December 2018


E-commerce aggregators are gaining popularity because these days the quantum of fashion brands is on roll! The market is expanding like anything and thus you need a portal where you can find clothes of all brands and then compare on the basis of the pattern, style, fit and price. It not only makes it easy for the shoppers but also increases the sales of all these brands. Thus amidst this unique experience, what you get is the price worthy deal! Here are the five popular online stores for women fashion which really have an interface that would urge you to shop.

Stylight: With a tagline of ‘make style happen’, Stylight is one of the most popular e-commerce websites with around 6000 brands for its more than 10 million users all around the globe. This website was found in 2008 and in less than a span of ten years it has built an impressive base of users because of the multitude of brands that it offers. The website has a wide range of dresses both for casual and formal occasions, shoes, handbags and all kinds of fashion wear for women. You can surf around on a desktop and through App as well.

Lyst: Created with a solo motto of providing everything under one shed to women, Lyst is the e-commerce website which has over 11000 designers and stores from brands across the world. Founded in 2010, this website has really earned a commendable name in the fashion space. This fashion destination is for all those women who are looking for all those wide ranges of products that are in trend. You can find all sorts of fashion items to dress up on any and every occasion!

Polyvore: Along with offering an impressive range of women clothing, this website has a unique concept wherein shoppers can create outfit ideas and share them with a community. This means you can share what you bought with your community members. Available on desktop and app version, this website has everything from trendy dresses to accessories to pair which are duly classified under various categories to enhance your shopping experience.

Modasto: A little lesser known website, Modasto has a very unique strategy to penetrate into the market of each country. With its prime domain in Europe, this website has a wide range of collection of clothing and accessories for women fashion. It also assists in the pairwise comparison of goods which helps in making a good and valuable choice. It also provides fashion advice by listing out the products which are popular and in demand these days and which ones have been outdated.

Shopstyle: As the name suggests, this website is where style happens. With more than 1 million fashion-centric products, this style hub is the must visit for each and every women. It has a wide range of clothes to make every occasion special. It helps you in choosing from a similar variety of clothes across different brands without jumping on different retailer stores and inputting your credit card information every time! This global fashion marketplace was established in 2007 and successfully won over women hearts!

The elegant Wrap Necklace by Tiffany & Co. represents a look of extraordinary beauty and boldness and is a piece of jewelry that the native New Yorker woman should be proud of. But the elegant Wrap Necklace isn’t only for the sophisticated New Yorker, but also for any woman who desires to portray the look of wealth and beauty among peers.

When friends, relatives, and co-workers see you wearing this magnificent piece of jewelry at special occasions, including galas and black tie events, they will keep turning the eyes back toward you every chance they get.

The elegant Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace is for the lady who loves the finer things in life and who loves a bold stand-outlook when in the crowd.


  • 18k rose gold
  • 36’ long
  • 19 mm diameter

Whoever purchases this wonderful Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace will enjoy many years of pride, appreciation, comfort and ease. Forget about awkwardness when slipping into this chain.  Instead, put on your evening gown or your red dress and take attention from men who love a refined, mature looking woman.


  • Strong name brand image
  • Captures the spirit of New York
  • Bold, standout piece of gold jewelry


  • Too Pricy for the average consumer

The elegant Tiffany & Co. Wrap Necklace comes in a variety of lengths, including 16, 18, 20, 24, and 36. This gives you an opportunity to find your exact fit.

You can purchase the Wrap Necklace from the Tiffany and Co. website and comes with free shipping and handling.


The Wrap Necklace will cost you $14, 000. The 18k rose gold alone is worth the purchase of this magnificent piece of jewelry, which gives you a sense of wealth.

Final Opinion

If you desire that look of gold and the feel of a million dollar winner, Tiffany & Co the Wrap Necklace is for you to wear. You can order it from the company’s website or schedule an appointment with one of the representatives nearby.



A priceless engagement ring comes straight out of the heart of the giver. An aesthetic Pear shaped diamond engagement ring from Tiffany are co. is one of a kind. A tapered teardrop emerges from a round brilliant marquis cut.

Some say that this magnificent shape represents tears of pure joy and affection for a lover who has fallen deeply in love and wished it to last forever.

The Tiffany& Co. Pear-shaped diamond ring is for those women who desire a look of sophistication and wealth around their finger.

The Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is the one a placed on the finger of my wife at the joyful moment of our engagement.  It may have not been in the same league as a Tiffany & Co. pear-shaped diamond, but it looked like a million dollars on her finger.


  • Pear-shaped rock
  • Perfect proportions resulting from extraordinary craftsmanship
  • Makes the finger of the bride appear slender and elongated
  • Elegant in appearance

You will notice the difference in the reaction of friends and family when they see this pear-shaped diamond on your finger.  Wear it at your friends anniversary party and everyone will be aware that you got next.

You can change the atmosphere at a tea party when you walk into the room wearing this wonderful piece of diamond jewelry.  They will realize that you will not be single much longer. You may even inspire a once broken-hearted friend to get back into the game of love.

The Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co. cannot be denied among other rings in the room, regardless of the size of the rock. The magnificent quality of a Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring is one of a kind.


  • Popular name brand image
  • Makes your finger look elegantly
  • Gets the attention of people nearby


  • Too Pricy for the average consumer



You will pay $10,000 for the Pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co.  However, because of the extraordinary quality of this find diamond engagement ring, you will feel extremely inspired that you own it.

Final Opinion

Giving or receiving a Tiffany & Co. A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous event that will provide inspiration and love for all involved.


What an avid hoodie lover wouldn’t do for a cool, comfortable and relaxed look when out and about the neighborhood or town.  You can go anywhere in the Men’s Nike Club Fleece Pullover Hoodie.

The Nike Club Fleece Pullover Hoodies is for those men who desire to trade in the scholarly look for a more athletic feel. You could walk around the community with a nice warm sweater from Macy’s winter merchandise, but you don’t.

The neat looking fleece pullover hoodie does you well and when you wear it you are ready for anything pertaining to using energy and stamina. You can jog around the runner’s indoor track field in Lifetime fitness, you can pick up a basketball game in the gym where you coach varsity basketball or you can chase you small children all over the backyard.

Whatever you want to do physically, the Nike Fleece Pullover Hoodie will provide you with the comfort and softness you need to operate at peak performance.


  • Major name brand image
  • Warm and comfortable material
  • High Quality
  • Stylish with the Niki logo


  • A little pricy if not on sale


Nike Fleece Pullover Hoodie features:

  • Fleece lining
  • Ribbed cuffs & hem
  • 1-pocket
  • Long sleeves

Fabric & Care

  • Cotton, polyester
  • Machine wash
  • Imported


You will pay a discounted price of $69.99 for a discounted fleece pullover hoodie during holiday and seasonal sales. However, the regular price of this wonderful Nike brand is $45.00, a price worth embracing in exchange for the softness and comfort the item brings.

You can purchase the Nike Fleece Pullover Hoodie online among multiple websites. However, Kohl’s retail stores may give you the best value.

The Fleece Pullover Hoodie comes in all sizes as well as in a variety of colors. Perhaps, if your job is athletic in nature, you will probably want to establish a wardrobe of hoodies.

Pair this gorgeous hoodie with a nice pair of Nike Tennis shoes and a pair of jeans, and you are ready to go all out.

Final Opinion

Don’t go around wearing uncomfortable sweatshirts or tight, low-quality hoodies which fall apart the slightest degree of physical activity.  The Men’s Niki Fleece Pullover Hoodie will last for many years, due to the quality of a reliable name brand.

Shopping at Target is a wonderful experience. The locally popular retail store has been one of my favorite pass time’s get-a-way for years. A place in the United States without the red Target nearby is a sad commentary. Shopping at Target is just plain fun.

To get the most fun out of shopping at Target, you need to get the Red card and take advantages of all the exclusive benefits offered to members, including those special sells. Of course, you can save money on common deals and clearances, but not like you can if you own the Red Card.

The Red Card is the big difference maker for those who desire to capture the exceptional deals and pop-up sells.

You Get What You’re Looking For!

Whether you are looking for a bathroom towel, a backyard patio set, or a large barbecue grill ready to take on the neighborhood, your local target store has it.  How reliable is that? That why I like shopping at Target. Some of these items may not be available at the local Walmart.

When I am visiting Target my favorite section is electronics, although I walk down every Isle when I feel like being amazed by the bright red colors and the neatness of the product filled shelves reaching out at you to buy something.

Don’t forget the clothing section. I buy some of the most well-fitting jeans and pants at Target Store. Some of them I have owned for years, and after hundreds of washes, they are still fitting me the same as when I first purchased them.

Surprise, Oops!

If you don’t like surprises, one aisle you should avoid going down is the aisle full of toys. When you walk by a toy, it just might start speaking to you. Jumpy! Especially at Night!  But don’t stop your kids from entertaining their imaginations with some of the most popular toys on the planet.

If you are hungry, Target becomes a grocery store. Sorry, Cubs Food Store! You can grab a pack of hot dogs or brats from the freezer or you can fill a bag full of potatoes and other vegetables you would like to make that Sunday meal out of. Add chicken and steak and you’re going in a delicious direction.

Save that Money, And Still Look Good!

At Target store, you can save a penny or two or much more. Take out your Red Card!  Both common deals and exclusive deals up to 40%, or more are always occurring on the regular.  Why go to a specialized retail store for electronics or a big-name clothing store when you can get high quality products for a lessor price at Target?

I know. Some of you like popular name brand items, such as Macy’s, and Nordstrom, but if you are feeling the financial crunch, Target is your best bet.  Just compare Target’s items with your most cherished brands and see the price difference and how much you can save to purchase an extra item or two for your living room or kitchen.

Insider Tip

If you shop at Target on a regular base, you will become a popular face among the clerks. This means you will be informed of discounts and deals right away. Yes, you will get the love and attention you would have never gotten without being familiar. You get preferential treatment.  That is what we all want when we walk into our most cherished store.



Do you need a good night’s sleep?  We all do.  In fact, a good night’s sleep is a gift to whoever can get it on a nightly basis. Nectar Mattress is the head of the pack when it comes to a dynamic mattress of supreme quality can comfort.

Because of the advanced material and design of the Nectar Mattress, you can get the type of sleep that millions of Americans dream about.


  • Works on all bed frames
  • 365 night home trial
  • Distributes weight evenly


  • Some may distrust form mattresses

However, this form mattress is unique due to the solid base which is made of solid pine and natural spruce, providing excellent support.

Who is Nectar Mattress for?

Nectar Mattress is for everyone who desires to get a good night’s sleep on a sustained basis.  Millions of people suffer from back pain due to an uneven or low-quality mattress.  High medical bills can pile up due to frequent visits to your doctor.

People who sleep well save lots of money and enjoy a quality life style. According to the South Easter Spine Institute, individuals who are able to sleep well, enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Happiness
  • Sharpened attention
  • Creativity boost
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increased lifespan
  • Improved memory
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced inflammation

From the above list of good sleep benefits, we can see that getting a good night sleep on a constant basis is a matter of life and death. Nectar Mattress is a godsend when it comes to getting people well: the testimonies are vast.

“After just one week sleeping on a Nectar mattress, my lower back pain melted away!” Elaine B.—Jacksonville, FL.”

Nectar Mattress Tools & Training

Nectar Adjustable Frame
The retailer offers a vast resource of tools and training for those who desire to master the knowledge of this extraordinary mattress.  Resources include:

  • Mattress size guide
  • Better sleep e-book
  • Various sleep position
  • Sleep calculator
  • The significance of memory form
  • Nectar Mattress Support,
  • A compressive blog filled with quality sleep related information

You don’t have to wonder how to set up your new Nectar Mattress, the retailer will provide you with all the support you will ever need.  The website offers dynamic video that will guide you through the process of setting up the mattress. In addition, there are easy to understand writer instructions and diagrams.

$125 off + 2 FREE pillows

Still, if that is not enough support and connection, you can contact the nectar support team seven days a week.  You can chat, call or email the team between 6 am PST-9pm PST.

Price of Nectar Mattresses

Depending on size, Nectar mattresses range from $425 to $900

King: $825

Twin: $425

Twin XL: $475

Full: $595

Queen: $725

Final Opinion on Nectar Mattress

The promise of comfort and joy, well being offered by Nectar Mattress cannot be denied.  So confident in its product, the retailer is willing to give any potential customer a 365 night trial in addition to a permanent warranty.  Rating: 10 out of 10.


Offered by one of America’s most popular retail stores, the target REDcard is an excellent consumer investment for those who are passionate about shopping and experiencing outstanding discounts and savings in addition to extra, exclusive privileges.

Getting a target REDcard is an exciting choice for customers who enjoy 5% off of everyday shopping.  Whether you are a weekend shopper or an everyday visitor of the red target, you are guaranteed to save 5% on all your purchases.

Whoever owns the target REDcard will enjoy extraordinary benefits, including?

  • 5% off every day
  • Early Access to special promotions
  • Exclusive Extras
  • Free shipping
  • Extending returns

Customers who own the REDcard can either purchase merchandise in-store or via the company’s exciting and colorful website.

Target offers its customers a choice of two types of REDcards: Debit and Credit

Debit card: Benefits

  • Can connect the card to checking count and withdraw case up to $40
  • Can view transactions and manage your pin on the Company’s website
  • Enjoy discounts, subscriptions, cartwheel, and other exclusive extras
  • Save 5% with Target based Starbucks stores

Credit card: Benefits

  • Can charge target purchases and pay later (instore or online)
  • Receive monthly bill
  • Can make payments, check balances and review statements on the Company’s website:
  • Enjoy discounts, subscriptions, cartwheel, and other exclusive extras
  • Save 5% with Target based Starbucks stores

The value of the Target RED card will become a really valuable tool around holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. And other special times of the year. Imagine the discounts and savings you can take advantage of during such peek buying seasons.

In addition, with the Target credit card, you can shop online and take advantages of all the online deals and discounts without being concern about emptying your bank account.

How to Apply for the Target REDcard

Potential owners can apply for the Target REDcard either by stopping by the nearest Target store and filling out applications. You will need an ID: either Driver’s license, State or Military ID. A voided check is needed for a Target Debit card.

For online customers, locate and click on “apply now” to get your debit or credit card. You must follow the steps to submit an application.

My Love for the REDcard

I enjoy the privilege of processing a Target REDcard. The money I save on a daily basis keeps me satisfied and coming back to take advantage of the latest deals and bargains, both instore and online.

Sales and discounts are the weapons businesses use to keep consumers coming back for more time and time again. We think we have had enough merchandise after spending a hundred dollars on necessary clothing or services, but then the sales and discounts come to appear again. This time the offers appear more attractive. Maybe its 50% off this time: the item you always desired but couldn’t quite integrate it into your budget.

The advantages of sales and discounts are that they allow consumers to save money on their favorite products or services. Major Clothing Stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and kohl’s provide the name brand quality that goes along with low pricing.

Used wisely, sales and discounts can save consumer thousands of dollars annually while also increasing sales and revenue of department stores by the millions.  Consumers who ignore sales and discounts waste thousands of dollars a year buying merchandise at its normal prices. Spending wisely is the mark of an intelligent consumer.

sales and discounts

Pros and Cons of Sales and Discounts


  • Helps Consumers save money
  • Keeps consumers loyal to the business
  • Increases sales and business income


  • Must wait to for sales and discounts to purchase favorite merchandise, however, good things come to those who wait.

Businesses: Considerations for Offering Sales and Discounts

Successful businesses know that the best times to offer sales and discounts are holidays as well as other special days, including

  • Christmas: the most lucrative time for making massive sales
  • Thanksgiving: a time for giving thanks and appreciation. People are in the buying mood leading to Black Friday.
  • New Year’s Day: a time for making new resolutions and taking advantages of extraordinary Sales and Discounts
  • Valentine’s Day: a time for lovers and purchase of special gifts, including jewelry.
  • Fourth of July: a time for the celebration of independence
  • Halloween: a festive time for ghost and goblins

All of these holidays and special days elevates the human spirit and puts people in a good mood for celebration.  Studies show that when people are in a good mood they are more receptive to making purchases if the price is right.

Type of Sales and Discounts

The type of sales and discounts offered by retail stores will determine the amount of income gained in a particular season. Some types include:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Early payment discounts
  • Order-specific discounts
  • Price-break discounts
  • Seasonal discounts
  • Free shipping discounts
  • Volume Discounts

The knowledge of taking advantages of the above sales and discounts is the specialty of the wise and savvy consumer.  An individual who loves to save for their families and themselves have a passion for waiting for the right sales and discounts to come along.

Where to Look for Great Sales and Discounts:  Major Clothing Stores

sales and discounts

Kohl’s Department Store

Kohl’s department store is a master at offering sales and discounts on a constant basis. Members enjoy a constant flow of coupons and special privileges, including Kohl’s credit card. Major brands include

  • Apt.9
  • Chaps
  • Candies’
  • IZOD
  • Vitalize
  • Rock & Republic
  • Lee
  • Levi’s
  • Columbia
  • Champion
  • Croft & Barrow

Kohl’s coupons include %10, %20, %30, plus $10 Kohl’s cash.  In addition, Kohl’s offer weekends sales with some prices %50 off.  These extraordinary coupons allow consumers to save thousands of dollars a year while receiving quality merchandise. Members receive special coupons each week via mail and email.

In addition to purchasing merchandise in the store, consumers can take advantage of Kohl’s appealing website any day of the week.  Kohl’s prices are affordable to the satisfaction of the average shopper. Consumers can buy anything from clothing to home items to shoes and electronics.

Macy’s Department Store

Macy’s special coupons cater to its exclusive VIP members. Coupons include %15, %30 off, plus $10 instore cash coupon.  Major also offers an exclusive credit card with perks.

Major brands at Macy’s include:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Michael Kor
  • Levi’s
  • INC international Concepts
  • Boss
  • City Chic
  • Marc New York
  • Crave Fame
  • NYDJ
  • Nautica
  • Peace Love World

Macy’s cater to all consumers, but mainly those in the middle class bracket will find brands that are comfortably affordable.  Nevertheless, certain seasons of the year invites all consumers to invest in sales and discounts that are extraordinary.

VIP membership puts a consumer in an exclusive group where special price privileges just keep getting better with time.

Nordstrom Department Store

Nordstrom is a high end department store which offers its loyal members Triple Points. Qualifications for Triple Points involve applying for a Nordstrom store credit card.  Members get a $20 Nordstrom note for shopping and reaching 2000 points. The note can be used on any merchandise.

sales and discounts

Nordstrom members receive greater rewards the more they shop and buy merchandise. Rewards include bonus point’s events, an invitation to style tips & trends events, personal triple point’s days, anniversary sale early access events, reimbursed alternations in notes advantage.

Major Brands Nordstrom at Include:

  • Balenciaga
  • Calvin Klein 205W39NYC
  • Chloe’
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Dries Van Noten
  • Fendi
  • Givenchy
  • Gucci
  • Loewe
  • Prada
  • Saint Laurent
  • Valentino

Nordstrom caters to the high end consumer. Constant sales and discounts come mainly through membership.  The more a member shops, the greater his or her chances of receiving invitations to exclusive events.

Nordstrom prices aren’t for the average consumer. High end, wealthy shoppers are the main target audiences.  However, all consumers may be able to find affordable sales and discounts at its subsidiary store Nordstrom Rack

Sales and Discounts are not the same for all Consumers

Judging from these top three major retail stores, sales and discounts come at various levels.  For example, sales and discounts at Kohl’s are different from those at Nordstrom, mainly due to the price difference.

Nevertheless, these retail stores are at the top of their game when it comes to attracting and keeping consumers satisfied. All three offer quality along with coupons and specialty privileges.

Sales and discounts keep the economy strong and flowing. Without special offers and invitations from businesses, it would be very difficult to attract consumers and persuade consumers to buy on a constant basis.






Holiday promotions are designed to attract millions of consumers to your brand during specific seasons of the year. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day are some of the most inspirational holidays for consumer spending.

Big time department stores, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J C Penny ’s, Target and Walmart,  make a financial killing off of optimal consumer spending leading up to these special days. They are times of excitement when people get into an appreciative and festive mood. When people are in a good mood, the time for persuasive holiday promotions are ideal.

Successful businesses start early with holiday promotions. Some start 2 or 3 months ahead of the specific holiday. For example, if you walk in any major retail store, you see department store clerks putting holiday merchandise upon shelves way ahead of a particular holiday.


Businesses use a variety of pricing strategies to determine the appropriate price for items. Effective pricing strategies will consider the quality of the product, location, promotional tactics as well as price comparisons to those of the competition to persuade millions of consumers to purchase merchandise ranging from clothing to jewelry.

holiday promotions

Once effective pricing has been determined, sales and discounts are introduced to holiday-minded consumers.

We see this kind of activity literally when Black Friday sales take center stage the day after Thanksgiving leading to the Christmas holiday. Coupons offering as much as 80% off in some cases are used by stores to persuade consumers to choose them rather than the competition. The more attractive the price, the more chances that excited shoppers will come running and busting the door down.

Type of seasonal sales and discounts include:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Free shipping
  • Half price sales
  • %20, %30, 40%, %50, %60, %70, and %80 off of merchandise
  • Price-break discounts
  • Early Payment discount

Businesses or retail stores will throw a variety of discounts toward consumers to see which one discount is more effective and to provide uniqueness separate from the competition.

10 Holiday Promotional Channels Used to Reach Consumers

Advertising uses a variety of channels for holiday promotions. These include:

  • TV commercials– Consumers are bombarded with a variety of holiday promotions from thousands of businesses
  • Internet digital ads-advertising reach consumers via internet search
  • Company website-consumers can find holiday sales and discounts on company websites
  • Radio broadcast-turn to on the car radio and listen to what being promoted
  • Social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Mobil channels-consumers can learn about holiday promotions on the go
  • Email holiday promotions-consumers find a variety of attractive holiday deals when they open their email
  • Webinars-advertisers may invite consumers to participate in webinars to discover how a particular holiday product or service work
  • Bill Boards-consumers can see billboard advertising while driving along roads and highways
  • Widow Advertisements –stores use window advertising to do holiday promotions while consumers pass by.
  • News Paper ads-consumer receive news of holiday promotions via Sunday or weekly newspapers

A business or advertiser who uses a combination of these channels for holiday promotions is likely to get millions of consumers to consider their products and services.

Of the 11 channels for promoting holiday products, TV commercials are the most expensive. A few seconds can cause thousands of dollars. In 2016, a national TV ad cost $123,000 for 30 seconds. But the cheapest means of introducing holiday sales is via window advertisements or websites.

Remember that the more of these channels you are able to use to promote your product, the more successful you will be in driving consumers to your brands. Highly successful business uses every promotional trick in the book to win the hearts of consumers.

holiday promotions


Holiday sales, for some retailers, are the most lucrative times of the year. A good percentage of their annual revenue comes from sales from holiday promotions.

The Significance of Holiday Promotions

Holiday promotions are vital to the strength of the economy. The more those consumers spend the great it is for the economy of a city, state or nation.  Holiday promotions give consumers something to be excited about. They can purchase their favorite items and brands for nearly half the price that they would normally pay for it.

In addition, holiday promotions can win the hearts of consumers in the long run. They can fall in love with your brand over the holidays and become a loyal member forever.


The goal of launching rewards and loyalty programs is to simply win the hearts and souls of the customers in your niche. Once you have won the trust and honor of your customers via special incentive programs, you may gain their respect and loyalty for a lifetime.

The customer is king, says the adage.  The statement is on point every time.  In all excellent businesses, the treatment of the customer takes first priority.  Everything the company does is to inspire the customer to keep coming and to steadily increase the customer base.  Such companies engage their customers on a constant basis.

Without the customer, there would be no successful businesses or organizations reaching Fortune 500 status. Without the focus on building relationships with the customer, the hope of customer loyalty is an illusion.

Getting Customers to Join Your Rewards Program

To assure effective implementation of a reward or loyalty program, a company needs to have a fully formed strategy. Randomly attempting to get people to join the rewards program is a recipe for disinterest and failure when it comes to an increasing customer base.

rewards and loyalty programs

To develop such strategy a company and all of its employees must acknowledge that the customer should always be at the center of attention. An effective strategy should consist of five dynamic practices:

Giving Attention

Give the customer undue attention at all times of interaction. Make them feel like they are number one, regardless of how you feel.  Whenever you focus on the needs and wants of your customers, they feel like your company really cares about them. They often want to come back.

Getting Customers Involved

Get customers involved in your rewards or loyalty programs. Make sure that they are well-informed about how the program works. Mention it during interactions. Instructions for joining the rewards program should be simple to understand and offer sufficient value to inspire maximum interest.

Developing the program

Continue to add value to the rewards or loyalty program.  Expand incentives for purchasing certain items during special product or service promotions.  Consider the various holidays and seasonal times during the course of the year.

Letting Customer s Know that you are Appreciative

When customers walk into your business, let them know that you are grateful by thanking them for their service.  Get them feeling good about giving you their service.  When customers know that you are grateful for their business, the emotional charge is ripe for getting them to join your rewards or loyalty programs.

Making Your Employees Accountable

Inform every employee that each of them is responsible for getting customers to join the loyalty program.  Every interaction should be an opportunity to get customers to come on board. This means that your employees cannot be indifferent or passive toward people.

Outstanding customer service is the bread and butter of any business dreaming of becoming a success in a particular industry.  Therefore extreme time, effort and money should be put into creating policies that maximize customer appreciation.

Type of Influential Reward and Loyalty Programs

The type of reward or loyalty programs is important. All customers will not resonate with the same reward type. Below are five of the most common ones:

Automatic Rewards: a program in which the customer earns points for every single dollar spent. The points can be converted into rewards.  Super America (SA) effectively uses this type of reward program for its customers.

The more points accumulated on an SA reward card the greater the choice of rewards the customer can choose, including impressive free gas gift cards.

Bankable Points: a program in which points are allowed to accumulate until they can be converted into various rewards

rewards and loyalty program


Purchase Discounts:  reward programs members receive a discount with every purchase.  Barnes & Nobles is a good example of the purchase discount rewards program. Members who purchase books or any other item receive discounts with every transaction.

Specific Item Frequency: a program in which customers earn points or incentives for purchasing specific items. An example could be Buy one, Get one Free.

Visit Frequency: in this program customers receive points for each time they come into the business. The points can be converted to product or service rewards.  Super America coffee lovers can receive a free any-sized coffee beverage after every five coffee purchase visits.

Weekday Special: a program in which customers get a free item for visiting on a particular day of the week. For example, Holiday Gas Station provides a free coffee beverage every Tuesday for all coffee lovers.

The Benefits of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

No company or organization can excel without a great degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses indifferent to the needs and wants of customers stay small but businesses which are appreciative of customers grow and leap and bounds.  Such companies know how to offer value to the customers which exceed that of the competition. In return an excellent business receives:

  • Boosted Growth
  • Repeated Business
  • Increased sale
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Credible feedback
  • Minimized service cost
  • Reduced marketing cost
  • Competitive advantage
  • Outstanding Brand image

Great brands emerge from the sea of competition because they offer the customer value and then more and more value.  The creation of such value begins with an ever-evolving pattern of rewards and loyalty programs designed to win the heart and soul of customers on an ongoing basis.

rewards and loyalty program

The reason you and I have become regular customers of the businesses and organizations in our reality occurs because of what value we receive. Super American has become a favorite of mine due to my love of coffee. My participation in the rewards program guarantees free coffee, gas and more as long as I stay loyal to the program.

Any start-up should be well aware of the power and effectiveness of rewards and loyalty programs which can improve the image and reputation of their businesses more than any other marketing endeavor.  Customers who are excited about what they are getting from you give you an overwhelming advantage of the competition any day of the week.