Eros
  • Signature
  • Dylan Blue
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Dreamer
  • Crystal Noir, just to name a few.

However, you must select the brand that is right for you and wear it like a winner and a champion, regardless of the attention it brings you. Some will like the smell others may not be so impressed by it. Nevertheless, you get the recognition.


Getting Started with a Chosen Brand

If you are unfamiliar with wearing cologne, all you need to do is go to some of the most popular stores, such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Some men’s specialty store in the mall. You may want to take an experienced dresser with you if you know on.

I had the privilege of being around a group of guys who both knew how to dress and smell good all the time.

Grab a bottle that impresses you and samples it, spraying it on your risk and smelling the scent. Do this with several bottles. If you get confused regarding the scents, go wash your risk off and start again. Sooner or later you will find a cologne that feels right on your skin and gives you a sense of confidence.

The more you wear cologne, the more confidence you will feel in expressing yourself in this way. You will receive attention and recognition from admirers wherever you go. People will want to hang around you whenever you are near.

Wearing Your Cologne for Success

Wear your cologne when seeking out the right people to impress. To succeed in life, you will have to interact with the right people. Therefore, you need to use everything to your advantage. Smelling exceptional is one of the persuasive tools in the game of impressing others.

The convincing combination of smelling good and dressing for success is powerful and can immediately have the most profound effect upon your progressiveness in business as well as your personal life.

Smelling good is a must in a world in which people judge you by the impression you make upon them, usually this is the first impression. Selecting the right cologne is an important step toward making an unforgettable impression.






 The Affiliate Boot Camp is a selection of highly effective Wealthy Affiliate training courses designed to prepare entrepreneurs, passive income seekers, and marketers, or publishers for highly successful marketing careers. Intense training through step by step instructions will guide new members toward excellence in all areas of online marketing.

Such highly informative training comes with membership.

The goal of Affiliate Boot Camp is to equip and empower members to take charge in the world of affiliate marketing and more. Without a thorough knowledge of affiliate marketing, an entrepreneur, a beginning marketer or small business owner will be left behind.  The world is constantly changing and so is marketing insights and strategies.

The advantages offered by the Affiliate Boot Camp is accelerated growth and increased value as a well-informed marketer. Completing this program full outstanding of what it takes to successfully market products and services and get paid on a consistent basis.

Getting Started

Affiliated Boot Camp involves progressing through 7 stages. Each stage brings you closer to your dream of mastering the marketing game.


  • Getting Your Business rolling-you to learn to build effective money-making websites
  • Content, Keywords, and Conversions-step by step instructions on creating content, finding the right keywords and setting up your products for maximum conversions.
  • Giving your site social value-her you are taught how to take full advantages of social media and all the benefits attached.
  • Get Visual and Aesthetic-in this stage you are learning how to utilize visual elements, including pictures, infographics, graphs as well as other audience engagement factors in your This vitally important. The world is visual.
  • Knowing Your Audience– at this stage, you are ready for Audiology. Without the knowledge of your target audience as well as their needs and desires, all your marketing efforts will be in vain. Superior insights into audience know-how are what this stage is all about.
  • Bing, Yahoo & the Power of PPC-you learn how to utilize the power of Bing and Yahoo, the two of which owns $30 of the market share.
  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns-at this stage you learn how to create outstanding, lucrative campaigns that will be able to convert for years to come. You learn how to find money-making keywords, how to design sophisticated Ad word groups and much more.

The completion of the Affiliate Boot Camp will put you ahead of the Affiliate Marketing game. You will be able to design your marketing campaigns with confidence and competence. If you do it right, your bank account will increasingly reflect all your effort.

However, you will need patience. Rushing through the courses will cause you to miss out on some of the most valuable affiliate marketing knowledge

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer requires the knowledge of creating superior content, SEO intelligence, and highly effective marketing strategies. The Affiliate Boot Camp member will not be left behind in such wonderful intelligence.

Are you tired of low ranking, bad SEO, weak optimization strategies, and next to no conversions on your products and service, then the Wealthy Affiliate program is for you? The Affiliate Boot Camp is just the tip of the iceberg as to what advantages and benefits available to members.












WP Engine is a managed dedicated Word Press hosting platform designed to optimize your online marketing experience. With managed dedicated word press hosting, you leave the optimization and technical work up to the outstanding WP Engine support team. All you need to do is what you do best: marketing your product or service to your target audience.


  • Single servers powerful enough to Increase conversions and boost revenue
    • Free SSL Certification
    • Free Automation Migration with no downtime
    • 60 days Risk-Free Hosting


Maybe a little pricy for the average blogger. However, if you desire to reach a wider audience and increase conversions, this is the Hosting provider for you.


Who is WP Engine For?

WP Engine is for everyone. Whether you have a personal website or a high traffic oriented enterprise, this magnificent dedicated hosting platform welcomes you. In fact, the hosting company was created to provide the best internet marketing experience with all the assistance and tools needed to take your digital marketing to the next level with super speed and efficiency.

WP Engine Support Training Tools

You don’t have to worry about being left out in the cold when it comes to getting your website up and running, optimizing your posts and pages or keeping up with the latest knowledge in the word press arena. The tools for training include articles and videos on:

  • Setting up your site, from A to Z
    • Enhancing your site performance, including speed
    • Troubleshooter problems
    • Effectively managing your account
    • Advanced knowledge about the WP Engine Platform

In addition to these training Tools, this outstanding hosting platform offers a blog with a huge base of knowledge on every possible marketing and optimization topic, a few topics include:

  • “What’s New in the Word Press Community”
    • “Word Press Weekly”
    • “12 Awesome Tools on WP Engine Digital Experience”
    • “Important Remarking Tips to Drive Your Bottom Line”
    • “5 Awesome Live Chat Plugins for Word Press”

WP Engine Support

You don’t have to worry about a sluggish support system when it comes to receiving help. The outstanding support team is at your service 24/7. They don’t want you to experience any downtime or difficulty in your marketing experience.


How Much Does Hosting Cost?

WP Engine offers a variety of hosting options for all levels of websites, including:

  • Personal: $29.00/Mo
    • Professional: $99.00/Mo
    • Business: $249.00/Mo
    • Premium: Negotiable
    • Enterprise: Negotiable

If you are on a budget, the personal and professional options are a godsend in terms of the return on investment.


My Final Opinion of WP Engine

The WP Engine Dedicated Hosting is the hosting platform that will give you the opportunity to concentrate on marketing your products and services only, without worrying about all the technical stuff that so often interferes with content creation and promotion.

The outstanding hosting platform is well worth the cost. Get WP Dedicated Hosting and experience an increase in conversions as well as customer acquisitions.


Do you want a reputation for being the coolest person in the crowd? Whether you are on a beach in Miami Florida or the Bahamas, you can select a pair of fashion sunglasses that will immediately give you a look of distinction among your peers.

You can use sunglasses to show the world who you really are or how you desire to be viewed. People are attracted to those who can display a sense of sophistication and chic. Such people are a mystery, especially if they are behind a cool pair of fashion sunglasses.

Below are a few of the top brands that are available from popular stores and are designed to give you a look of distinction all summer long.


Sunglasses from Macy’s

Price Range: $60-350

Visit Macy’s Website

PERSOL-stylish Italian sunglasses, stentorian typewriter, polarization, sculpted in a charming, round lens silhouette.

Coach Polarized-classic American design and functionality, but modern design with trend-right frames and lens color. Light lens made of high-quality material, provides 100% UV protection and optically correct as well as distortion free.

Michael Kors CHELSEA-gives chic feeling, luxurious, sleek and sophisticated appearance, MIRROR lens feature, polycarbonate lens, PILOT styles

Sunglasses from Nordstrom

Price Range: $255-500

Visit Nordstrom Website

Ray-Bon-international brand which sets the standard for excellence integrates great style with outstanding quality, preference, and control. PILOT frame style, gradient, material: glass/plastic, magnetic appearance

Quay Australia-top-down beachside look, hardwire 54 polarized sunglasses, combine sleek, transparent frames with mirrored polarized lenses for universal appeal. Colors: Grey/Peach

MAUI JIM-Polarized plus 2 54mm Sunglasses, Kawika, distinguished brow bar adds retro-cool style to rectangular sunglasses, lightweight, and attractive construction

Sunglasses from Tiffany

Price Range: $340-500

Visit Tiffany & Co. Website

Cat Eye sunglasses-marquise Austria crystal, gradient brown lens, %100 UV protection, and anti-glare coating. Cat Eye sunglasses are inspired by the fire and radiance of Tiffany’s superlative diamonds, distinctively romantic appearance, glamorized with Austria crystal accents

Aviator sunglasses-including a feature (Infinity) that represents a powerful symbol of continuous connection, energy, and vitality. Crystal accent, looped infinity design on the unique style

Tiffany 1837– Round Sunglasses-inscribed with the origination of Tiffany and its first collection in 1837. The sleek curves and contour are remarkable. Tortoise and Tiffany Blue acetate, gradient brown lens, pale gold-colored metal accents, 100% UV protection and anti-glare coating

Each pair of the above fashion sunglasses come with guarantees. They are among the finest fashion sunglasses on the scene. Wear them and your appearance will stand out from the crowd wherever that crowd may be.